My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
115 Found Out Her Identity 2
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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115 Found Out Her Identity 2

Song Xe Yong seated himself on the chair as he watched her shouting. He turned to his son and ordered, "Go back."

After all, no matter how mature the latter was, he was still a child. The upcoming scene might not be suitable for him.

Song Yucheng glanced at Song Xia before nodding and turning to leave.

"You want to know the reason why I kidnapped you?" After he left, Song Xe Yong said as he looked at the woman on the ground.

Song Xia lowered her head and pondered silently. A thought came to her mind. 'Could it be that he found out that I'm his sister, Song Xia?'

She felt that it made quite sense. But she wasn't really certain if this was really the reason.

She weakly exclaimed, "Yes, please tell me!..If you kidnapped me for money, I, have lots of money! You.. Just leave me and I'll transfer it to you-"

Series of laughs sounded out from beside her. The two men couldn't believe their ears when they heard her ridiculous words.

One of the two men grabbed her hair and sneered haughtily, "You think that our Boss lacks money, huh?"

Song Xia felt pain as her hair was being pulled. 'Not the hair!'

Her eyes involuntarily turned icy as she stared at him chillingly. The man who grabbed her subconsciously loosened his hand in fright.

Why did he feel like her gaze had turned bloodthirsty all of a sudden? No, it must've been his hallucination!

Song Xe Yong frowned and waved his hands, "You two, come back." The two men quietly retreated to his side.

Looking down at Song Xia, the man seated on the chair was very tranquil but there was a sense of evil aura surrounding him.

Song Xia sobbed as she timidly stared at him, her eyes hazy and misty.

But actually she was slowly loosening the ropes bound on her hands and legs without anyone noticing.

'What an irony. Here we are.'

Enemies truly meet on a narrow road.

And here she had been wondering when she'll be able to meet him.

'I'm pleasantly surprised that I was able to have this opportunity to meet you face to face so soon.'

Song Xe Yong felt something was wrong with her gaze but he didn't pay much attention to it.

He just looked back at her, examining her face, which looked extremely familiar.

Her right cheek was swollen and her red eyes were full of tears. A pitiful beauty. That was what he thought when he saw her like this.

Thinking back, he felt a sense of Deja Vu. He had been in this situation before.

But it was with someone else.

The woman in front of him overlapped with the girl from his memory.

Ai, what a pitiful woman.

When he saw her in such a miserable state, he had the urge to.. To kill her.

Just like how he did to the other girl.

His eyes flashed with sinister emotions as he took out a gun from his pocket.

Song Xia blinked her watery eyes when she saw him taking out a gun, "B-Brother, please let me go, okay?! I won't tell the police about you! I-I'll make sure that others won't-"

"What's your relation with Ellen?" Song Xe Yong played with the gun in his hand as he asked her.

Song Xia was about to speak but froze, dumbfounded at this question.


What was her relation with Ellen?

She didn't know how to answer this!

They were friends but sometimes they weren't.. Their relationship was quite complicated to be honest..

She replied after a while, "I-I'm his girlfriend.. Why.. Why do you ask? Do you know him?..Did you kidnap me because of him?!"

Song Xe Yong didn't even answer her questions. He just smirked as he pointed the gun at her, "Girlfriend? Say no more."

Song Xia cursed in her heart. 'Why aren't they here yet?!'

Just at this moment, another man came in hurriedly, "Boss, something has happened! Some of our brothers on-guard have gone missing!"

Song Xe Yong calmly withdrew his gun and asked expressionlessly, "What is it?"

Man no. 3 wiped his sweat, "Please come and take a look at it yourself!"

Song Xia secretly smiled in the corner. 'They're finally here!'

Song Xe Yong stood up from the chair, turning to the two men from earlier. "Watch her, I'll be back soon." And then he left.

The two men nodded their head before escorting their Boss outside and entering the room again.

They turned back to see the woman and realized that she was nowhere to be found, as if she was never here, only the ropes acting as a trace of her presence in the room.

They panicked as they looked here and there but abruptly, the door closed with a bang.

Darkness promptly engulfed the room and an inexplicable fear simultaneously rose in both their hearts.

They stepped back and started searching for the person in the dark but froze when the duo heard a clear, soft voice.

"Eh, you two are searching for me, huh?"

The two men stiffly looked at the girl with the help of the faint light. The woman was now strangely sitting on the chair.

The timidness and terrified expression was gone, only a demonic grin left on her face. She had completely transformed from a meek beauty into a she-devil.

The two men were momentarily stunned but soon recovered their senses.

Man No. 1 snickered, "You dare trick us! No wonder Boss dispatched a large number of bodyguards to capture you! It looks like you're quite clever! But you would eventually have to die in our hands!"

He then dashed towards her in full speed as he swung his arm over to her.

Song Xia stood up as she blocked the incoming punch and kicked the man away. The latter flew into the distance and was shocked.

Man No. 2 saw his buddy being kicked away and instantly ran towards the woman, "You ungrateful woman!!"

Song Xia smiled as she took the chair and swung it at his direction with full strength. The man instantly fell to the ground as the chair smashed onto him hard.

He groaned in pain as he clutched his stomach.

Man no. 1 had secretly appeared behind the woman as he tried to sneak-attack but she abruptly turned around, taking him aback.

She then caught him off-guard, caught his hand and *crack* his arm got broken.

"AHHHH!!" The man cried out loud as he sprawled on the floor and rolled around in agony.

"You dare to pull this aunt's hair and even dared to splash cold water, huh!" She bellowed at him angrily.

Man no. 2 quietly sprinted and was about to open the tightly closed door, when Song Xia saw him from the corner of her eyes.

She dragged him and beat him up. She then huffed, "I can never forget about the one who slapped me!"

The two men were beaten black and blue by the "timid and intimidated" Song Xia.

Then finally did Song Xia sigh as she looked at the two unidentifiable creatures in pity.

"You're quite unlucky, eh. Who told you to mess with me when I've been itching to fight?"

These past few days, except for staying at home and waiting for them to take the bait, she had been practicing hard under Ellen's guidance.

So now she was much stronger and agile than before.

The men were speechless: "..."

They would've never thought that this seemingly harmless and fragile-looking sister was actually so ruthless!

Even though her strength wasn't on par with their level, her speed was very fast and her each and every move was fatal!

Wherever she struck, they would feel heart-wrenching pain. They were literally aching all over!

They quickly begged for mercy.

"Big aunt, please forgive us for our mistakes! Our eyes have opened and we won't dare to touch you!"

Song Xia lightly panted as she smiled with her hands on her hips, but suddenly the door banged open.

She reflexively turned back to see but the sudden brightness caused her to squint and cover her eyes instinctively.

Her eyes narrowed at the figure.

She nearly cried out aloud. Why is he back so soon!

Song Xe Yong looked at the stiff woman and then at the two wounded men on the ground as he smirked coldly.

"I shouldn't have underestimated you, since you're one of Ellen's people."

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》