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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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109 You“re So Hot!

Song Xia and Tang Yan soon reached the house.

Seeing the two of them entering together, Ellen, who was lazily reclined on the sofa along with some documents in his hands, raised his brows.

"You two went out together today?"

He asked the question with an indescribable emotion in his eyes.

Tang Yan smiled, "Yes. We went on a date."

Song Xia immediately refuted, "No. I went to an art gallery and met him while coming back by chance."

Tang Yan shot a displeased glare at her.

Why did she not play along with him? He could've fooled Ellen!

Ellen's expression eased up slightly as he nonchalantly said while reading his documents, "Oh I see."

Song Xia quietly put down her bag and rummaged her bag to take out her phone.

She then sat down on the couch while typing a text to someone.

[Some thugs were chasing after me today. Investigate the one who ordered them.]

The other side seemed slightly taken aback, so there was no reply for a while.

But after a minute, he started bombarding her with messages.

[Miss, you were chased?! By thugs?! Are you okay?! Should I inform Master Jiang about this?!]

Song Xia was speechless. She typed a message: [I'm okay, don't inform him. Just investigate him.]

She then put her phone away.

She was already used to seeing her aide overreacting every time anything happened to her.

Tang Yan also sat himself down beside Ellen as he casually said to him, "Someone chased Xia today.."

But he suddenly froze looking at Ellen, "Why do you look so pale?"

Song Xia heard this and couldn't help but glance at Ellen. He indeed looked quite pale and sick.

She then tensed up as she asked worriedly, "Are you sick? Should I call a doctor?"

Tang Yan speechlessly looked at her as he said, "Do you not see me, such a handsome doctor here?"

Song Xia blinked once, "Oh I forgot."

Tang Yan: "..."

What was with her?! Was she trying to anger him to death intentionally?!

Ellen was completely unfazed unlike the two, as he skimmed through the documents, "I'm fine, don't worry.."

He then glared at Tang Yan and inquired seriously, "What do you mean by Song Xia was chased?"

Tang Yan rolled his eyes as he grumbled, "You don't even take care of yourself well! Tsk tsk! I'll really have to call Uncle Qian to complain about you!"

Seeing Ellen's dark face, he hastily changed the topic, "Yeah, some muscular thugs were chasing after her today!"

Ellen set the documents down with a chilly gaze, his cold voice resonating throughout the silent living room, "Who dares?"

Song Xia glanced at him with mixed emotions in her heart. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

'Being the victim here, I'm not even that worried myself, so why's he so worked up?'

Tang Yan cleared his throat at this moment and started explaining the entire details to Ellen, carefully skipping the part where Song Xia hugged him.

"So that's what exactly happened! Xia was lucky to have encountered me along the way." Tang Yan exclaimed proudly.

Song Xia's mouth twitched.

"Why are you so proud? It's not like I couldn't escape from those men, okay! It was just that I was afraid that I'd make it to headlines if I fought in a public place!"

While both of them were fighting, Ellen was busy on his phone. After a while, His phone lit up. It was a message from Secretary Han. After reading the message,Ellen expressionlessly set aside his phone.

Secretary Han: [Boss, I'll need some time to investigate and find out the identity of the person who hired men to abduct Miss Tang.]

"From now on, you two should take the car instead of walking home or hailing a taxi." He suggested to the both of them.

Tang Yan pursed his lips as he pointed at Song Xia.

"No, she can't take the car! She's been neglecting her diet and I'm afraid she won't be able to keep her slim figure if she continues eating like a pig daily! At least if she walks home, she'll lose some weight!"

Song Xia immediately shot up from the sofa, "Who did you call a pig?!"

Tang Yan smirked, "Of course, it's you!"

"You-" She rolled up her sleeve furiously, "Come here, you little punk! You dare call this big sister pig! I'll teach you a lesson today and you'll be traumatized while even taking pig's name!"

Tang Yan started taunting her, "Come here if you dare! If your big brother Tang teaches you a lesson today, then don't go to Ellen crying!"

Song Xia walked towards Tang Yan and grabbed his collar, as she coldly peered at him "You dare-"

*Cough cough cough*

A series of violent coughing interrupted the bickering of the two.

They turned to look at Ellen, whose face now was paler than before, just like a sheet of paper. His forehead soaked in sweat.

They forgot the fight in an instant as they rushed towards him.

Song Xia patted his back gently to calm his coughing fit while Tang Yan put his hand over his forehead to check the temperature.

The result..

Tang Yan immediately took back his hand from the scorching hot surface as he exclaimed, "Dude, you're boiling hot!"

Ellen brushed his hands away as he nonchalantly picked up the documents from the table.

"You both don't have to worry.. Tomorrow's my flight to China so I have to do my work here by tonight.."

The moment his hands touched the documents, a warm hand landed on top of his. He froze and turned to Song Xia in surprise.

Song Xia's brows were wrinkled as she exclaimed angrily.

"You're so sick and all you want to do is work?! Why don't you care about yourself! The matter with China can wait, but your health cannot!"

Seeing the usually calm and collected woman, getting angry all of a sudden, Ellen couldn't help but silently listen to her.

Tang Yan looked at his face, which was as obedient as a little wife and shook his head.

This girl is the only one in the entire world, who can easily make this stubborn man change his emotions and habits.

Ellen didn't even listen to his uncle, who had brought him up since childhood, when it comes to work.

He asked Ellen, "Have you had your meals today?"

The latter's expression didn't even falter as he lied, "Yes."

Tang Yan: "..."

If Secretary Han didn't tell him that Ellen was skipping his meals and overworking, Tang Yan would have really believed his lie, given his excellent acting skills!

He slammed the table hard.

"I can easily see through your lousy lies! Let me tell you; if you continue skipping your meals, overworking and being so careless towards your health, I'm really gonna leave this house!"

Ellen appeared quite happy when he heard him, "Then leave."

Tang Yan: "..."

He then added while massaging his temples, "You're being too noisy."

Tang Yan: "!!!"

'When Song Xia was shouting, you didn't say anything and when I do the same, I'm being noisy? Hmph! your preferential treatment is really clear as day! This world is so unfair..'

Ellen finally gave in to them as he stood up and slowly loosened his tie, "I'm going to my room to rest."

He reached out his hand to take the documents but when he saw the eerie smile on Song Xia's face, he felt as if she'd kill him if he dared to take the documents along with him.

He had no choice but to cough awkwardly as he retracted his hand and silently went upstairs.

'Forget it, I'll just rest for a while.'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》