My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
118 Found Out Her Identity 5
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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118 Found Out Her Identity 5

Ellen wanted to cry.

"..Do you think I'm some sort of a kind person who does charity?!"

The kid shrugged with an expression that said: 'I don't care, you're responsible for me now.'

At this time, a black-faced Secretary Han ran out from far away.

He panted heavily for sometimes before reporting.

"Sir, there was a bomb planted inside! Everyone from the enemies' side died but thankfully, our men had retreated quickly and only suffered small injuries."

Ellen was ecstatic when he saw a scapegoat and immediately threw the responsibility to him: "Take this troublemaker away."

Secretary Han looked down at the cute little boy and his heart instantly melted. But then he froze in disbelief.

"Sir.. You.. This.."

Sir and Lady Boss already have a lovechild?! He felt dizzy all of a sudden.

But Lady boss looks so young and must be in her early twenties, so if their kid is already so old then..

Oh no, Boss actually turned out to be a pedophile!

This was a huge gossip, he almost had the urge to go to the company forum and announce it to everyone!

But he still feared his omnipotent and bloodthirsty boss so he didn't dare to spread the secret.

Ellen didn't notice his strange behavior and just waved his hand, "Go, take him away from my sight!"

He then quickly got into the car and drove away in a hurry, afraid that the small devil would be tossed back to him.

Meanwhile, Secretary Han looked down at the little kid and smiled like a kind uncle, "Little Young Master, what's your name?"

What he didn't know was that he looked extremely creepy when he smiled like that along with his dust-filled face!

Song Yucheng looked away from him and indifferently replied, "Song Yucheng."

"Oh, you can call me Uncle Han!" Secretary Han said enthusiastically.

Song Yucheng..

The name sounded a little familiar but he didn't think too much on it..

What was on his mind was the surname 'Song'..

So that means that the little young master inherited his mother's surname, huh!

The little young master called out, "Uncle Han."

Secretary Han nodded, satisfied with himself. "Yes, Little young master?"

"I'm hungry." The little kid rubbed his tummy and complained.

Secretary Han instantly suggested.

"Little Young Master, how about I take you to my home today? Your parents are a little busy, hence, you'll have to cope in my humble home for some days."


Song Yucheng was a bit confused. What is this ghost uncle saying? His parents?

'Ghost Uncle' Han smiled as he led him to his car and took him to his home.


Back to present.

Tang Yan's mind was blown, hearing this back story. "So you're saying that the son betrayed the father first?!"

And here he was pitying the little guy! That brat must've inherited his father's scheming mind and the super ability to betray others!

Today was truly an eye-opener for him. This father-son duo's relationship turned out to be so interesting!

Ellen listlessly nodded before falling into a daze again. Tang Yan saw his absent-minded expression and shook his head..


Song Xia woke up in the evening.

Her head hurt so badly that she felt as if it was going to explode anytime soon.

Rubbing her temples and the back of her head, she suddenly recalled the incident that took place few hours ago.

'I didn't die? What happened after I was knocked out? Ugh, my head hurts like crazy..'

She went downstairs with her messy bed hair and droopy eyes.

Walking down, she saw Tang Yan setting up the table for dinner.

Tang Yan was taken aback at the sight of her. "You're awake? I thought you were going to sleep till tomorrow!"

Song Xia rubbed her hurting temples, slightly irritated, "Can you shut up?"

Tang Yan instantly shut his mouth with an aggrieved expression on his face.

Seeing her frown excessively, he stopped acting and asked worriedly, "What happened? Is your head hurting?"

"Mmh." She yawned sleepily as she poured herself a glass of water and sat down on a chair.

"What happened after I was knocked out?" She asked with a dull expression.

"Nothing. Ellen came to rescue you and that bastard ran off to China!" Tang Yan said as he walked to a cabinet and took out a medicine box.

"Oh." She propped her chin and thought deeply.

'He went to China?..If he goes there, my parents might be in danger. I'd have to rush things up and return faster than I planned..'

"Do you have any recollection about the incident?" Tang Yan passed her the medicine for headache as he suddenly questioned.

Song Xia snapped out of her thoughts as she nonchalantly answered after swallowing the medicine.

"That Song Xe Yong was behind all this. He used his son as a bait to kidnap me. And then I woke up in this room.. Blah blah.."

Tang Yan couldn't help but feel his heart ache after listening her. 'Her own big brother kidnapped her and tried to kill her, she must've felt very bad..'

Song Xia wasn't really feeling bad, to be honest. She had already prepared herself for the worst. She had almost died once, hence, she wasn't much afraid of dying again.

She was just scared about what would happen to her parents if she died and how would they react when they find out that their son killed their own daughter.

They'd surely be heartbroken and despaired. At the thought of this, she felt miserable but also determined to go back.

"Did you find out the reason?" Ellen, who was coming downstairs, had heard their entire conversation. He asked curiously.

Song Xia drank the water and smiled bitterly as she shook her head.

"No, Song Xe Yong was very cautious and wary. He didn't reveal anything important, even when I was about to 'die'.."

She paused before tilting her head and telling her suspicions to them.

"I bet he found out that I'm Song Xia, his sister. Maybe that's why he kidnapped me. But I just don't get why he would want to kill me.."

This matter was really too puzzling.

She didn't remember offending Song Xe Yong before because the two almost had no interactions, since the latter was abroad most of the time..

And even if she had offended him once, he wouldn't actually go to extreme lengths to kill her, right?

After all, she was his biological sister at the end of the day..

Wait, why was she even bothering with this psychopath? Who knows how his brain works. He must've a few screws loose in his brain.

Song Xia smiled a smile that wasn't yet a smile. It looked extremely eerie on her face which exuded a gloomy aura.

Ellen who looked slightly haggard, noticed and changed the topic. "Let's have dinner first and discuss later."

Tang Yan was dumbfounded: "..."

Didn't he say that he wasn't going to have dinner tonight?

And he had even thought that Song Xia was going to wake up the next day..

That's why he hadn't cooked and instead ordered takeout only for himself!

Forget it, he could sleep with empty stomach for his little sister..

[A/N: Why is he acting like he and Song Xia are so poor that they can't afford more food?]

Song Xia lazily stretched her arms, "I'm not hungry. You two, go ahead and eat."

Ellen frowned at her words.

Seeing his furrowed brows, she waved her hands helplessly, "I really don't have an appetite."

Maybe it was because she had enough bullshit today so she was not hungry at all.

She stood up from the chair, "I'll go out for a walk."

Ellen slowly said: "Don't go alone so late at night."

His tone was as if he was a father restraining his teen daughter from going out at night..

Tang Yan: "..."

It's literally only seven, okay!

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》