My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
116 Found Out Her Identity 3
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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116 Found Out Her Identity 3

Song Xia smiled wryly in response to his words, "You should've thought so from the beginning!"

She then instantly charged towards him.

The latter leisurely blocked her attack and lightly pushed her with one hand.

Even though it was just a light push, Song Xia directly fell to the ground and ate dust.

She coughed as she wiped the blood on the corner of her mouth, her lowered eyes were biting cold.

She knew that she was no match to him and was just trying out her luck.

The results were as she had expected, the disparity in strengths between them was big and clear.

She was just like a measly ant against a big elephant, who could easily crush her to death.

Frowning, she could only choose to stall for time until Ellen's men came over and also try to get some information out of his mouth while she was at it.

She just hoped that they'd come soon otherwise, she was afraid that when they come, they'd only be met with her cold corpse.

She got up and queried provocatively, "Song Xe Yong, what is it that you really want from me?!"

"Don't be so fierce. You're going to die soon anyway, so why do you care about the reason?"

Song Xe Yong was a very cautious person indeed. He spoke as he took out his gun again.

Song Xia felt a chill in her back. She swiftly responded.

"It's simple and obvious. A person's last wish before they die will be to know the reason why they're dying. I'm just curious as why you're bent on trying to kill me even though we've met for the first time?"

Song Xe Yong didn't say anything as he stepped forward, which caused her to grit her teeth in anger.

She bit her lips as she retreated back, "Think it through.. You won't get anything by killing me.. You would just be ruining your own life!"

"I won't get anything? Are you sure?"

This so-called elder brother of hers was smiling like a psychopath as he walked towards her slowly.

He resembled a grim reaper who came to take a mortal's life as he sauntered step by step.

'I should've listened to Ellen and Tang Yan when they said that I'd be risking my life! I got too ahead of myself!'

Song Xia kept moving back as her heart fastly thumped in her chest. She finally felt the feeling of regret washing over her as her clenched palms became sweaty.

The two men who were still sprawled on the ground, laughed at her mockingly.

So what if she could fight? What if she was quick-witted?

'Our boss can clearly overpower her and kill her within seconds! He's just playing the cat and mouse game with her! Once it ends, her life will also come to an end!'

Song Xia felt her back on the cold wall and she warned threateningly, "Song Xe Yong, don't you take one more step ahead! I'm warning you! Stop right there!"

Song Xe Yong actually paused in his tracks.

She sighed in relief as she quickly tried to run from the side but the moment she turned, something hard knocked on her head as she promptly blacked out.

Song Xe Yong had a creepy smile on his face as he squatted down next to her.

"Tsk tsk, though it's pretty nice to chase the prey, but if the prey gets too ahead in the play and tries to trick the hunter, he'd naturally have to die. It's a pity to try to scare me since you're a sure dead-meat."

He caressed the exquisite face with the gun and felt that this face was truly too hateful, just like the previous one.

'No one can win against me.. Even if you're deemed to be innocent at last, I won't let you go and ruin all my plans..'

He then pointed the gun on her forehead and smiled mildly. 'Goodbye.'


Just as he was about to pull the trigger, the door opened, yet once again.

Song Xe Yong looked over at his subordinate with a displeased face, "Why did you come again?!"

He hated being interrupted in his games the most and this guy had already done so two times today!

Man No. 3 trembled as he weakly murmured, "Boss! We.. We have been ambushed!"

Song Xe Yong was surprised, "What?!"

The man frantically wiped his sweat.

"We've been wholly surrounded by Ellen! He and his men are making their way here! They said that if the lady dies here, they'd not let any of us escape! Little Young Master is in their hands as well!"

"What did you say?!" Song Xe Yong's expressionless face turned slightly livid.

'Wasn't Ellen supposed to be in China?! Was this all a trap?! This woman is the root of all problems!'

His focus wasn't on the part where he said that Little Yong Master fell in their clutches but was instead stuck at the first sentence.

He looked at the troublesome woman and was about to shoot her.

"Boss, they're almost here! They emphasized that Ellen won't let anyone of us go if the anything happens to the woman!" When the subordinate reminded him in panic.

Seeing that his Boss still had the motive to shoot her, he pleaded, "Boss, we'll have plenty of opportunities to kill this woman anyway! So let's just retreat first!"

Song Xe Yong's eyes darkened as he slowly put the gun back in his jacket.

That's right. As long as this woman was alive, he could easily claim her life.

Before leaving, he gave a last glance to the unconscious woman.

'Consider yourself lucky today! We'll meet again soon! I hope you'll grow stronger the next time we meet, because I don't like weak opponents!'

He then left the house from a backdoor as he quickly boarded his emergency helicopter and fled the area. Man No. 3 took the two comrades to follow him but were left behind.

Not too long after he left, several men entered the mansion and caught them all. Ellen entered the room and coughed because of the dust.

Then he spotted a familiar figure, lying motionlessly on the floor. His eyes widened as he dashed towards her.

"Xiao Xia!"

He knelt down as he looked at her face which was swollen and there were traces of blood on the corner of her mouth.

Her arms and legs had red marks from the rope and her clothes were even wet.

His eyes chilled in an instant as the atmosphere turned terrifyingly chilly.

Secretary Han, who had followed after him, couldn't help but tremble as his legs almost gave away.

Ellen cupped her unconscious face and his heart was pierced to million pieces. He took off his coat and wrapped her in it before picking her up.

He then hurried out but suddenly stopped.

Turning his icy glare at Secretary Han, he spoke while gritting his teeth in anger. "Spare no one from here!"

Secretary Han nodded his head before instructing their guards to do so.

None of the men, who had been left astray by Song Xe Yong, were spared at all.

Unlike the sunny day outside, Ellen's house was shrouded with gloominess and the whole mansion was nearly overturned by his rage..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》