My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
102 Clean Up The Mess She Created
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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102 Clean Up The Mess She Created


Li Ming arrived at the Li Mansion. The moment he entered, he frowned, spotting an unexpected person inside.

The atmosphere was tense as well. He saw that Zhang Qian Mi was seated on the sofa, crying miserably.

'Such a troublemaker; why can't she just mind her own business?!'

Li Ming was disgusted and annoyed at the sight of her acting pitiful as if someone had bullied her.

Father Li saw him and said furiously.

"You only know to come home now! Do you know that your fiance has been bullied recently! Quickly come over here!"

Li Ming shot a glare at Zhang Qian Mi who was sobbing and walked towards them. With a cold voice, he asked, "What happened?"

Mother Li comforted the sad Zhang Qian Mi and gravely said, "There are rumors spreading around about Qianmi that she is the illegitimate daughter..

"And that she has been bluffing about the engagement between you and her. Now she's being bullied by everyone.."

Father Li added sternly, "Go online and announce that the two of you are going to be engaged."

Li Ming was very pissed off.

Why did he have to clean up the mess created by her?! The rumors were obviously true that she was the illegitimate daughter!

And about the engagement part, it was her who brought it up on herself by announcing to the whole world. Why did he have to clarify them!

'If she can't even take this small bit of hate, then how is she even qualified to be the mistress of Li Family!' Li Ming sneered.

He was just about to retort when he heard a series of coughs from upstairs.

He looked over and saw Grandpa Li standing there and clutching his chest while coughing violently.

The butler was supporting him and helped him come downstairs. Grandpa Li sat on the sofa as he spoke weakly, "Ming, help Qianqian in this matter."

Li Ming gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists tightly.

He wanted to protest but recalling how Grandpa Li had had a heart attack from his (Ming's) provocations, he swallowed his words and finally nodded his head.

Seeing him agree, Zhang Qian Mi was filled with glee, thinking about how this incident was a blessing in disguise for her.

Previously, she wanted to really kill the one who spread rumors about her but now that she had profited from this, she wanted to thank that person.

She wiped her crocodile tears and said softly, "I've troubled Brother Ming and others very much.. I'm very sorry about troubling you over this trivial matter.."

Li Ming scorned, "Since you know that this was a trivial matter, you shouldn't have bothered us in the first place!"

He then put his hands on his pocket as he headed upstairs, frustrated as ever.

Upon hearing his rude words, Father Li was so angry that he slammed the table, "You unfilial child!"

Zhang Qian Mi was so stunned that she even forgot to cry. Luckily, she recovered her senses and said with a hurt expression.

"Brother Ming despises me now.. I really didn't want to.." She started her pitiful show once again.

Mother Li, by her side, was so irritated by her act.

Even the servants in their house could easily tell that she was faking it, yet she still wanted to continue her one-man show!

But she endured it and started coaxing her. Father Li rubbed his temples as he took out his phone to see what that brat did.

Fortunately, Li Ming's weakness was Grandpa Li so he didn't do any mischief and simply posted:

[PrinceLi (V): I'm officially engaged with @LittleQianqian and she's not lying about our engagement. So, don't insult her anymore.]

Li Ming was very famous than most of the actors because of his looks and status. His post caused an uproar among many of his fans.

[LoveMingMing: WHAT THE-?!!]

[LiMingInMyHeart: ...Wait, what the hell am I seeing?!!]

[JustANobody: Did our prince's account got hacked?! This is the only explanation I have, seeing this earth-shattering post!]

[PrinceMing'sLittleFan: Who the heck is this @LittleQianqian?! How can our Prince be engaged to her?!]

[PrinceLi'sDeixu: Am I seeing things?! Or did Prince Li really forgot about Goddess Deixu?! #LiXuFansRise]

[IHateSummer: Wait, wasn't @PrinceLi supposed to be engaged to @WangYuju since little?! #MingYu fans, where you at?!]

[OnlyMeimeiWithMing: Wait, Prince Ming is getting engaged?! What about my Meimei?! @LittleQianqian come out, let's have a talk!]

[HoneyIsSweet: Is it only me who finds this @LittleQianqian a little familiar??]

[DriftingSnow: The person upstairs, you're not the only one! I also feel like I've seen that account somewhere before..]

[IWantToEatAgain: Hmm, wait isn't @LittleQianqian that b**** who dared to spread rumors about herself with Prince Ming?!]

[SmallRabbit: The one upstairs!!! Please tell me you're wrong!!!! I don't want that attention-seeker b**** to be the wife of Prince Li!!!]

[Galaxy'sStar: I just checked the account @LittleQianqian... And I can feel my eyes exploding!!! It's really that attention-seeker!!!!]

[MingIsTheKing: ...Is it April fools day today? Our Prince must be sarcastically making a fool out of that b****!]

There was suddenly a wave of silence in the whole Weibo.

Because a moment later after everyone thought the post was a joke, the Li Family also shared the post, confirming the nightmare of all people.

And hence this post started trending and the famous post which was about the Zhang Family's illegitimate daughter was naturally pushed back.


Australia. Ellen's House.

Song Xia was drinking her juice while watching TV. She paused when her phone rang. It was Xu Zhen.

Xu Zhen called her everyday to report her about the situation at the company and to know if she was fine or not so she didn't find it strange.

But today seemed a little different.

"Hello? Zhenzhen?"

Song Xia called out her name because the latter seemed to be spacing out as she didn't say anything even after the call was picked up.

In the other side of the phone, Xu Zhen was currently in her office, leaning against her chair as she stared into the distance dazedly.

She blinked and came back to her sense when Song Xia called her name.

"Oh, Xiao Xia.." Her voice was very low that it almost sounded like a whisper.

Song Xia frowned as she put the glass on the table and straightened her back with a serious expression.

"Did something happen?"

Xu Zhen was silent for a while before speaking lightly as she skimmed through the documents absent-mindedly.

"Oh, It's nothing.. Actually, Xu Zhou came to visit me today, ordering me to return the company to him. He must've wanted to take the company back since the company has been profiting recently.."

"..Are you okay?" Song Xia worriedly asked.

Xu Zhou was Xu Zhen's father who had run off with his mistress, leaving his wife and daughter alone with a nearly bankrupt company.

"Yes, I'm fine! Though he kicked up a big fuss at the company after I didn't agree to him.. But don't worry about it, I already got him kicked out!"

Xu Zhen then smiled bitterly as she muttered, "I bet he's gonna approach my mother now. If he softens his tone, I'm afraid my mother would even be ready to give her own life to him.."

Her eyes flashed with an inexplicable emotion. That's why she never wanted to fall in love.

Her mother and Song Xia had both given everything to their love, yet they were treated so cruelly in the end.

Hence, Xu Zhen had decided not to love anyone in her life. She just planned to live her whole life carefreely and independently.

"Oh right, there was an important matter I wanted to discuss with you!" Xu Zhen quickly changed the topic.

After talking with her for a while, Song Xia hung up the call and focused on the TV as she picked up her glass of juice.

As she sipped the juice, the doorbell rang. She paused her actions.

Didn't Ellen and Tang Yan say that they'll both return home late? Or did they already return home?

Song Xia didn't think much of it as she walked towards the door and opened it.

She exclaimed with a smile without looking up, "You're already home?"

She then continued lazily as she slowly raised her head, "You're home already, didn't you say you had work and would come home late.."

But once she saw the unfamiliar faces at the door, her smile instantly froze. "...Tonight?"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》