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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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103 A Gold Digger

The two people, who were standing outside, also froze when they saw her.

Qin Hanna's expression instantly turned cold and Butler Han's eyes widened in shock.

'What is she doing in Young Master Ellen's house?!'

Song Xia regained her composure and politely smiled as she asked, "Are you two here for Ellen? Ellen has work at office so-"

Hanna cut her off coldly as she squinted, "What are you doing in Ellen's house?!"

"...Eh?" Song Xia was stunned. She replied honestly, "I live here so-"

Hanna was shocked: "You live here?!"

Song Xia blinked, "..Ah yes! But that's not really important right now.. So I was saying that Ellen is not at home currently and I-"

Hanna angrily asked, "What did you do to both Ellen and Yan?! How did you manage to seduce them!!"

After being cut off many times while talking, Song Xia gradually lost her calmness. Her tone turned cold but her smile was much warmer than before.

"Madam, you seem to have a misunderstanding! I did not seduce anyone. We're all just..."

"What is happening here?" All of a sudden, Ellen's deep voice rang out from behind the two people at the door.

Everyone turned to look at him and saw that Tang Yan was also standing beside him. As the latter saw his mom, he was surprised.

"..Mom? What are you doing here?"


Now it was time for Song Xia to be shocked. So the angry lady actually turned out to be Tang Yan's mother!

Tang Yan blinked his eyes as he smiled, "Yes, Xiao Xia, she's my mom! Let me introduce you both.."

Butler Han spoke at this time with a solemn expression.

"Young Master, this lady is not what you think she is! She's two-timing with both you and Master Ellen! She's a gold digger who's after the two Master's money.."

Tang Yan froze in disbelief. "What? Who are you exactly talking about, Uncle Han?"

Butler Han answered while pointing at Song Xia, "Who else? It's this lady!"

Song Xia: "???"

Tang Yan: "...?!"

Ellen: "..."

Tang Yan pinched his brows as he said with a sigh, "Who said that Xiao Xia is two-timing with us?? She's only our close friend!"

Qin Hanna was puzzled.

"Yan, didn't you say you're dating her! And you even said that she didn't want to publicize your relationship! Doesn't that mean she's planning to deceive you?"

Tang Yan was greatly startled by her words. "When did I.."

He suddenly thought of something and his face changed.

Silence befell and the atmosphere turned weird.

Ellen had roughly guessed what happened so he coughed and said, "I think there is a misunderstanding somewhere. Let's go inside and talk about it rather than standing here."


Qin Hanna turned to Tang Yan and aloofly said as she sipped the tea, "Explain!"

Tang Yan gulped and immediately started explaining, "Actually, it's all a misunderstanding. I was frustrated when you arranged blind dates for me so I just made up a imaginary girlfriend to make you stop.."

Butler Han, who was standing beside them, was perplexed as he gestured at Song Xia meaningfully. "Young Master Tang, why were you with her then?"

Tang Yan looked at Song Xia, who was busy in her phone, and creased his brows: "Her? Where? When?"

Qin Hanna spoke at this time, "We saw you together at the mall sometime ago."

Tang Yan finally realized what they were talking about. "Oh it was because Xiao Xia wanted to do shopping and I went along with her... Nothing special-"

He suddenly paused as he turned to the two people with wide eyes.

"Wait, Mom, Uncle Han, did you two misunderstand this and thought that she was Xiao Baiyue??"

The two people went silent as if quietly agreeing with his words. Immediately, Tang Yan was rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, at the side, Song Xia overheard their conversation as she closed in and curiously asked to Ellen in a low voice, "Who is Xiao Baiyue?"

Ellen looked at her for a while before replying with equal confusion in his eyes. "I don't know." How could he know what this psychopath thinks all day?

"Oh" Song Xia then moved away from him and focused on her phone again.

Ellen glanced at her before slowly looking away, his gaze slightly became dull.

"The main question is... What is she doing here and who is she?" Qin Hanna pointed at Song Xia as she asked. The latter innocently blinked.

Ellen put his hand over her shoulders as he said calmly, "She's my girlfriend."

The girlfriend Song Xia: "...?!" Eh, what?

Tang Yan: "..." He's a better liar than me..

The two mistress-butler duo were stunned. They suddenly recalled that candle-light dinner and how intimate the couple were...

Butler Han swallowed in fear. Was he going to get slaughtered for accusing Sir Ellen's girlfriend to be two-timing with him and Tang Yan?!

"Misunderstanding.. Big misunderstanding.." he muttered while sweating profusely.

Qin Hanna also cleared her throat as she calmed herself down. She then smiled at Song Xia, "What's your name, young lady?"

Song Xia was not used to the 180-degree change in her attitude hence she answered without thinking, "Song Xia.."

*crash* *bang*

Immediately, two consecutive loud sounds resounded in the living room.

Song Xia blankly looked at Qin Hanna whose hand had slipped, resulting in her teacup falling and breaking into pieces.

She then glanced at Butler Han who had stumbled and accidentally pushed the flower vase off the table, which made the crashing sound.

Her mouth twitched at their reactions. She then finally realized what she had said and she herself fell into a deep shock.

Oh no, she seemed to have said her real name...


The phone in her hand also fell and made a loud sound, its screen instantly cracking like a web..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》