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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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96 I Broke Up With Her!

- - -

Several minutes later.

All three men were rolling on the ground in pain, clutching their injured legs and arms.

Wei Shichuan kowtowed to Xia Meng with regret, "Great Aunt! Please spare us! I swear we won't ever make trouble again!"

Xia Meng sat on the chair as she held her forehead. She had drunk too much and his continuous rambling made her head ache.

She kicked his chest and coldly said: "Shut up!"

Wei Shichuan fell on the ground and immediately shut up. Even his sidekicks stopped grumbling.

She looked at Xue Yushen who was staring at her in awe and slowly reached out her hand. The latter was stunned before he took the hand and stood up.

She took off her jacket and slung it over her shoulders coolly before saying, "Next time, before you try to act the hero, better learn some skills first."

"I.." Xue Yushen wanted to say something but he couldn't. When he saw her leave, he hastily followed after her.

- Outside the bar.

Xia Meng looked around and couldn't find her car at all.

She took out her phone from her jacket and was about to dial her driver's number but stopped when she heard a familiar voice.

She turned her head and saw Li Ming getting out of the same bar as her. Along with him were his friends. There were women as well.

Xia Meng frowned when she saw one of the women clinging on Li Ming. She furiously sprinted towards them.

Behind her, Xue Yushen saw this and couldn't help but purse his lips.

Was that man her boyfriend? Wait..

Why did he care whether he was or not! And he had even chased after her! Maybe he was just too muddle-headed by being beaten up!

Li Ming was going to push the clingy woman away but he froze when he heard Xia Meng's voice.

"Li Ming! How dare you hang out with other women?! Do you even have a conscience!"

Li Ming opened his mouth to explain but Xia Meng had already pulled his ear and dragged him away.

The group of friends: "..."

What just happened?!

Xue Yushen saw her dragging the man and arriving at the spot she was originally in. Since he was close to them, he could clearly hear their conversation.

"How dare you! Li Ming, damn you! You just hurt my Yuju and now you are fooling around with other women!"

Li Ming helplessly said, "Xiao Meng! Don't misunderstand me! I just wanted to hang out with my friends! Who knew they would bring women?!"

He then said solemnly.

"How is Yuju right now? Is she still heartbroken? I heard that she had entered the company.. I called her many times and even went to the Wang Villa, only to be kicked out.."

Xia Meng ignored his words as she punched his chest with a pitiful face.

"Jerk, how dare you ask me about her?! I broke up with her few days ago and I'm so depressed right now.. Hic.."

Li Ming: "..."

Xue Yushen: "...?!"

"Meng, are you drunk? You look like you drank a lot.." Li Ming finally noticed her flushed face and asked.

Xia Meng tried to punch him again.

"It's all because of you scumbag.. Sob, Yuju.. My love Yuju.. *Hic* You all men are scumbags! Always hurting my precious baby!"

Li Ming was helpless. He searched around and didn't see her car. "I don't see your car.. Shall I give you a lift and drop you off at the Xia Manor?"

Xia Meng immediately shook her head.

"NO! Don't take me there! If that old man finds out that I drank again, *hic* he'll probably lock me up in my room agai!"

Li Ming pinched his brows and suddenly saw Xue Yushen behind them. "You.. Who are you?"

Xue Yushen scratched his neck and walked towards them. "I'm Xue Yushen. I'm really sorry for listening to your conversation unintentionally!"

He then turned to Xia Meng and said. "I was just here to thank her. Thank you for saving me earlier!

"That Wei Shichuan held a grudge against me since long ago and wanted to teach me a lesson. If it weren't for you, I would've probably ended up in hospital."

Xia Meng looked at him and blinked twice.

She waved her hand and said, "Don't thank me.. I only beat them up because I was in a bad mood..

"Treat the injuries and mainly the bruise in your face, hic, otherwise it'll ruin your handsome face!"

Xue Yushen slightly blushed at her compliment as he nodded his head.

Li Ming was shocked as he heard them talking.

"You fought again? Who is this unlucky person who got beaten up this time? And you saved this guy as well?"

Xia Meng nodded her head and said, "I'll tell you later."

She looked at Xue Yushen and reached out her hand. "Give me your phone."

Xue Yushen reflexively backed away, thinking about how her hand had broken a certain someone's wrist: "..What?"

Xia Meng shot him a speechless look as she dizzily looked at him. "Let's exchange phone numbers."


He obediently took out his phone and passed it to her. Xia Meng dialed a string of numbers and her phone rang.

After that, she gave his phone back to him.

"If that Wei something bothers you again, remember to give me a call."

Xue Yushen nodded his head, "..Okay."

Xia Meng then turned to Li Ming and said, "Take me to Yuju's place!"

The latter first glanced at Xue Yushen weirdly before taking Xia Meng away.

Xue Yushen could hear him say, "Xiao Meng, do you like that guy?"

Xia Meng answered dazedly, "No.. I only like my Yuju.."

Li Ming: "..."

Xue Yushen watched as the two of them walked away.

Then he looked down at the caller ID: [Xia Meng] and a subtle smile formed in his handsome face.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》