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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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99 Let“s Meet Up Then.

- Australia, at Marie's Cafe.

"Scarlet, I missed you so much, wait I forget that you're Alice now!" The woman before her exclaimed with a grin.

Song Xia smiled gracefully as she stirred her coffee with a spoon. Her subtle actions were filled with elegance.

She was wearing a simple blue dress yet she still looked very lovely and attractive.

Everything about her was the same but the vibe she gave off was very different from her past self.

Though her smile was graceful and warm, it was also aloof and distant at the same time.

Song Xia sipped her coffee and looked outside the window, speaking in fluent English.

"Annie, you know my circumstances.. If I had a chance, I wouldn't have chose to be like this."

Her voice was so soothing that it literally melted everyone who heard it. But Annie's attention was not in her voice but something else.

She frowned slightly as she said.

"Why? You look so pretty now! Come on, Alice! How can you be in such low spirits?! You should just let go of the past and live your life to the fullest!"

Song Xia glanced at her as she gave her a bitter smile. She muttered to herself, "Let go of the past?"

I wanted to do so before but now I've changed my mind.

Annie nodded her head vigorously as she began persuading her, "Partying, dating, travelling! Come with me and I'll take you to travel around the whole world!"

Listening to her words, Song Xia absentmindedly smiled. Her gaze flitted into the distance as she thought of her past life.

She had had enough of playing around now. At first, she wanted to take revenge but eventually she began forgetting her motive.

She only came back to reality when she realized that she'd have to take care of things that happened because of her.

Everything that was happening to the Song Company was because of her carelessness and ignorance.

The Song Company was currently in a slightly dire state and facing a lot of troubles.

Even though Ellen stabilized the condition, his hands were tied since he was not in China and it was Song Xe Yong, who was behind all of this mess after all.

Initially, the higher-ups and shareholders of the Song Corporation were against the decision of Longs acquiring Songs.

But when Song Xe Yong dealt with all of them personally, none of them resisted it anymore. After all, everyone was hungry for power and money.

So Song Xe Yong and Long Chen simply bought people over. Those who resisted, were immediately kicked out and eradicated.

In the fear of Song Xe Yong's huge power, everyone succumbed and no longer dared to cause trouble.

Song Xia was helpless in this situation.

She had tried contacting the Song Family lawyer, Li Han, to discuss about the divorce and shares papers but he was currently unreachable..

According to her confidant, Li Han had simply disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown.

She had a inkling that his disappearance also had something to do with Song Xe Yong but now it was all too late.

Hence the company still couldn't be spared from their enemies' hand, until and unless Ellen personally went over to China..

So, Ellen was busy doing his preparations to leave for China and handling his company matters.

Song Xia couldn't ask any more from him, since his help was already really great to the extent.

Today, she had come out to have coffee with her old friend, Annie. Of course, it wasn't as simple as that.

The friend in front of her, no matter how cheerful she looked, actually had deep connections throughout the world.

She was also related to the underworld. So, Song Xia was here to ask a small favor from her.

After Annie listened to her request, she immediately agreed to help her.

Back when she had come to Australia, Song Xia had coincidentally saved Annie from some thugs, so the latter was more than ready to help her when needed.

After having a small chat with Annie, Song Xia wandered around the lively street alone. She looked down at her phone and she sighed.

Though she had some shares in Song Company now, it was still very insignificant and couldn't even compare to Guan Shan.

After thinking for a while, she inhaled deeply before finally decided to call someone.


"Mm." Her expression was blank as she answered. "...I've decided to agree to your offer."

The other line was silent before the person exclaimed with a overjoyed and shaky voice.

"..Yes, yes, I'll contact Master Jiang right away! Miss.. Are you free this weekend?!"

Song Xia pondered for a while and replied in a low voice, "I'm free."

The person was so happy that he nearly squealed but hastily controlled himself, "Yes, yes, let's meet up then! I'll send you the address later!"

Song Xia hung up and pursed her lips tightly. She didn't want to agree to them but the situation had clearly forced her to.

As much as she didn't like to associate herself with those people, she would rather do it than seeing her parents' hard work get ruined by others..

Passing by a familiar convenient store, Song Xia stopped walking and looked over to the side.

She saw those kittens and softly smiled as she made her way over there.

She squatted down and petted the kittens' head and muttered softly, "I'm sorry I can't take you guys home.."

She then continued, "But don't worry.. I'll come visit you tomorrow as well!"

The cats meowed pitifully, as if they understood her words, making her feel bad for them.

As she petted their fluffy head, her mood lightened up and she felt better than before.

*Bang! Bang!*

Song Xia was startled as she suddenly heard gunshots. She followed the direction the sound came from..

It was coming from the convenient store!

Following which, two figures dashed outside from there, right towards her direction!

Song Xia immediately panicked and was just about to flee from the scene when her arm was forcefully yanked by the person with the gun and she was thus held captive.

It all happened in the blink of an eye and she couldn't react at all! Even right now, her mind was blank!

The supposed criminal was now holding a gun on her head as he threatened the man who was chasing him.

She had become his hostage.

Song Xia looked discreetly at the man and she blinked in surprise. That Yu man who kept calling her Yin'er?!

Yu Jin was also equally surprised. His expression gradually darkened as he stared at the criminal coldly.

"Let go of her!"

The criminal refuted arrogantly, "As if I would! Am I stupid enough to do that?"

Song Xia was speechless. After finding out that he was chinese, she started coaxing him, "Er, that, Criminal Brother, I-"

The criminal shot her a death glare. "Shut up! Women aren't supposed to be talking between men! Be quiet otherwise I'll really kill you!"

Song Xia twitched her lips as she looked at him. She suddenly wanted to... Beat him up badly!

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》