My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
98 Create An Opportunity For Them
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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98 Create An Opportunity For Them

Meanwhile, outside the Wang Household.

The black car stopped.

Li Ming pursed his lips at the sight of the closed gate. He had been here countless time so the guards just won't let his car inside.

Xia Meng opened her eyes and rubbed them before looking outside and frowning. "Why are they not letting us in?"

Li Ming smiled bitterly as he put his head low, not answering her. Xia Meng finally understood the reason and was rendered speechless.

She irritatedly took out her phone again and texted to Wang Yuju. [I'm outside your house.]

The other person was probably sleeping at this time. Just as she was about to give her a call, she received a reply from her.

[You're outside?? Wait for a while, I'll come outside to get you!]

Xia Meng was slightly surprised. She texted: [You're not asleep yet?]

Wang Yuju was silent for a while before she texted back: [..Yeah. I couldn't fall asleep and was looking at the documents of the company. Wait, I'm coming out.]

Xia Meng read the text and meaningfully looked at Li Ming who was busy negotiating with the guards.

The guards were very familiar with this Young Master who always visited the manor even though he was kicked out and never let in.

They wanted to help him but the old master's order was very clear as to not let him inside no matter what.

Li Ming kicked his car out of frustration. Just as he was about to tell Xia Meng to go inside alone, he spotted a familiar figure and froze.

Wang Yuju was dressed in her simple home clothes. As the weather was windy at night, she was wearing a scarf to cover her face but her beauty didn't diminish in the slightest.

She was also stunned when she saw Li Ming outside. She paused for a while before tightening the scarf in her face to cover the dark circles underneath her eyes.

But Li Ming still noticed them and he clenched his fists slightly. The both of them stood in each side of the gate, looking t each other quietly.

A lazy voice rang from inside the car, "You two are going to stare a hole through each other of this continues."

Immediately, the two of them withdrew their gazes and embarrassed looked away. Xia Meng came outside with her jacked slung over her shoulder.

Wang Yuju frowned when she saw her red face, "Did you drink?"

Xia Meng nodded her head as she agilely climbed over the gate and hugged her tightly. "Yuju, I missed you.. I'm sorry for what happened that day.."

Wang Yuju's shoulders shook slightly as she hugged her back. "No, it's my fault.. I-I was being too much sensitive because you.."

She paused halfway and changed her words, "I missed you too.."

The guard was dumbfounded. 'Did Miss Xia just climb over our gate like that?!'

Li Ming was also speechless. 'She could've just climbed over the moment we came and all this wouldn't have happened!'

But he was slightly happy inside. At least.. Because of her, he got to see Wang Yuju after so many days.

These past days without seeing her had been like years of hell to him. But today, he actually got to meet her.

Wang Yuju looked at him and pursed her lips before clearing her throat and saying softly, "Thank you for dropping her off."

Li Ming was stunned as he dazedly replied, "No, no, you don't have to thank me, Yuju.. I.."

Wang Yuju turned around and was about to leave but Xia Meng clasped her hand and said.

"Isn't it too late at night? What if they encountered a problem at road.. I heard that a lot of accidents happen at night around this road.."

Wang Yuju blinked worriedly as she lowered her head. The wind was blowing very hard so she tightly held the scarf and hesitated before muttering, "Then.. Ming, you.."

She bit her lips and finally said with courage, "Then you can stay over tonight at the house. I-I will arrange a room for you.."

Li Ming was about to disagree when Xia Meng gave him a meaningful gaze. He then realized that she was trying to help him by creating an opportunity for him to have a chat with her.

He quickly swallowed his words and shamelessly agreed to her request.

And hence the three of them headed towards the Wang house, leaving the dumbfounded guard to himself.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》