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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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106 Xia Meng Snaps

Li Ming frowned as he was just about to flung her arm away from his, when he suddenly spotted a familiar face and froze..

Meanwhile, on the other side, Xia Meng and Wang Yuju were also stumped when they saw Li Ming and Zhang Qian Mi.

They looked pretty intimate with their hands intertwined, like a normal couple..

Wang Yuju bit her lips, her face turning slightly pale as the hold on the shopping bags slightly tightened.

Beside her, Xia Meng was enraged as she sarcastically scowled with fury burning in her gaze.

"Aiya, look who's here! Young Master Li, along with his fiancé, have blessed our eyes with their PDA!"

She slowly added as she turned to look at Li Ming in disappointment, "I'm seriously dissatisfied with you this time!"

Wang Yuju grabbed her wrist as she helplessly stopped her, "Xiao Meng, don't.."

Xia Meng exclaimed coldly, "Yuju, don't stop me this time! He has really gone overboard!"

She then turned to look at Zhang Qian Mi as she sneered, "You're that Zhang something, right?!"

Zhang Qian Mi shivered when she felt her cold stare.

She didn't know who this short-haired and arrogant girl was but looking on, she seemed pretty close with Wang Yuju.

She soon realized that even Li Ming stood still, quietly letting Xia Meng speak condescendingly towards him and was shocked.

No one in their entire circle dared to mock Li Ming in his face but this girl actually expressed her disappointment on him, right before him!

She quickly regained her senses as she trembled and meekly hid behind Li Ming. The latter pushed her away, so she clutched his arm again instead.

Xia Meng saw this scene and anger rose in her heart. She wanted to exact revenge for her bestie.

"You're that illegitimate daughter of the Zhang Family right? The one who trended on Weibo for many days?"

Zhang Qian Mi's face visibly paled as she bit her lips, at being hit on her sore spot where it hurt the most.


Before she could complete her sentence, Xia Meng ruthlessly cut her off.

"An apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I guess you must have learnt to seduce others' men like your Mom and your elder sister did, now that you've shamelessly latched onto Ming!"

She then continued with a bone-chilling tone, "Let me tell you: Wang Yuju and Li Ming have known each other for more than a decade and before you came into the scene, they were supposed to be married!"

"But now, because of a third-party like you, the supposed romance story turned into a tragedy! This all happened because of you! Do you know who was the one who spread rumors about you? It was me! I couldn't tolerate your disgusting scheme at all!"

Li Ming couldn't help but rub his nose in astonishment when he heard her words, "Meng, you.."

Zhang Qian Mi also appeared bewildered. So this is her benefactor, eh..

Xia Meng had already lost her reasoning and rationality due to her anger.

She looked at him and smirked coldly, "Now you're protecting her, huh? Li Ming, let me tell you, I've forgiven you before when you dated other women because I knew that you were stalling time until Yuju came back."

She paused and continued while pointing at Wang Yuju, "But now, you've hurt her and I won't let you play with her heart any longer! Making false promises and giving false hopes to her, do you think you did her justice?!"

Li Ming was about to say that she had misunderstood his intentions when he froze and he stiffly looked at Wang Yuju's slender figure.

Xia Meng was right..

He recalled how much Wang Yuju looked forward to being with him but her hopes had been cruelly crushed and shattered.

Li Ming clearly knew that even though she didn't show it to others, she was currently in an immense pain.

Just as he was thinking, he realized that all of a sudden, Wang Yuju looked unwell. She was weakly gasping for breath as her body kept stumbling around.

When he saw her body abruptly falling to the side, he immediately rushed towards her, "Yuju!"

At that moment, he saw a hand reach out and pull her aside. He looked over and saw a familiar face!

"Ning Hao, you!" He yelled.

Ning Hao didn't give him any heed as he held Wang Yuju in his arms and asked gently with a worried gaze, "Are you okay?"

Xia Meng and Li Ming also anxiously surrounded her. Wang Yuju pursed her lips as her pale face was glistening with sweat, "I'm feeling a little dizzy.."

Ning Hao carefully held Wang Yuju's wrist and checked her pulse. After that, he frowned slightly. He didn't loosen his hand around hers and instead held it tightly, about to leave.

He turned to the worried Xia Meng and said, "She's feeling a bit under the weather. Let's go since you two have finished shopping."

He then bent down to carry her in a princess-style before turning to leave.

Li Ming saw this and couldn't help but be enraged. He was about to follow after them when Xia Meng stepped forward to stop him.

"Just follow that fiancé around; don't bother Yuju anymore!" She stomped hard in his foot before she exited the mall as well.

Li Ming frustratedly cursed out loud as he watched them leave. "Dammit!"

He had heard of Ning Hao from his aides and naturally knew that the latter was chasing after Wang Yuju.

He also saw his picture so he knew his face clearly.. He really felt frightened with such a strong love-rival!

Not only was he from a high aristocratic family but he was also the assistant doctor of the renowned miracle doctor, Tang Yan!

He gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists tightly.

He then began worrying about Wang Yuju's health as he prepared to chase after the three, but unexpectedly, a slender arm blocked him.

Zhang Qianmi was anxious and exasperated at the same time when she saw what happened.

She couldn't let him leave otherwise her efforts would be for naught!

She timidly tugged at his sleeves as she said with a shaky voice, "B-Brother Ming, the e-engagement shopping.."

Li Ming flung her arm away furiously. "Scram!"

He then rushed towards the exit but soon stopped in his tracks.

'Oh no, if I leave her, she's probably gonna tell tales on me! If that happens, Grandpa will be..'

He gritted his teeth and turned around to walk towards Zhang Qian Mi as he coldly spat out, "Let's get it done quickly!"

Zhang Qian Mi smiled slyly at this but soon she nodded her head and sweetly said, "Okay, Brother Ming!"

Turning back to the entrance, she creased her eyebrows with displeasure.

That Wang Yuju, what was so special about her except for that face and that rich background?!

There were so many handsome guys courting this girl!

She's surely a harlot! Pretending to be so kind, gentle and elegant on the outside while seducing every men she sees!

But still no matter how much she degraded Wang Yuju in her heart, jealousy and envy easily made its way inside her..

'So what if you have another man at your beck and call, Brother Ming is definitely mine!'

She thought while turning to look at the handsome side-profile of the man beside her and felt instantaneously delighted.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》