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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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91 Dying Out of Shock?

Song Xia blankly watched as the news reporter blabbered on about how the Long Corporation won the battle between the Long's and Song's and how Long Chen was a capable businessman and so on.

The words 'Long Corporation acquired the Song Company' was ringing in her ears like a curse.


Song Xia fell on her knees as she stared at the TV with a shocked expression.

As she knelt, her knees were pierced by the glass shards but she couldn't feel the pain as she was already hurting from inside.

'How can it be?! W-Why are they after my parents?! Aren't they satisfied with my death?! Why.. Just why did they do this?!'

Tang Yan rushed towards her and pulled her up as he scolded loudly, "Are you dumb? You.."

Song Xia looked at him with tears flowing like a waterfall while mumbling, "H-How can it be.. How can the Song.. No, the news must be false.."

Tang Yan felt his heart ache when he saw her desperately trying to deny the truth.

He looked at her bleeding knees and sat her down in the sofa.

He then walked towards a cupboard and took out a first aid kit from inside.

He knelt beside her and carefully disinfected the injury on her knees while saying softly.

"Whatever happens, you have to take care of yourself! How come Arrogant Miss Xia became so careless.. Didn't you say that you loved your body the most? Then why did you injure yourself like this? Blah blah.."

He was saying this and that to distract her mind but seeing as how she was still trembling, we felt it was all for naught!

'I shouldn't have become careless.. After my 'death', Guan Shan must've got all my shares and then he teamed up with Long Chen.. Why.. why did it happen?! This must've been the thing Xu Zhen was talking about..'

Song Xia sobbed and started crying more pitifully than before.

Tang Yan got up and frowned as he kept his mouth shut. He didn't know how to comfort someone at all.

He reached out a hand to Song Xia and was about to pull her into his embrace, when a deep voice resounded from the stairs.

"What is happening here?"

Ellen's eyes were terrifyingly cold and his face was slightly pale but that couldn't diminish the extremely overbearing aura he was giving off.

Song Xia stopped crying and looked at Ellen with puffy eyes before looking away and continuing to cry miserably. She didn't know why she couldn't control her tears at all.

Ellen frowned when he saw her crying. His expression turned more somber. He turned to Tang Yan, "Did you bully her?"

Tang Yan, "...?!"

What?! Why did the blame come to me?!

Fortunately, Song Xia shook her head and hoarsely murmured, "It's my fault.."

Ellen ruffled his messy hair as he came downstairs and asked, "What happened?"

Tang Yan checked her bandaged knees and nodded his head, satisfied before pointing at the TV, "See it yourself."

Ellen looked over and he instantly understood why she was crying. He frowned slightly, deep in thought.

'With his power, that man could've saved the company but why did he choose to not do anything?'

He was pondering when he realized something tugging his shirt.

Song Xia was trembling so hard as she grabbed him, "Ellen.. you.. please help me.. T-The company is my parents' everything.. T-They even kicked my parents from there.. I.. Please help me.."

Seeing the girl who was always so arrogant and proud of herself, actually begging him for help today, his heart ached painfully.

He softened his voice as he said with furrowed brows, "You don't need to beg.. I-I will help you."

'I would've helped you even if you didn't say anything.'

He swallowed the words that were in the tip of his tongue.

Song Xia was very grateful to him as she thanked him with tearful eyes, "Thank you so much.. Ellen.. I owe.."

Suddenly, she blacked out.

Ellen was stunned but he reacted quickly and caught her before she fell down. He slowly put her on the sofa, turning to the still dazed Tang Yan.

His voice was slightly cold, "What are you doing there, dazed? Come and check out what happened to her!"

Tang Yan came to his senses and walked towards the unconscious Song Xia. He touched her wrist and took her pulse.

After a long time, he coughed and said lazily, "She just fainted from extreme shock. There's nothing really serious and her health is normal as usual."

He then continued with a slight sneer, "With such a healthy body, are you afraid that she'll die out of shock?"

He did regular checkups on her every week, so Tang Yan was aware that Song Xia had a strangely strong and healthy body and she wouldn't get sick easily.

That explained how she survived such a big car accident and even after waking up after being in coma for a whole year, she only felt weak and dizzy, no other serious complications.

(A/N: Y'all, my FL is a superwoman!! LOL jk)

So he wasn't all that worried about her physical health.. He was instead worried if this event will cause her a psychological trauma.

Meanwhile, Ellen shot a death glare at him. What did he mean by dying out of shock!? Was he cursing her?

He was about to say something when he suddenly remembered something and he asked meaningfully, "Why did you.. make her look like her?"

Tang Yan was confused. What is this guy talking about suddenly? The abrupt change in topic made him perplexed.

Seeing that he didn't get the meaning of his words, Ellen asked again, "Why did you make Xiao Xia look like her..?"

An inexplicable emotion flashed in Tang Yan's nonchalant eyes but it soon disappeared in a flash.

Pretending to not know what he was hinting to, he said with a smile, "What are you talking about-"

Ellen smiled coldly, "You know what I'm talking about. Then, let me rephrase my words.."

He paused for a while before asking with a mysterious smile that wasn't quite a smile.

"Why did you make her look like... Xue Yin?"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》