My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
92 An Assembly Of The Big-Shots
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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92 An Assembly Of The Big-Shots

"Then, let me rephrase my words.. Why did you make her look like... Xue Yin?"

Tang Yan froze. He didn't know that Ellen would actually call her name.

Everyone in their circle knew that it was considered a big taboo to bring up her name. If one would carelessly take her name, the consequences would be very scary.

Of course, that didn't apply to him or Tang Yan. But the two of them had never taken her name since her death.

Tang Yan muttered, "How did you find out..?"

Ellen smiled, "I didn't notice it at first because even though you made it look like her, there were many differences.."

Tang Yan furrowed his brows, "Then how.."

Ellen answered before he could finish his question, "Just because I didn't notice doesn't mean others won't."

He then continued, "I met Yu Jin today. He was the one who noticed."

Tang Yan put his head low. No wonder..

"But why is he here?"

Ellen shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. With the looks of it, he looked like he was here to solve a case."

"Oh." Tang Yan didn't want to talk about him at all. A guy who cut off ties with his best friends just for a girl..

But he didn't blame him. After all, Xue Yin wasn't just a normal girl..

Ellen flashed him an understanding look and patted his shoulders.

"Don't worry, he doesn't know that Xiao Xia had plastic surgery and that you were the one who did it. But I'm rather curious about the reason though."

Tang Yan miserably smiled as he sighed. "I just missed her a lot."

Ellen expressionlessly clicked his tongue. You could've at least chose anybody else instead of Song Xia!

Tang Yan didn't say anything. I know I was being impulsive at that time. I regret doing this too, okay?!

"Oh right, why is your face so pale?" Tang Yan frowned as he finally noticed that Ellen's face was so frighteningly pale.

Ellen kept quiet as he poured himself a glass of water and sat in the sofa beside the one where Song Xia was lying.

"Did you have that nightmare again?" Tang Yan asked worriedly.

"..Mm." Ellen nodded his head.

Tang Yan raised his brows as he gestured at the unconscious Song Xia meaningfully. "..Did something happen today?"

Ellen shook his head. He leaned against the sofa and drank the water.

Tang Yan sighed as he said, "If the patient isn't willing to share his thoughts, the doctor can't do anything. Can't you just talk properly now?"

Ellen looked at him for a while before replying, "Mm."

Tang Yan: "..."

He really wanted to take out his scalpel and stab this punk to death. What is he mm-ing about?!

In Tang Yan's life, he had never had a patient like Ellen. He wouldn't co-operate with him during checkups or therapy at all.

Hence, he would lose his calmness easily while Ellen was always calm.

It made Tang Yan feel like he was the patient instead!

"Did you go out today? Did you meet an annoying person? Or did you get ignored?" Tang Yan asked random questions.

Ellen looked at him in surprise, "...Yes."

"Or did you- eh? Really?" Tang Yan was also surprised. But he then revealed a proud expression.

'Wow, I can guess everything correctly? I'm such a genius indeed! Proud of myself!'


Ellen could easily guess what was going on inside his mind, seeing his arrogant and prideful face.

Tang Yan curiously asked him, "Who did you meet exactly to make you so annoyed?"

Ellen thought of that kid from the movie theater and instantly frowned.

"...That kiddo from the Song Family."

Tang Yan was confused but soon revealed a shocked face, "Which Song Family?..Wait, don't tell me it's that punk who was crowned the little genius of all time?!"

Ellen blinked in agreement. Tang Yan widened his eyes in shock, "He's in Australia as well?!"

Ellen replied, "His mother is here too." Tang Yan immediately had an 'O' formed in his mouth.

"The Han Family's eldest daughter and Song Xe Yong's wife?"

What was happening? Why were all the big shots, from their circle, gathered in Australia?.

First, it was that Yu Jin and then that annoying kiddo and now the famous Han Ruoyi?

Ellen continued, dropping yet another bomb. "I suspect Song Xe Yong is here too."

Tang Yan's jaw dropped to the floor.

It was as if all the prominent figures from the high-class society had a gathering in Australia.

Ellen.. Tang Yan.. Qin Hanna.. Yu Jin.. Song Yi Cheng.. Han Ruo Yi.. Song Xe Yong.. Literally all the big shots!

Tang Yan was afraid.

If the Xue family and the Fang family were in Australia as well, it would be too frightening!

But fortunately, the Fang Family were very low key and none of them wanted any association with others.

While the Xue Family had long ago withdrawn from the public's eyes after that incident with Xue Yin.

So the odds of them appearing in Australia was very small.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》