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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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93 Your Life Is Mine.

Tang Yan suddenly recalled something.

"Wait, isn't that Song Xe Yong Xiao Xia's elder brother? Why didn't he save his own father's company.."

Ellen was also clueless about this. He said with a deep voice while looking at Song Xia, "I don't know."

Tang Yan pursed his lips as he creased his forehead. "Could it be he isn't aware of this..?"

Ellen shook his head. "With his status, do you think that he won't know about this?"

Tang Yan helplessly muttered, "What a complicated thing this is.."

If the Song Couple were to know that their own biological son didn't do anything when he had the power to save the company, they would surely regret birthing to him!

But it made sense though.

Song Xe Yong wasn't a person who would care about his blood relations or family and was actually very ruthless.

If he helped someone, that person would either be someone with great influence or someone who could bring him benefits.

He only cared about himself and didn't even help his own parents when he could have easily solved this issue with just a few words...

This type of person was the worst of all! Scum of the world!

While Tang Yan was busy disdaining Song Xe Yong, Ellen called Secretary Han to investigate and take care of the matter regarding the Song Corporation.

Poor Secretary Han was in the dreamland when he was forcibly woken up by the phone call.

He was still in a daze even after Ellen hung up. After regaining his senses, he immediately started investigating the matter.

Ellen massaged his buzzing head as he called a servant of the house to clean up the glass shards.

Though it looked like there were no servants in the house, in fact, there were servants. But they woul only come to clean the house and do the chores every three days.

And they would also come at a fixed time so that they wouldn't disturb the masters living in the house.

They were fully aware that their master, Ellen didn't like too many people surrounding him so they only came when needed.

Even the butler himself followed this rule and was rarely seen in the house.

The servant arrived shortly after. He was very cautious while cleaning up the mess.

He could clearly sense the gloomy aura Ellen was exuding. Hence, he was trembling slightly while doing his work.

Though it was not obvious, Tang Yan noticed it and secretly pitied him.


Song Xia woke up the next day and found herself sleeping in the couch. She realized that she was sweating.

Wiping off the sweat on her forehead, she opened her mouth but no sound came out from it. It was probably parched from crying continuously last night.

"Eh, Xiao Xia, you're awake?"

Tang Yan had just finished a call and looked at the awoken Song Xia.

"Umm.. I.." Song Xia hoarsely uttered, trying to say something.

Noticing her hoarse voice, Tang Yan immediately poured her a cup of water and passed it to her.

Song Xia took it and finished the water in a single gulp as she anxiously asked, "Where is Ellen?! I.."

At the same time, Ellen entered the house, clad in his formal atti

His reassuring voice resounded, "Don't worry. I've already taken care of the whole matter."

Only then did Song Xia calm down. She stood up and sprinted towards him, abruptly hugging him.

"Thank you so much for this.. I-I don't know how to repay your kindness.."

She paused before biting her lips and saying.

"...So I've decided to agree to your offer!"


Ellen looked at the girl in his arms and pursed his lips slightly, not saying anything.

Meanwhile, Tang Yan's eyes were about to pop out: "...?!"

"Hey hey, can someone tell me what is happening right now?! What offer are you talking about? Why the hell did it suddenly turn into a drama.."

Tang Yan shouted at them as he was taken aback. But the two people totally ignored him.

Ellen pulled back from her hug and said solemnly, "You don't need to force yourself. You don't have to repay with anything. I'm just doing what I can.."

Even though he was ecstatic that she actually agreed after such a long time, he didn't want her to be with him forcefully.

Song Xia shook her head as she retorted, "It's not fair for you! I owe you my whole life! Y-You're always helping me with everything.. I don't deserve it.. At least let me.."

Ellen rejected her, "No, it's okay.. If you really want to repay me, take care of yourself from now on. I saved your life so your life is mine. Hence, take good care of it."

Song Xia wanted to say more but seeing Ellen's eyes gradually turning cold, she instantly shut up her mouth.

She then slowly nodded her head. "..Okay."

Tang Yan, who was ignored and forcefully fed dog food: "..."

Someone come and take me away! I don't want to live here anymore!

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》