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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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104 Nothing Will Change.

"S-Song Xia?! You're... Song Xe Yong's younger sister, Song Xia?!" Qin Hanna exclaimed in shock.

Song Xia's lips quivered as she blanked out. "I.. I-"

Ellen looked at her shocked state and spoke at this moment, "No, she's-"

But before he could finish, Song Xia cut him off. "Yes.. I'm Song Xia.."

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down as she said truthfully. Qin Hanna was shocked by this sudden information.

Butler Han also was bewildered, hearing her agreement. Tang Yan pinched his brows at this scene.


"So that's what exactly happened.." Qin Hanna looked pensive upon hearing her story.

Song Xia lowered her head and said, "I've troubled Ellen and Yan all this while.. Because I'm in no place to return to China like this. Even if I do return now, nothing will change.."

Tang Yan sighed as he hastily said, "Actually you can just leave it to me and Ellen! We'll solve this matter and you can just start anew!"

Song Xia smiled determinedly as she shook her head, "No, I've decided. I can't run from the past anymore. I'm going to face my past and pay for my previous actions."

Qin Hanna looked at her confident look and she felt both pity and admiration for her.

Being cheated by her precious loved ones, was something no one looked forward to. But it was something, a young woman like her, had been through.

Moreover, she also suddenly lost everything in a flash, yet she was still this determined to face the consequences of her past actions, when she could've easily agreed to start afresh.

Qin Hanna suddenly spoke with a smile, "You said that you're still weak? What if.. I, Hanna Qin, take you in as my daughter? Won't that be enough for a splendid comeback?"

Song Xia instantly raised her head in surprise. Even Ellen and Tang Yan couldn't help but be dumbfounded, much less Butler Han who was still in shock.

Song Xia blinked as she opened her mouth but nothing came out due to shock. After a long time, she finally said with a trembling voice, "Auntie.. You.."

Qin Hanna grinned cheekily as she said. "What, is this not good enough?" Song Xia was speechless. "No, I didn't mean that.."

Qin Hanna sofly sighed, "Consider it as a compensation for misunderstanding you earlier.."

Song Xia smiled awkwardly. She was so kind.. Even compensating for a simple misunderstanding..

Qin Hanna then continued slowly when she saw that she was about to decline, "And I've always wanted a daughter.. You fit my standards completely, so can I?"

Being asked with such a gentle tone, Song Xia was reminded of her own mother and she couldn't help but subconsciously nod her head.

And that was how she became the Young Miss of the Tang Family..


Many days passed by in a blink of an eye.

Song Xia took a selfie of herself and posted it on Weibo.

Now, her small account had already become very popular. So the post immediately gained thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Song Xia walked leisurely in the street as she dialed a familiar number, "Hello? Zhenzhen! What's up!"

On the other end, Xu Zhen was skimming through the documents in her office as usual. She smiled as she answered, "Nothing, everything's the same.. I'm just a little busy!"

Song Xia giggled as she teased her. "CEO Xu! You're always so busy! Don't forget to take care of yourself!"

Xu Zhen smirked as she meaningfully said, "I'm not as busy as you though! So, how was today's photoshoot?"

Song Xia brushed her fringe on her forehead with a embarrassed expression as she pouted and said, "You don't have to say that! Anyway, it was okay as usual."

She then quickly changed the topic. "How is Auntie Xu now?"

Xu Zhen chuckled, "Mother is much healthier now than before.."

She then sighed, "Song'song (Song Xia's nickname)! If it weren't for you, my mom and I would've been living in the road right now!"

Song Xia smiled softly as she coaxed her, "Don't say that! I just invested money in your company because of our friendship! I had no other good use of the money anyway."

Xu Zhen grinned. "Whatever! Let me tell you, everyone in our circle is curious about who this mysterious backer of our company is!"

Song Xia scratched her head as her lips twitched, "Really? I just invested a sum of money! Why would they be curious about an investor?"

Xu Zhen signed her signature on the document as she closed it with a serious face, "It may be simple for you but for me and Zhuolin company, that sum of money is very precious!"

Song Xia didn't say anything and calmly listened to Xu Zhen's blabbering. As she was walking, her eyes caught something and she blinked twice.

"Zhenzhen, I'll call you later. Bye!" She then hung up as she strode towards a familiar figure. "Officer Yu!"

Yu Jin looked at the direction of the voice and was startled to see her. "Why are you here?"

His gaze and voice was aloof as usual but there was an inexplicable sparkle in his eyes when he saw her.

Song Xia grinned. "I was just passing by as usual!" Yu Jin suspiciously asked, "Do you live near Ellen's house? Why do you pass by this street everyday?"

Song Xia replied honestly, "No, I actually live in his house!" Yu Jin was shocked. "What?! You live with him?!"

Song Xia pursed her lips when she saw that he had misunderstood, "It's not like you think! I'm currently living in his house along with Tang Yan!"

When he heard "Tang Yan", Yu Jin's eyes immediately turned cold. He then asked tentatively, "How did you come to know Tang Yan?"

Song Xia pondered as she replied, "Through Ellen? I mean he's Ellen's best friend!"

"... Oh." Yu Jin was slightly disappointed at her answer but he felt slightly relieved inside. His eyes flickered as he asked, "Then how did you meet Ellen?"

Song Xia thought back to that day years ago and her mouth twitched. "It's a long story.. Oh right, can I have the XX soda I had last night??"

Yu Jin's lips twitched as he said coldly. "Eating too much soda isn't good. And I'm not the owner of this convenience store."

He then cleared his throat and spoke with a weird expression in his face, "By the way, don't come here anymore. I'm going to return to China today."

Song Xia's eyes widened. "What? You're leaving already??"

She had finally found a "normal" friend to talk to and now he was leaving?!

Yu Jin didn't say anything, he just stared at her greedily. He suddenly raised his hand and patted her head.

After that, he realized his own actions and instantly took his hand back.

"...Mm, my work is done here. The fugitives have already been caught." His voice was distant, just like the first time they had met.

Song Xia pouted unhappily. "Oh.. I see... How about you treat me to the soda from last night??" She then eagerly said.

Yu Jin was speechless as he watched her change her expression change in a split second.

He kept quiet for a while before he went inside and brought two soda can. He passed one to her and kept one for himself.

"Consider this our goodbye drink."

He looked down at her face with an unusually soft gaze. Song Xia received the soda and drank it silently.

The two of them stayed quiet like this until they finished their drinks.

"Oh right.."

Song Xia finally spoke as she gave him her newly bought phone (she bought a new phone because she broke her previous one in the last chapter), "Let's exchange our numbers!"

Yu Jin looked at her for a moment before quietly taking the phone and dialing his number. Immediately, his phone started ringing.

He then returned the phone back to her. They both stayed still for a while before Song Xia bid him goodbye and left.

As he watched her leaving, Yu Jin was slightly disappointed at her reaction. Did she only think of him as a passerby?

He slowly bowed his head. After a while, he typed something..


Yu Jin looked at the only number in his contacts and then at that person's disappearing back as he softly sighed.

'I hope I can see you again.'

He then slowly walked away from the store, his silhouette exuding a desolate and lonely aura..


Song Xia's point of view:

Song Xia- "You're leaving already?!"

Yu Jin- *nods*

Song Xia- 'I finally found a buddy who's rather normal, compared to that arrogant duo (Tang Yan + Ellen)

'Wait, he's going back to China and I'm also going there soon, so I guess we won't part for too long?? So, there's no need to be sad!'

Song Xia- "Oh.. I see. How about you treat me to the soda from last night??"


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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》