My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
120 Should I Yield Or Not?
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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120 Should I Yield Or Not?

Song Xia's room:

Song Xia didn't plan on sleeping as she had already slept for hours in the afternoon. Moreover, now with the matter with Ellen bothering her, she couldn't fall asleep at all.

Just as she was idling around, she suddenly received a call from Xu Zhen. "Hello?"

"Song'song!!!" Xu Zhen's voice was very enthusiastic today.

"..Yes?" Song Xia lied on the fluffy bed as she looked at the white ceiling and replied in a daze.

"Song'song!!! Let me tell you, an amazing thing happened today!!!"

Maybe affected by her cheery tone, Song Xia's lips curved upwards. "What made my family's Zhenzhen so happy today?"

Zhenzhen proudly said: "Song'song!! I won the bid!!"

"Oh" Song Xia blinked, unruffled by the piece of news. Noticing her indifference, Xu Zhen sighed dejectedly.

"Aiya, why are you so unexcited?! Shouldn't you be happy and praise your baby for winning the bid?"

"Sigh, I already expected it, alright? After all, my baby is so professional and talented!"

Xu Zhen blushed as she fell silent for a long while before speaking: "..You're teasing me again!"

Song Xia felt that the gap between her answer was quite suspicious. She smiled broadly, "So you called me to tell me this?"


"Sigh, go to bed early. Since you won the bid, your workload has been doubled now, so take a good rest and don't overwork yourself." Song Xia nagged her.

Xu Zhen grinned, "Okay, okay. I won't overwork." She then changed the topic, "Oh right, when are you coming back?"

Song Xia's eyes dimmed. When she heard her words, she instantly recalled what Ellen said. Pursing her lips, she spoke uncertainly, "Maybe two months later?"

Xu Zhen noticed something wrong with her tone and frowned. "..Your mood is quite off. Are you upset, Xiao Xia?"

Song Xia froze.

'Except for Ellen who knows my mind like the back of his hand, Zhenzhen can easily decipher my mood as well!'

She laughed and didn't deny, "Yeah. I had a conflict with a friend today."

Xu Zhen blinked. "A friend?" Her smile turned ambiguous. "A guy or a girl?"

Song Xia replied after a while, "..A guy."

In the blink of an eye, Xu Zhen's smile became wider and meaningful.

"Xiao Xia.. This guy friend you're talking about.. Who's he? Is he just a friend or.."

"Zhenzhen!" Song Xia shouted but the blush in her face was very obvious.

Even though they hadn't been friends for too long, Xu Zhen knew her well enough to know that this guy friend wasn't just a "friend"..

"Whatever. You shouldn't fight for too long. Otherwise your relationship will worsen. It's better to talk things out." Xu Zhen spoke like a relationship expert.

"Anyways, thank you again. If you didn't help with the plan, we wouldn't have won the bid against the Long Company! Speaking of which.."

The two friends talked until midnight before Song Xia heard the other's steady breathing and knew that she had fallen asleep.

Smiling softly, she ended the call and turned off the lights. The room turned dark but still she couldn't seem to be sleepy at all.

Song Xia turned over to the left and closed her eyes. Then she turned over to her right. But a second later, she opened her eyes again.

Frowning, she sat up. Her mood was gloomy. She kept thinking of Ellen and Xu Zhen's words kept ringing in her mind.

'Zhenzhen's right. I shouldn't fight if it makes me feel so upset. I'll probably have to yield..'

Then she puffed up her cheeks and mumbled angrily, "No, who's upset?! I don't care if he doesn't talk to me! It's not like I'm in the wrong.."

'But.. I'm really in the wrong.' She frustratedly fell back on the bed and started rolling around while groaning.

In the end, she became tired and fell asleep when the dawn arrived.


Next day.

At a cafe.

Xia Meng sat down and smiled teasingly at the girl in front of her, "Yuju, we're finally having a date."

Wang Yuju, who was drinking coffee, choked. "Xiao Meng.. Stop it.." She said with red cheeks.

Xia Meng sighed in satisfaction. "Seeing your shy face, I feel like teasing you even more!"

Her eyes darted from her to the figure passing by and she paused. "..Xue Yushen?"

Xue Yushen who was passing by with a tray, stopped in his tracks. He turned to her and was surprised. "Xia Meng?"

Xia Meng was speechless as she looked down at his employee clothes. Why did she feel this scene was too familiar?

Wasn't it just a few days ago that she had bumped into him at the restaurant? Now he was working at a Cafe?

She sighed. "Go do your work first."

Xue Yushen then remembered that he still had an order in his hand as he bowed and quickly rushed to give the order to the customer.

Xia Meng giggled at the sight of him running away.

Wang Yuju cleared her throat as she raised her brows at Xia Meng, "Xiao Meng.. Who's he?"

The latter's mouth involuntarily curled up, "A foolish man."


"Well, I'll order something first." Xia Meng hastily changed the topic.

Wang Yuju didn't press on since she didn't want to talk about him.

She instead worriedly queried, "Xiao Meng, I heard that your father tried to matchmake you with the Ren Family's son?"

Xia Meng's eyes dimmed.

She spoke with a sinister glint in her eyes, "Yeah. It seems that I'll have to quickly think of a solution otherwise he'll really sell me off."

Her order soon arrived.

As Xue Yushen carefully put her cup down and said, "Here's your coffee."

"You're working here too?"

He embarrassedly scratched his head, "I got fired by the hotel."

Xia Meng's face slightly hardened.

He was such an hardworking youth yet he got fired just like that? Should she pay a visit to the hotel again?

A thought flashed in her mind.

If this happens again, won't he be sad? This cafe doesn't look too promising either..

The cafe was small and simple. There weren't many customers and the business didn't seem too great either.

She looked at him with a smile on her face, "Can you call over your manager for me?"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》