My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
100 Was It A Pure Coincidence?
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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100 Was It A Pure Coincidence?

Song Xia simply gave up as she pursed her lips and she signaled Yu Jin with her eyes. But the latter just won't get what she was saying.

He was pointing the gun at the criminal as he coldly said, "Kill her then! It doesn't matter to me! But your crime will no longer be a simple robbery if you really kill her!"

Song Xia: "..."

God dammit! Why were they freaking negotiating her life and death in front of her?! At this case, she'd surely be dead if he continued provoking the criminal like that!

Song Xia took a deep breath as she began negotiating with the criminal with a smile. (A/N: Criminal is chinese)

"Hello, criminal brother.. Can you please think about it rationally? I mean it's not good for you to kill an innocent bystander like me!"

The criminal smirked coldly as he said. "Are you negotiating with a criminal like me? Do you think I'm a fool?!"

Song Xia nodded her head before she shook her head quickly.

Laughing awkwardly, she hastily said, "No, who said that! You're, you're the most intelligent criminal I've ever met!"

'To be honest, I've never met criminals before but let's forget that for now.'

While negotiating with the criminal and stalling for time, she shot a meaningful glance at Yu Jin.

Yu Jin finally calmed down and understood her signal. He slowly and quietly walked towards him.

Just as he was about to catch the criminal off-guard, the latter suddenly fired a shot at his feet.

Yu Jin reacted fast and stepped backwards, evading the bullet by inches. His chilly glare fell upon the criminal who was smiling.

"Officer Yu, you know that I'm a fugitive from the XX Organization. I'm much smarter than other criminals!"

His expression was full of gloating and pride. But suddenly, his face froze as his world spun around.


Song Xia smiled amicably as she rubbed her hands and looked at the stunned criminal who was lying on the ground.

"But Criminal Brother, it's not good to be too prideful sometimes.. See, a weak woman like me could easily flip you over my shoulder!"

She sarcastically spoke. Yu Jin reacted fast and caught the criminal when he was still in shock.

Behind him, his colleagues also came at the same time and took the captive criminal away.

After the criminal was gone, Song Xia's face abruptly froze as she rubbed her sore waist.

'Heck, what easily?! I almost used all of my strength to judo-flip the guy! If I was a little distracted, my waist would've been sprained!'

She was very grateful to Tang Yan who brought her to gym everyday.

Otherwise, she would've broken her bones if she hadn't been exercising regularly, even if she was well versed in fighting.

Moreover, if the criminal hadn't been so arrogant and prideful to the point that he had underestimated her, she'd never have had the chance to win against him.

She was about to leave when Yu Jin stopped her. "What is it?"

Yu Jin cleared his throat before aloofly saying, "Thank you for your help."

Song Xia: "..."

I didn't mean to help you, okay! If I didn't catch the criminal, I would've literally died because of you!

But of course she couldn't say that. She pursed her lips and said while waving her hand, "It's nothing.."

Yu Jin looked at her exquisite face and couldn't help but subconsciously reach out to touch it.

Song Xia looked at the slender hand coming towards her face and instinctively flinched as she stepped backwards.

Her reaction made Yu Jin snap out of his reverie. He quickly took his arm back as he aloofly said, "Since you helped me, let me treat you to a drink."

Song Xia wanted to reject him but his aloof face left no rooms for rejection. So she quietly followed him inside the convenient store.


Yu Jin passed her a can of soda and kept one for himself.

As Song Xia received it, she took a sip and asked him curiously, "You're a police??"

Yu Jin also drank his soda as he stared at her face. After a while, he nodded his head in response.

"I'm here on a mission. That criminal was a fugitive from a famous organization. He's a genius but because he was too arrogant, he was kicked out of the organization."

Yu Jin continued, "He beared grudges so he simply decided to go around the world and create a mess. Because he's too poor, he probably came to steal but as it was his first time, he was too inexperienced."

