My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
90 Something Big Must“ve Happened..
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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90 Something Big Must“ve Happened..

Song Xia was puzzled.

Xu Zhen continued with a voice which sounded like she was about to cry, "Today, the Long Company actually acquired the So-"

Her voice got abruptly cut off.

Song Xia frowned and looked at the black screen in her phone. It was probably switched off due to low battery.

She put the phone down and frowned slightly, thinking about what urgent matter Xu Zhen was talking about.

She got to know Xu Zhen back when she was in high school.

Before, when she was younger, she could be home-schooled but as she grew bigger, the Song Family had to send her to school, to let her be sociable and make friends.

At that time, Song Xia was afraid because she was bullied during her childhood due to her ugly face but no one dared to bully her as she was the Song Family's daughter.

Zhang Qiao and Xu Zhen were her dorm-mates.

No, to be exact, there was another girl as well but Song Xia wasn't very close with her as the girl was very cold and aloof, totally the unapproachable type.

Hence she couldn't recall anything about her..

She only remembered the girl's name was Qian something and that she was very mysterious and cold..

Xu Zhen and Song Xia were actually very fond of each other. But the both of them lost contact after Song Xia got married.

Basically, Song Xia had stopped talking to everyone close to her except Zhang Qiao \u0026 Long Chen as she had adored the two of them very much; only to be betrayed by them at last..

Song Xia reunited with Xu Zhen, recalling how she loathed Zhang Qiao and even warned her (Xia) about her (Qiao) "kind \u0026 gentle" facade.

She also had a feeling that Xu Zhen was a good friend and not a fake one like Zhang Qiao..

As Xu Zhen's personality was straightforward and frank, Song Xia was baffled when she heard her (Zhen) being so hesitant for the first time.

'Something big must've happened..'

Seeing Song Xia frowning deeply, Ellen couldn't help but ask softly, "Is anything the matter?"

"It's nothing.."

Song Xia shook her head slowly as she swirled the glass of wine, probing about the matter.

During the whole dinner, Ellen kept talking about things, trying to brighten her mood.

But for some reason, though her mood became slightly better, she continuously worried about the thing Xu Zhen wanted to tell her.

Hence, the two of them returned home much earlier than they thought.

Late at night.

Song Xia was thirsty all of a sudden and came downstairs, only to see Tang Yan taking off his shoes while rambling on, "That Ning brat", "China" and "teach him a lesson".

She yawned before asking lazily, "Why did you come back so late?"

Tang Yan was shocked, hearing a voice other than his suddenly at the middle of the night.

He instantly patted his chest and exclaimed with a frightened expression, "Were you planning on scaring me to death?"

He then controlled his emotions and flashed a meaningful grin, "You must've been waiting for me to come back home, right? I knew it! You had a crush on me all along!"

Song Xia rolled her eyes, "Crush, my foot!"

She walked away, annoyed and entered the kitchen.

Tang Yan glanced at her back and snorted in his heart, recalling his mother's question.

(Do you have someone you like?)

And unexpectedly, her (Xia's) face had appeared in his mind..

'Her? Like? What a joke! How can I like such a woman! It must have been because.. Because she looks similar to that person.'

He shook his thoughts as he relaxed on the sofa and said, "Xiao Xia, can you cook me something? See. I'm so tired from the surgery today, I-"

Song Xia shouted from the kitchen, "You think I'm your slave! Cook yourself! If you're so tired, you can just order take-outs!"

Tang Yan shouted back, "You think restaurants are open right now? Forget it, I won't bicker with you, I'm too tired. I'm probably gonna be starved to death.."

Song Xia was silent for a while before yelling with an annoyed tone, "Okay, okay, I'll cook for you! But don't blame me if the food's not edible!"

Hearing her words, a subtle smile bloomed in Tang Yan's charming face.

He turned on the TV and watched a show while Song Xia cooked him noodles.

Sometimes later, Song Xia came out with a bowl of noodles and slammed them in the table with a displeased expression.

Tang Yan was startled. "Can't you just put it a little gently?"

Song Xia bellowed, "I'm the one who cooked, I'm the one who served; whatever I do with my noodles, it's none of your business!"

Tang Yan smirked, "But I'm the one who eats it! So it's also my business!"

Song Xia sighed in frustration before pouring herself a glass of water.

Tang Yan was bored so he took the remote and changed the channels when he suddenly froze.

"The Long Company has successfully acquired the Song Corporation. The Song Family has been kicked out from the company blah blah blah.."

When Song Xia heard what the news reporter was saying, she was stunned and turned to look at the TV screen in disbelief.

'The Long Company.. has taken over Song Corporation?!'


The glass in her hand immediately fell on the floor, breaking into pieces while creating a loud ear-splitting sound.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》