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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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121 Is He A Masochist?

She looked at him with a smile on her face, "Can you call over your manager for me?"

Her words made him slightly panic.

Though he was new, he had heard many customers saying this to complain to the manager about him.

But she looked very friendly, unlike their rude gazes. So he went off to call the manager.

The manager knew that this newcomer had received many complaints, so he hastily came and bowed to the two customers.

"Sorry if my employee said something that offended you.."

Xia Meng slowly stirred her coffee as she interjected him. "Have you heard of the Xia Family?"

The manager was taken aback. "Of course I have.."

"I'm the Young Miss of the Xia Family. I'd like to tell you that from today onwards, the Xia Family would be your backer."

Everyone was stunned including Wang Yuju. 'Why is she suddenly using the Xia Family' s name?'

She knew more than anyone how much Xia Meng hated being called one of the Xia Family's. But now she was..

Xia Meng took out an exclusive business card and passed it to the manager. "If any problem arises in the cafe, just inform me."

The latter trembled, feeling overwhelmed. Xue Yushen also felt that she was very kind.

'Kind-hearted' Xia Meng gestured at him: "So please take good care of my friend for me."

The manager looked at the handsome man in new light.

This lucky lad actually had some great connections.. To be acquainted with the Young Missy herself..

He nodded his head frantically. "Yes, yes I will! You don't have to worry, Missy!"

Xia Meng watched as the two men left. Then she looked at the woman who had been staring at her intently.

"What is it, Yuju?"

Wang Yuju pursed her lips. "You're acting too strange.. Are you really the Xia Meng I've known since childhood?"

"..What are you saying?" She changed the topic once again, "Whatever. I heard a banquet is being held soon, huh.."

Wang Yuju smiled gently, "Yeah, that's right. Remember to come, okay? Let's go together. I don't like being alone at those gatherings."

Xia Meng didn't like these types of boring social gatherings at all.

But since her cutie had already asked her to come, she decided to agree. "Okay."


The next few days, Song Xia and Ellen fell into a stalemate.

Both wanted to mediate the situation between them but none of them wanted to give in first.

Song Xia woke up late today as she had no work in the afternoon. She yawned, still feeling groggy. After freshening up, she went downstairs.

She was prepared to talk with Ellen about this issue, once and for all. However, he was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Ellen?"

She saw Tang Yan and asked while walking towards the fridge to take out a carton of milk.

She drank a mouthful and felt her headache slightly lessening.

"Wreaking havoc in the company."

Song Xia nearly spat out the milk. "...What did you say?"

Tang Yan looked at her and smiled meaningfully, "I meant, Ellen is currently torturing the employees."

"Why would he do that?"

"Because of you! Haven't you realized that ever since the day that you two fought, he rarely comes back home early? He's clearly overworking himself!"

Song Xia was speechless. She did notice but didn't think it was really because of her. "..But-"

Tang Yan didn't want to talk about this anymore as he waved his hands, "I'll get going to my hospital now. Stay here and recuperate your health."

Song Xia blinked and watched as he left. She then calmly drank the milk.

After that, she went upstairs to get changed. She ignored his advice and walked outside, clad in a black outfit.


QZ Corporation.

Song Xia had come here before so the receptionist recognized her. She greeted her warmly, "Beauty Alice, you're here! Good afternoon!"

Song Xia smiled as she took off her cap and revealed her attractive face.

With fluent English, she greeted her back, "Good afternoon!"

The receptionist, Emma asked, "You're here for Boss? He's currently in a meeting. I'll inform Secretary Han of your arrival. How about you wait in the lounge first?"

Song Xia merely nodded before putting on her cap when she saw people coming over. She then headed to the lounge area.

Meanwhile. In the meeting room.

Secretary Han was sweating buckets as he looked at the boss, whose face was as dark as the bottom of a teapot.

For the last few days, Ellen was either busy scolding the employees or overworking in the company.

Their company was always shrouded with the dark fog of gloominess. No one knew the reason why their boss was so terrifying..

His phone abruptly rang out in the utterly quiet meeting room and was frightened, almost throwing the phone away in a flurry.

He quickly picked it up as he asked in a low voice, "What is it?"

"Secretary Han. Miss Alice is here." Emma said.

Secretary Han nearly threw his phone when he heard that name. "What?"

The receptionist repeated her words, "Miss Alice is here and wants to meet with Boss. She's currently in the lounge."

Secretary Han hastily said, "Wait, I'm coming over right now!" He put his phone in his pocket before secretly running away.

Just as he was leaving, Ellen saw him and coldly asked, "Secretary Han, where are you sneaking off to?"

Secretary Han froze as everyone's eyes fell on him. He gulped hard, "Boss, Miss-"

Before he could say anything, Ellen smiled eerily, "How about you join your fellow colleagues since you're so free to slack?"

"..." Secretary Han wanted to cry.

He was about to say that Song Xia was here but Ellen gave no time for him to do so.

He sternly spoke, "Everyone, let's be motivated. Redo the plan once again and submit it to me in half an hour. No need to rush, I'll be here with you."


The managers' eyes were about to pop out.

No need to rush?! You're already rushing us, alright?! And finishing the plan in half an hour?!

They might as well jump from the building right now and try to fly in the sky!

Secretary Han panicked slightly while others were working.

He'll die if he interrupted Boss, but if he kept the Lady Boss waiting, he'll die even more miserably!

He couldn't care less as he exclaimed, "Boss!"

Ellen chillingly glanced at him, "Oh, Secretary Han, you've finished the plan so fast?"

"...No, Boss but.."

Ellen intercepted him. "If you speak one more word, I'll increase your workloads for this month."


Secretary Han bitterly swallowed his words. Forget it. Boss will surely regret himself!

Only after half an hour of mental breakdown, everyone managed to finish the plan and the meeting finally came to an end.

The managers' souls had already left their bodies as they slowly walked out with a blank expression.

It was at this moment that Secretary Han suddenly remembered he had failed to inform something to his boss.

He hastily ran off to Ellen's office.

The managers shared a glance with each other with the same thought: "Is Secretary Han a masochist? He's actually running back to the lion's den!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》