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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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113 You“ll Have To Die


At a hotel in China.

"CEO Ren, this is my daughter, Xia Meng." A man in his forties smiled as he introduced the two to his daughter.

He then turned to the short-haired girl who was playing with her phone and his voice grew stern. "Meng'er, greet CEO Ren and Ren Zihan."

Xia Meng raised her head, revealing her lovely features, which mesmerized the young Ren Zihan but he soon felt a chill run down his spine when he met her chilly glare.

She looked away from him and blurted out distractedly "hello" then she lowered her head and continued playing games in her phone.

The three men in the table were embarrassed as awkward silence befell them.

But soon, CEO Ren laughed to lighten up the mood. "Young people nowadays like playing games; Meng'meng must be the same!"

"Our Zihan also plays games a lot. Zihan, how about you go and accompany her?"

He turned to his son and meaningfully looked at him, whose attention was clearly on Xia Meng.

Ren Zihan broke out of his daze and smiled as he turned to Xia Meng, "Meng'meng, what game are you playing?"

"..." No response.

He added as he stretched his neck to see what she was playing, "Oh, it's XX game! I also know how to play! How about we play together?"

"..." Eerie silence.

Ren Zihan turned impatient but his expression became gentle again as he closed in to Xia Meng, "Meng'meng-"


The atmosphere turned still, so did those three men on the table.

Xia Meng had stood up from the seat at some point, throwing her phone on the floor in a fit of anger.

"So damn annoying!"

She angrily cursed and left the stunned people as she grabbed her bag, making her way outside the private room.

The men soon came to their senses. There was an awkward expression in both Father and Son Duo's faces.

CEO Xia felt his anger rising as he shouted, "Insolence! I don't know how such a rude brat like her was born into my Xia Family!"

. . .

After getting out of the room, Xia Meng pinched her brows. Thinking about earlier, she couldn't help but click her tongue coldly.

'Tsk, now that man is even trying to sell me to his business partner's son, huh? Should I just cut ties with him now?'

She slowly walked while thinking and was about to reach the lobby, when a familiar figure passed by her.

"Xue Yushen?" She instinctively called out.

The tall figure froze as he turned around and was shocked to see her, "...You?"

Xia Meng turned to look at the man, who was dressed in a waiter's attire and creased her brows with a hint of surprise.

"...You work here?"

Xue Yushen nodded his head and curiously asked with a cute smile on his charming face. "You came to dine?"

"Mmh," Xia Meng glanced at the tray in his hand and sighed as she waved her hand. "I'm leaving, you do your work."

Xue Yushen was momentarily taken aback. As he looked at the departing figure, he anxiously called out, "Xia Meng!"

Xia Meng turned back and questioningly looked at him.

Xue Yushen panicked at her gaze on him so he subconsciously blurted out without thinking, "See you later!" Then he hastily left.


Xia Meng tilted her head in confusion. A second later, she chuckled, her cold demeanor gradually softened.

'Ai, what an interesting man..'

She then squinted her eyes in bewilderment, 'Wasn't he the one who annihilated those clans?'

Don't blame her for thinking like that. After all, that's what always happens in those movies and dramas.

The male lead looks simple but actually turns out to be a big shot every time.

'Sigh, maybe I was just overthinking. Tsk, why would a big shot be a waiter at a hotel? I should seriously stop reading those stupid and illogical novels.'

She calmed herself down before exiting the hotel.

Right after she left, several men in black who exuded oppressive auras, stepped inside the hotel.

The man in the middle was their leader.

His phone rang suddenly. He fished out his phone from the pocket and answered the call immediately after recognizing the caller.

"Madam, please rest assured. We'll definitely find Young Master and bring him back with us this time.."

He respectfully spoke but his voice contained a tinge of fear. The other line said a few things before hanging up.

The leader then sighed in relief as he turned to sternly instruct his men.

"Third Young Master is in the hotel currently! We need to find him at any cost otherwise you all just wait for being thrown in the hidden dungeon!"

The big men shuddered at the thought of this, a chill running down their spine.

One of the men asked with a puzzled expression, "What is our Young Master doing here though? Is he meeting a friend?"

Silence befell the leader before he revealed an embarrassed look on his usually stoic face, "...Young Master Xue is working here.. as a waiter."


The men's jaws immediately dropped to the ground as their eyes widened in shock.

Their young master actually ran away from home to work at a small hotel and as a waiter?! A freaking WAITER?!

They didn't know why but they suddenly began to sweat profusely.

'Sh*t, aren't we doomed now?!'

If their Master and Madam found out about this, then forget about being thrown into the hidden dungeon, they'd literally be skinned alive once they went back!


In a blink of an eye, many days had already passed by.

Song Xia put on her big shades as she walked outside, surrounded and protected by a bunch of bodyguards.

She was escorted to the parking lot. The bodyguards quickly retreated to the side when they reached the black car while only one of them remained.

He respectfully opened the door for her. Song Xia got inside and seated herself in the passenger seat.

Then, the man went to sit in the co-pilot seat. After that, the car drove away.

Not far away, in a white car, there was a pair of eyes observing everything.

Song Xe Yong looked on as the car disappeared from his sights and then glanced at the bored kid in the passenger seat through the rearview mirror.

"We've been observing for a long time.. It's time to act now." He said in a low voice.

The kid tilted his head and then said with a tinge of uncertainty in his voice, "We are doing it today?"

He didn't know why but he felt quite uneasy for some reason..

Song Xe Yong nodded solemnly. "Yes, it's better to take action while Ellen is away. This way, we'll have more chances for success."

A chilly glint flashed in his eyes as he tapped his slender fingers in the steering wheel.

'Alice, even if you're deemed to be unrelated to her, I'd rather eliminate all the suspects than wait for others to take advantage. So, unfortunately, you'll have to die.'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》