My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
95 I“m Called “Great Aunt“!
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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95 I“m Called “Great Aunt“!

"Shut up."

Xia Meng's cold voice rang out in the bar.

Following her words, the bar turned so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

One of the men who was kicking a fuss, returned to his senses and yelled arrogantly, "Who are you to tell us to shut up?! Is this your bar?!"

Man B chimed in, "Let me tell you, our Brother Wei here is dealing with his business.. So, you should also mind your own business!"

Xia Meng was feeling slightly dizzy as she massaged her forehead, "Who is this Brother Wei?"

The man scoffed, "You don't even know Brother Wei?! As expected of an ignorant bumpkin! Listen, Brother Wei is the Second Young Master of the Wei Family!"

Man C said proudly, "He's also the right hand man of the Boss behind the famous Tiger Gang! We're from the Tiger Gang as well!"

Xia Meng creased her forehead as she heard 'Tiger Gang'.

Seeing her furrowed brows, the men thought she was scared and laughed.

"Are you scared now? It's too late though!" Man A exclaimed.

The tattooed man, who was among the three of them suddenly spoke, "Stop bullying the little girl. She is frightened."

The men around him burst out into laughter.

Xia Meng suddenly sneered, looking at him. "I wondered who was so suicidal.. So, you're 'Brother Wei'?"

The tattooed man, Brother Wei, wasn't offended as he looked at her in amusement. "Yes, I'm Wei Shichuan.. You can call me Wei-Gege.. What can I call you, beauty?"

Xia Meng smirked as she provocatively said. "You should call me 'great aunt'!"

Everyone in the scene sucked in a cold breath.

'She's dead meat! Doesn't she know that Wei Shichuan is someone who can't be offended!'

Wei Shichuan smiled amicably as he leered at her. He skimmed through her body with a malicious gaze.

"Beauty.. You're really fierce and prett! But I like it! Come to Gege and I will forgive you for this huge mistake that you made just now!"

Xia Meng slowly walked towards them with her head low. Everyone shook their head and sneered.

She seems to have realized her mistake and is probably regretting it now! Thankfully, she caught Brother Wei's eyes otherwise she would've been dead!

But what they didn't see was that there was an eerie smile on her lowered face.

'Heh, I haven't found someone so suicidal before.. Calling me beauty, huh, he truly was big guts!'

Just as she was about to say something, a weak yet aloof voice rang out. "Wei Shichuan! Your grudge is with me, let her go!"

Xia Meng was slightly taken aback as she raised her head and saw an injured man lying near that Wei something's feet.

The bruise in his face couldn't hide his handsome face. He was currently glaring at Wei Shichuan with slightly red yet aloof eyes.

Xia Meng blinked. She had never met such a gorgeous man ever in her life. But her attraction only lasted a mere second.

Wait.. what did he say just now? Her lips involuntarily curled upwards.

This was the typical 'hero saving the damsel in distress' scenario from dramas and novels.

She had never imagined herself being in this type of situation before.

Now though, when she was actually in such a situation, it was quite different from those dramas..

Considering how weak this hero was right now, he won't be able to save himself, much less the damsel.


If the situation reversed and the damsel saved the hero instead, wouldn't it be quite sensational?

Xia Meng got excited as she stared at the man.

Seeing the beauty staring at the man intently, Wei Shichuan was very enraged.

He kicked that man's chest and the latter instantly coughed up blood.

"Xue Yushen! Don't try to act like a hero here! You should worry about yourself! Whatever I do with my woman has nothing to do with you!"

Before Xue Yushen could say something, Xia Meng frowned as she bellowed at him, "Hey, how did I become your woman?!"

Wei Shichuan chortled as he grabbed her, "Ever since I've set my eyes on you, you're already mine! Stop making trouble and come to Gege!"

His men laughed along with him.

Xue Yushen clenched his fists tightly as he forcibly tried to get up but was too weak.

It was when he realized that the laughter had suddenly stopped.

He raised his head and saw Xia Meng grabbing Wei Shichuan wrist.

It looked quite normal but he then noticed that Wei Shichuan's face was slightly contorted.

Xia Meng revealed a harmless smile as she rotated his wrists in a weird angle.


"AHH!!" Wei Shichuan screeched in pain. Everyone was taken aback by the whole scene.

Xue Yushen was shocked. He looked at the smiling girl and felt his view of world changing.

This little girl could actually break that man's arm with just a slight pressure.. His gaze became complicated.

Xia Meng eerily smiled as she threw Wei Shichuan over her shoulders.

She then wiped her hands on her clothes with a disgusted expression as if she had touched something dirty.

Wei Shichuan rolled around on the ground in immense pain while clutching his probably broken arm.

He then turned to his stunned men and roared at them, "What are you still standing there for?! Catch this wench for me!"

The three men looked at each other and rushed towards Xia Meng together.

"You damn woman! How dare you hurt our Boss?! You're dead meat!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》