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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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105 At Least You Know!


"I'm home!" Song Xia entered the house and took off her high heels and changed into home slippers.

She then turned to look at Tang Yan, who was dozing off in the couch and sighed, "Why don't you go rest in your room??"

Tang Yan didn't open his eyes at all as he lazily uttered, "Too tired." Song Xia rolled her eyes, "More like you're too lazy!"

Tang Yan snorted as he covered his ears with the pillow. "Don't disturb me! I still have an important surgery scheduled this evening.."

Song Xia ignored him and sat beside him as she switched on the TV and took out a bag of chips from somewhere. She then munched on them as she watched TV.

Tang Yan suddenly sat up as he stared at her. Song Xia suspiciously looked back at him as she turned to hide the chips.

Seeing this, Tang Yan was rendered speechless.

"Do you think I will snatch your chips! I was just going to remind you that you're a star now and you should take care of your figure!"

Song Xia smiled slyly as she comfortably leaned on the sofa and ate the chips, "I'm not a super model, okay! I'm just a small star with not much exposure to public!"

Tang Yan sneered. "Says someone who is always on the cover of the famous magazines! If you're a small star, then I'm a rookie doctor!"

Song Xia smiled warmly but there was a hint of ridicule in her smile, "At least you know that you're a rookie."

Tang Yan: "..." Wait what?!

He was about to roar at her when the door opened and Ellen walked in with a gloomy face.

Ellen looked at Tang Yan, who was red in anger and then at Song Xia, who was happily munching on the chips. His gaze darkened.

"Where did you go after the photoshoot?" He asked as he made his way over to them.

Song Xia blinked as she smiled and set aside the bag of chips. "Oh Ellen, you're here!"

Ellen's face remained cold. "Answer my question first." Song Xia's smile froze but it soon broadened, "Oh I went to the store near XX street!"

Poker faced Ellen asked again: "Who did you meet there?"

Smiling Xia panicked guiltily: "... No one. Why??"

Expressionless Ellen threw his phone at her: "Look at it yourself."

Joker Yan was clueless: "??"

Song Xia picked up the phone and she immediately froze when she saw the contents.

[Breaking News! Rising Star Alice spotted with a handsome guy at XX street! (Photo)]

When she saw the photo, her face blackened. What? Who the hell took a picture of her with Yu Jin?!

She just went to meet him and didn't even stay for longer, but someone actually took a picture of her!

Guilty Xia quickly made up a lie, "I just met him by chance!"

Gloomy Ellen immediately saw through her lie, "So, you met him by chance? And drank with him by chance as well?"

Song Xia: "..."

Joker Tang Yan: "...?" Can someone tell me what is happening!

Ellen continued with a dark face, "Miss Alice, as the spokesmodel for QZ Corporation, what do you think about this?"

Song Xia dryly said, "Boss, I can explain! Actually, I just helped Yu Jin solve his case and he was very grateful. So, he treated me to a drink! That's it!"

Tang Yan's face twitched when he heard "Yu Jin". His face turned weird as he asked suddenly, "Did he ask you anything about me?"

Song Xia blinked as she replied. "Oh nothing special. He just asked how I got to know you."

Tang Yan was interested, "What did you say?"

Song Xia smiled, "I told him that I met you through Ellen. Isn't that true?"

Tang Yan: "...Yes."

Ellen took off his coat and said while sighing, "I'll take care of this matter. You just stay away from that weird guy."

Song Xia smiled reassuringly, "You don't have to worry. He is leaving today."

Tang Yan suspiciously looked at her as he exposed her ruthlessly, "How do you know that?"

Song Xia: "..." Shit, she dug a grave for herself!

Silence befell in the whole living room. Ellen sighed helplessly as he said to Tang Yan, "You, come upstairs with me."

Tang Yan pointed at himself. "Me?"

Ellen nodded his head as he headed upstairs. Tang Yan lazily followed him.

Song Xia shook her head and continued watching the movie while eating her chips.


China. Li Mansion.

"You'll accompany her to the shopping today!" Father Li ordered.

Li Ming gritted his teeth as he turned to Mother Li. "Mom, why is dad being so unreasonable?! Why should I-"

Mother Li sighed heavily, "Xiao Ming, just endure for a while; once you two get married, you two can get divorced after you marry. And it won't go against the last wish of Matriarch Zhang at all."

Li Ming muttered angrily, "Mom, do you think marriage is a game? I don't want to get married to her in the first place! Because of her, I've hurt Yuju so much and the shareholders of Li Company are also against the decision."

He then asked with a glimmer of hope, "Isn't there any other way to avoid this marriage?"

Grandpa Li pinched his brows, "Until and unless the last wish of Late Matriarch Zhang is changed, we cannot break off the marriage easily. Otherwise if we break it off like that, we'll always be guilty and live our whole life in regret."

He then stood up with the help of the butler and commanded sternly, "So, accompany Qianmi to the shopping. She'll be here soon."

Just then, Zhang Qianmi entered the mansion. Her eyes were always in awe whenever she saw the elegant and luxurious interior of the mansion.

'Soon, this all will be mine..' She thought with greed and envy in her heart, while walking towards the group of people. "Grandpa Li, Uncle, Auntie!"

She then turned towards Li Ming and shyly greeted him, "Brother Ming~!"

When Li Ming heard her annoying coquettish voice, he instantly wanted to puke. But he controlled his disgusted face and coldly said, "Let's go."

Zhang Qianmi was filled with glee. "Okay!"

Li Ming was being so submissive today; if she didn't take advantage of it, then her surname wouldn't be Zhang!

So when they reached the shopping mall, she intimately held his arm.

Li Ming frowned as he was about to flung her arm away from his, when he suddenly spotted a familiar face and froze.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》