Song Xia didn't know why he was telling this to her but she still listened to him. After he ended, Yu Jin coldly looked at her and spoke.

"So don't try to butt inside these types of matters. You were lucky to have met an inexperienced criminal, but you won't be so lucky next time. Don't try to risk your life like that."

Though his voice was cold, there was a hint of concern, which made Song Xia puzzled. She shook her head slightly as she quickly finished the soda.

Yu Jin only took small sips of his soda and simply watched her, as if his eyes were glued to her face.

Song Xia dumped the soda can to the dustbin before turning to wave her hands. "I'll get going!"

Yu Jin pursed his lips as he instantly caught her wrist. Song Xia blinked. She then heard him say, "Let me drop you off to your house."

Song Xia immediately shook her head in denial. She smiled exasperatedly, "You don't have to! My house is just nearby!"

Yu Jin silently stared at her which made Song Xia feel embarrassed. She suddenly thought of something. "Ah, actually you can do something to return my favor."

Yu Jin raised his eyebrows. Song Xia coughed as she pointed at the box where the kittens were in.

"Take them to a pet care centre for me!" She bluntly said. Yu Jin looked over and saw two little kittens.

When he heard her words, he couldn't help but look at her. After pondering for a while, he simply nodded his head.

Song Xia smiled as she turned to pat the kittens' head and sighed before standing up and bidding him goodbye as she left.

Yu Jin silently watched her leaving with a slightly desolated and deep gaze.

Last time, when he had investigated about her, he didn't find anything special. She was just a small star.

He had heard that there were many people who looked very similar around the world.

But something was really off about it.

Was it just a pure coincidence that she looked so similar to Xue Yin?

Or.. Was it not?

Yu Jin's eyes gleamed with a light before he slowly carried the box of kittens away and left as well.


- Wang Household, China.

Wang Yuju woke up early and went downstairs. She sought out her parents to tell them that Li Ming had stayed over last night.

The Wang Couple were stunned and even Grandpa Wang who came after a morning jog and was having tea, choked.

Wang Yuju quickly explained her words when she saw that they had misunderstood their words.

The Wang Couple were still angry about the engagement matter so when Li Ming came down, he was puzzled to why they were glaring at him.

He and Wang Yuju had a chat last night about the matter between the two families and them.

He felt relieved knowing that Wang Yuju didn't hold a grudge against him for that matter. But he felt really guilty for hurting her even though it wasn't clearly his fault.

Wang Yuju reassured him that they could remain as friends even after his marriage, which made him feel even more dejected.

Just as the breakfast on the table was going to turn into battlefield, Xia Meng came down while holding her head.

Wang Yuju saw her and immediately told the kitchen to prepare a hangover soup for her.

The Wang Couple and Grandpa Wang weren't much surprised seeing her since Xia Meng frequently visited the Manor.

Xia Meng sat down beside Wang Yuju and greeted all the elders cheerfully. "Good morning Uncle, Auntie and Grandpa!"

They also greeted her back.

Mother Wang frowned. "Aiya, Mengmeng, did you drink last night again?"

Xia Meng nodded her head.

Grandpa Wang immediately scolded her, "Young people shouldn't drink too much!"

Father Wang also chimed in, "Xiao Meng'er, don't drink from now on! It deteriorates your health! Moreover, it's not good for your health!"

Xia Meng obediently nodded her head as she kept quiet and listened to their advice.

Wang Yuju also brought out the hangover soup and made her drink it.

Li Ming, who had also drank last night, "..."

Well, the favoritism was at its clearest here. But he didn't mind though.

It was good enough that the Wang Family didn't kick him out the door like last time!

Just as he was pondering, Li Ming suddenly received a message from his father.

[Dad: Brat, where were you the whole night?!]

[Oh I was at a friend's home last night. Why?]

[Dad: You don't come home the whole night and have the guts to ask "why?" I'm telling you something has happened. Come home fast!]

Li Ming was confused but he still replied: [Okay.]

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》