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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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108 It“s Not Her..

Just as she was running for her life, Song Xia suddenly spotted a familiar back and her eyes brightened as she dashed towards that figure..

Tang Yan had just finished an important surgery and he was returning home, when a gust of cold wind blew and a familiar face came in his view.

Tang Yan subconsciously looked at the slender figure in front of him and his mind blanked out.

'Yinyin?! Wait no..' He then blinked and returned back to his senses. 'Blonde hair.. It's Xiao Xia..'

Song Xia looked at the direction she came from and immediately saw small dots from far away as she cursed in her heart.

She turned to Tang Yan and hastily yelled, "Take off your coat!"

The latter was stunned as he hastily covered his chest in horror. "Xiao Xia, you.."

Song Xia took a deep breath as she warned him, "Do as I say!"

Tang Yan then obediently took off his coat, looking as if he was a little pitiful girl being harassed by a bully.

Speechless at his expression, Song Xia quickly wrapped herself in the coat and pulled down her cap to hide most of her face and her shiny blonde hair.

She then looked back and saw those people had nearly reached their current location, gritting her teeth, she immediately threw herself at Tang Yan.

Tang Yan was shocked at her abrupt and shocking actions.

He instinctively wanted to push her away but Song Xia whispered softly, "Don't move! Stay still for a while!"

She wrapped her arms around his waist as she buried her head in his chest.

Tang Yan froze, his face slightly red.

His heart was racing violently in his chest, which made him wondered whether Song Xia could hear it or not..

He stiffly turned his head to the side in embarrassment, but instead spotted several men rushing towards their direction and frowned slightly.

He raised his brows as he asked softly, "Are you being chased?"

Song Xia lifted her head to look at him and nodded, "Mmh."

Something flashed in Tang Yan's eyes before he quickly put her head down. He then wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her closer to him.

Song Xia was dumbfounded, she tried to move but this time, Tang Yan uttered while holding her in his embrace, "Don't move. Or you'll get caught."

Song Xia didn't dare to move at his warning. She could feel the men close to them, so she held in her breath subconsciously.

Soon, the footsteps of the men gradually faded as they went off in a distance. Song Xia sighed in relief as she relaxed and pulled away from his embrace.

There was an ambiguous smile on Tang Yan's face, making it hard for others to discern what he was thinking.

Song Xia took off the cap off her head and tossed the coat at Tang Yan. "Thanks!" She smiled at him gratefully.

Tang Yan put on the coat and said nonchalantly, "You're welcome."

He then fixed her slightly messed-up hair as he asked with a strange expression on his face, "Why were those people chasing after you?"

Song Xia shrugged as she subconsciously avoided his touch and walked forward, "I don't know. They suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started chasing after me."

Tang Yan followed her, "Did you offend anyone recently?"

Song Xia pondered deeply before chuckling lightly, "I've offended many people recently, so I can't exactly pinpoint anyone."

"..." Tang Min coughed.

That was true though.

She had offended many powerful people with powerful status but all of them had ended up being dealt with by Ellen or either her herself.

Sometimes even Tang Yan helped her out.

Song Xia smiled as she added, "Maybe this time, I offended someone who not only has tons of money and power, but also has violent temper."

One could easily judge from those brawny thugs hired by the person to capture her.

But Tang Yan couldn't understand one thing, "Why would they want to capture you though?"

Song Xia turned back and grinned, "Maybe it's because of my face!"


Tang Yan was speechless at this narcissist, who was much more arrogant than himself.



Those six men searched almost everywhere but couldn't find the delicate girl at all.

Eventually, the leader took out his phone and called someone, his voice was respectful but also contained fear.

"Hello, Boss..."


The other line's voice was clearly altered so their identity or gender couldn't be discerned at all.

The leader gulped in fear and said while stuttering, "Boss, w-we were chasing the woman but she suddenly disappeared.."

The other line was silent for a while before saying, "Along the way, did you find anything or anyone suspicious?"

The leader shook his head, "No, we didn't.."

He paused as he abruptly frowned.

"But we saw an intimate couple embracing each other at the street.. I thought they were shameless to show off in public, but now that I think of it, the girl's face was hidden.."

The other line's voice turned cold while commanding, "Go catch her immediately."

Then the call was hung up.

The leader hastily led his group of thugs to the place where the couple was, but found out that they were no longer here.

The leader cursed out loud as he frowned.

'That girl escaped! We're dead meat for sure!'


At an abandoned mansion far away.

After hanging up the call, the person hiding in the dark shadows, looked down at the two photos in their hand.

One photo was of the Song Xia and another was of a young girl, who had strikingly similar features to her.

If anyone were to see these two photos, they'd think that the second photo was the younger self of the girl in the first one.

Because they looked extremely similar and identical. Except that the first girl had shiny blonde hair and the second one had jet black hair.

'Very similar indeed.'

The person thoughtfully stared at the two photos, until a cold yet childish voice which belonged to a small child resounded in the eerily quiet mansion.


The man turned his gaze to look at the little kid who appeared to be only six to seven years old, yet had such a solemn expression on his face.

He didn't say anything as he watched the little kid sit in the armchair, casually playing with his rubik cube, "Did you succeed?"

The man shook his head as he side-glanced at the little kid.

"You told me that you met her in the movie theatre.. Was there anyone else with her?"

Song Yucheng answered without even lifting his small head as he leisurely solved the rubik cube, "Yes. It was Qian Zai."

The man tossed the two photos on the desk as he asked grimly, "Qian Zai? Was it really Qian Li Zai from the Qian Clan?"

Song Yucheng threw the rubik cube on the desk, which landed right on top of the two photos.

He then nodded his small head, "Yes, it's precisely that Qian Zai."

The man turned silent at his confident response.

He suddenly spoke, when the little kid was about to say something.

"Song Yucheng, it's time to pay a visit."

Song Yucheng tilted his little head in slight confusion, "?"

The man came out of the darkness as he revealed a mature and handsome face, which looked alike to that of the little kid's.

Song Xe Yong bent down and rubbed his son's head expressionlessly, "Father believes in you."

Song Yucheng nodded his head robotically with the same expressionless face.

The exchange between the father-son duo didn't contain any warmth but seemed more like a deal between two emotionless robots..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》