My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
94 Colluding With The Enemies
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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94 Colluding With The Enemies

- - -

"So, you're saying my brother sold his shares to Long Chen!? Why would he do that?! How can that be.."

Song Xia was in disbelief as she heard about the matter from Ellen. "You must've been mistaken.. This.."

Ellen knew that she was having trouble believing the truth so he sighed. "I'm not mistaken. Here, look at it yourself."

Song Xia clenched the paper Ellen passed her and quickly skimmed through it. By the end of it, her hands holding the document shook.

She miserably covered her face as she bit her lips.

She had never thought that her own brother, who was so caring and loving, would be so cruel to sell his shares to their enemy.

In the Song Corporation, beside her father, she and Song Xe Yong had the most shares.

Now that the shares were in the hands of Long Chen and Guan Shan, they naturally became the biggest shareholders.

And that had resulted in the situation the company was in now.

Tang Yan wanted to comfort her but receiving Ellen's gaze, he zipped his mouth.

Ellen didn't want to hurt her badly but she needed to know about how cruel her brother actually was, otherwise she would end up being betrayed again.

Song Xia took a deep breath and looked at the paper in her hands. She stood up and said softly, "I need some time to accept this."

Ellen nodded his head and kept quiet. Meaningless words of comfort would only make her feel worse.

At least accepting it herself would not only motivate her to step forward and become stronger, it will also make it hard for others to betray her again.

So, even though seeing her like this made his heart tighten, he assured himself that it was for her own good.

Song Xia totally broke down after arriving at her room. She couldn't believe it at all. It was as if the world she was living in was a lie.


She wiped her tears.

It was time to face reality.

She searched for her phone and saw that it was fully charged.

She first called Xu Zhen to inform her that she was fine and there was no need to worry before calling someone.

The call went through immediately. "Miss?"

Song Xia's eyes were cold. "Investigate Song Xe Yong for me."

The other line was silent before saying excitedly, "Miss.. You finally believe me.. Okay, I'll send his information to you quickly."

Song Xia hung up.

'He' had indeed warned her before about her brother but she hadn't believed him. He actually turned out to be right..

She still couldn't believe that her brother whom she grew up with, had turned out to be such a heartless human who could go to any lengths for his personal benefit.

Her mind was totally messed up.

She didn't want to accept the bitter truth but it was lying right in front of her.

The document which was the evidence of her elder brother colluding with her enemies..


Few days later, at a high-class bar in China:

Xia Meng was in a very bad mood.

Ever since she and Wang Yuju had fought that day, none of them had spoken to each other.

She swirled her glass of wine and titled her head, her delicate face flushed red due to alcohol.

'I shouldn't have fought with her! I don't even want to face her now, recalling how unreasonable I was being that day..'

With regret flashing in her eyes, she sighed and finished the wine in a single gulp.

As she was seated in a corner, her slim figure looked very lonely.

*Bang boom*

"You still won't apologize?! Boys, beat him up!"

"Hahaha, what a coward.."

"Keep beating him until he apologizes! This type of people should learn their places!"

Xia Meng frowned as she grumbled in her heart.

'Who is being this noisy! This Missy is in such a bad mood, yet someone dares to disrupt me! Seeking death!'

With a harrumph, she was about to get up but didn't move at last.

'Forget it, that father of mine will probably lock me up again if he finds out that I made any trouble!'

She drank another glass of wine. 'It'll probably quiet down after a while!'

But the noise not only did not quiet down but it became louder instead!

"You bumped into Brother Wei and won't even apologize?! What a bum!"

"Who let these lowly people inside?!"

"I changed my mind; until and unless you don't apologize and kowtow to me, I won't spare your life!"

"Hmph.. Who does this lowly bum think he is?!"

Xia Meng's eyes turned cold. She set aside the glass, took the wine bottle and directly downed the remaining contents.


The bar suddenly turned quiet as everyone looked at the girl in the corner who had slammed the wine bottle so hard that it immediately broke into pieces.

It was as if someone pressed the pause button. Everyone froze. The people making trouble also stopped.

Then, they saw the girl standing up and turning around, revealing her delicate yet cold face.

"Shut up."

Only her cold yet melodious voice rang out in the spacious bar.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》