My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
88 A Misunderstanding Part 3
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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88 A Misunderstanding Part 3

As the both of them were talking, Tang Yan entered the private room with a dejected face.

Seeing him coming, the butler along with the Mistress, returned back to their senses and acted like nothing happened.

Hanna peered at her son's sad expression and her heart tightened.

She softly asked, "Yan, what happened? Why do you look so sullen?"

Tang Yan pinched his brows as he furiously said.

"I forgot that I had an appointment with a patient scheduled today! I wanted to postpone it but the patient's situation is very serious so I have to leave right now.."

Hanna laughed, "Don't worry, just go! I'm planning to stay here for a while so you can come visit me at the Tang Villa whenever you want."

Tang Yan sighed regretfully but soon nodded his head and softly said, "I'll come visit you next time, Mom."

He then hugged her tightly.

Hanna was taken aback by his actions as she complained, "Aiya, look at this kid! You're already an adult and you're acting like a kid.. I'm so embarrassed.."

She said so but she still stroked his head lovingly.

Tang Yan pulled away from her and turned to Butler Han as he instructed, "Take good care of mother in my stead, Uncle Han. I'll visit the villa when I have the time."

Then he walked towards the exit. When he passed by Butler Han, he added softly, "Don't let Mom run amok."


After Tang Yan left, Hanna smiled as she elegantly lifted the teacup and sipped her tea. Butler Han quietly stood beside her.

The atmosphere in the private room was very quiet, at least until his phone rang.

Butler Han quickly walked to a corner and answered the call. "Hello?...Yes?! Really? ...Are you sure? ...Okay then."

After hanging up, he walked back to his original place and said to Hanna.

"Mistress, the hotel manager reported saying that Young Master Qian is coincidentally dining in this same hotel right now."

Hanna blinked, surprised, "What a coincidence! Even God is on my side! I was planning on visiting him soon! I didn't know it would be this soon. Let's go meet him right away!"

Butler Han hesitated for a while before adding carefully, "Mistress, the manager also said that.. that he brought a girl as well.."

Hanna was puzzled, listening to his words.

"A girl? Why are you so shocked? Maybe she's a business partner?"

Butler Han wiped his sweat and continued, "Apparently, they are having a candle lit dinner.."

Hanna was shocked as the hand holding the teacup swayed and tea was spilled on the table.

"What.. did you just say?!"

The waiter who had served them before, immediately reacted and cleaned the table.

He apologized, "Miss Hanna, sorry for the inconvenience. How about I lead you two to another room?"

Hanna regained her composure as she shook her head lightly, "No need. We're planning to leave anyway."

Shen then turned to Butler Han and asked, "Which private room are they in?"

The latter was surprised, "...Mistress?"

Hanna repeated herself.

Butler Han hastily replied, "008!"

Hanna turned back to the waiter and smiled elegantly, "Can you lead us to No. 008?"

The waiter was stunned before he immediately nodded his head and led them there.

Along the way, Butler Han couldn't help but ask, "Mistress, w-why are we going there?"

'Won't we be disturbing the two lovebirds?'

Hanna clasped her hands tightly before saying excitedly, "To see my second future daughter-in-law!"

Butler Han: "...But Mistress-"

Hanna cut him off, "Oh we're here!"

The waiter who led them here, reached out to open the door to the private room but Hanna stopped him.

"Don't open it fully! I'm just gonna have a look and return!"

Hanna said in a low voice.

The waiter was slightly embarrassed, after all, he wasn't allowed to disturb the customers.

But he was in no position to refuse the lady behind him.

But thankfully, the manager had already ordered him to do whatever she told him to. So, he was at ease.

Hanna ordered him to push open the door a little, only a small gap so that she could glimpse the situation inside without having to enter the room.

The private room was very luxurious and there was this romantic vibe in the atmosphere, created by the numerous candles in the room.

As the light was a bit dim, the couple inside weren't aware of the fact that there were three pair of eyes watching them.

Hanna smiled as she told the waiter to go back and she once again focused on the couple who were on the table.

Butler Han pinched his brows as he accompanied his Mistress sneakily, like she was a criminal and he was her subordinate.

"Mistress.. Don't you think we should.."


"Shh! Keep your voice down!"

Hanna shot him a displeased look as she focused on the couple again.

When she saw what was happening inside, her face became excited again.

The couple inside seemed to be kissing…

Butler Han covered his face, exasperatedly.


As he called out to her again, Hanna surprisingly didn't have any reactions at all. She just stiffly stood there.

Butler Han noticed that her expression was as if she was struck by lightening.

Butler Han suspiciously looked inside and accidentally spotted the face of the girl.

She looked familiar.. Where had he seen her before?


Butler Han froze.

The girl inside was.. shockingly the same girl from the mall!

But wasn't she Young Master Tang's girlfriend?! What was she doing with Young Master Qian instead?!

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》