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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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107 Her Weakness

- Wang Household.

"Yuju, are you okay?" Xia Meng worriedly asked when she saw that she woke up.

Wang Yuju sat up dazedly and touched her chest, which was aching, "...Yes, my chest is just hurting a little but I'm fine. When did I get here?"

Xia Meng sighed in relief as she passed her a glass of warm water.

"You just scared me to death when you fainted! When we were reaching Senior Ning's car, you suddenly lost consciousness! I was scared witless! Luckily, nothing happened to you."

She then proceeded to harrumph, "Yuju, I heard from Auntie Wang that you're skipping breakfasts, and eating too little nowadays! You should take good care of yourself!"

Auntie Wang walked in at this time with a bowl of porridge. When she heard that, she sighed exasperatedly and chided her softly.

"You're always so stubborn! God, where did your stubbornness come from, I wonder? Quickly finish this medicinal porridge!"

"Auntie, let me do it.." Xia Meng took the bowl as she sat beside Wang Yuju as she scooped a spoonful of porridge and put it near Yuju's mouth.

Wang Yuju frowned when she smelled the bland porridge. Her face wrinkled as she turned her head away, "I'm not hungry.."

Xia Meng's usually careless expression turned stern as she said stonily, "If you don't eat, I'll call that Li Brat to inform him that you're sick!"

Wang Yuju lowered her head and reluctantly opened her mouth. Xia Meng's face relaxed as she fed her mouthful of porridge.

Auntie Wang saw this and shook her head as she slowly exited the room as she left her darling daughter under Xia Meng's care trustfully.

After some mouthfuls, Wang Yuju wrinkled her delicate brows as she exclaimed, "I'm full.. I won't eat anymore.."

Xia Meng shot her a glare as she held the bowl with one hand and took out her phone with the other. She dialed a number and put it in her ear.

"Hello, Li Ming?... Oh yes, Wang Yuju is very sick! She won't eat anything-" Xia Meng felt something tugging her and realized it was Wang Yuju.

After being her best friend for more than a decade, Wang Yuju knew that her weakness was pitiful things so she pitifully stared at her with her big watery eyes, appearing like a frightened bunny.

Xia Meng couldn't help but sigh as she put away her phone and pinched her brows helplessly, "Aiya, don't act cute.. You know that I cannot win against those eyes!"

She then scooped a spoon of porridge and said, "I didn't call Li Ming but I will, if you continue being stubborn! But of course, I won't tell him if you drink all of this!"

Wang Yuju dejectedly opened her mouth, which made Xia Meng laugh in amusement as she fed her.

After feeding her everything, Xia Meng muttered, "Looks like that brat still has some use.. "

Wang Yuju felt the aftertaste of the medicine still in her mouth and clicked her tongue in disgust. She truly detested medicines a lot!

As she had been eating all types of medicines from her childhood, she had grown numb to its bitter taste.

But because it had been quite a while since she had ate them, the bitter taste made her feel nauseous. So Wang Yuju kept frowning.

She suddenly turned to Xia Meng and asked, "Where is Senior Ning?" The latter smiled slyly, "What? Are you missing him?"

Wang Yuju glanced at her before choosing not to talk any longer. Xia Meng soon replied, "He's downstairs. Why do you ask?"

".. No, I was just asking." Wang Yuju said as she prepared to get up. Xia Meng didn't let her do so. "What are you doing? Senior said that you should rest for a while!"

Wang Yuju was speechless. "I already took a long rest. It's dark already, have Senior Ning drive you back home."

She said gently while pointing at the darkening sky outside the window. She then walked towards the bathroom.

Xia Meng instantly dashed towards her and clung to her like a koala, "Yuju, I want to sleep with you.."

*Bang* As soon as she said those words, the door opened with a loud sound and then Ning Hao entered with a shocked expression as he looked at the two girls.

Xia Meng was hugging Wang Yuju tightly from behind. The two of them froze as they looked back at him.

Xia Meng realized her words sounded quite inappropriate as she pulled back from the hug and cleared her throat, "Senior Ning, I can explain; it's really not as you think.."

Ning Hao calmed down as he uttered, "I know." Xia Meng's eyes sparkled, "You believe me so much?"

Ning Hao said without a change of expression as he stared at Wang Yuju, who was standing still, "It's not you who I believe."

Xia Meng followed his gaze and fell silent: "..."

Wang Yuju was stunned: "..?"

Xia Meng said while rolling her eyes, "You're so biased, Senior Ning!"

Ning Hao merely gave her a side-eye as he turned to Wang Yuju and asked gently, "Are you feeling okay now?"

The latter nodded her head aloofly as she caressed her head and asked politely, "Senior Ning, can you please drop Meng'meng off at the Xia Manor? It's already evening and it'll be troublesome for her to go home alone.."

Ning Hao was about to say that he was going to stay next door and if anything happened to her, let him know, but when he heard her, he swallowed his words and merely nodded his head.

Xia Meng, at the side, couldn't help but shake her head in pity.

The thing Senior lacks in comparison to that brat is courage! Why can't he just suggest that he stay here in the Wang Mansion tonight? He's so docile that it almost reminds me of an obedient little wife!

"I'll come visit you tomorrow. Rest well!" Xia Meng waved goodbye to Wang Yuju as she left along with Ning Hao.


As usual, Song Xia was coming back home, passing through a street when she suddenly paused in her tracks. Why did she feel like she was being followed?

Suspicious, she turned back and saw that there was no one. She sighed and was about to walk away when a black van passed by her in a split second.

Song Xia instinctively stepped back as she looked at the black van, which had now stopped before her. Narrowing her eyebrows, she ignored the car and nonchalantly walked forward, but in a faster pace.

A group of men with sturdy bodies, got out of the black van and chased after her. Immediately, Song Xia also started running in full speed.

Turning back, she looked at the five to six brawny men and cussed in her heart.

'Damn, who are these people and why are they chasing after me?! Did I offend anyone recently?!'

Just as she was running for her life, Song Xia suddenly spotted a familiar back and her eyes brightened as she dashed towards that figure..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》