My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
123 Wanting To Abduct Her
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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123 Wanting To Abduct Her

His heart skipped a beat.

He coughed, "What are you looking at?"

Song Xia smiled in awe, "Your office is pretty nice."

She had seen countless offices before but Ellen's office was simply one of a kind. It had a dark and elegant vibe, just like his personality.

Though she frequently visited the company, this was the first time she had ever entered his office so she was surprised.

Ellen couldn't help but feel his pride swelling when he heard her praise.

But he still waved his hands nonchalantly, "It's nothing. If you want, you can come here anytime."

Song Xia wanted to laugh at his "indifferent" expression.

He looked so cute when he was like this. She liked this side of him.

Ellen felt her gaze on him as he tried to divert his attention on his documents yet his focus remained on a certain someone..

He knew he won't be able to do work like this.

She kept staring at him, which made him feel shy for some reason. He couldn't take it anymore so he cleared his throat, "What is it?"


Song Xia came to her senses and felt that her stare must've been blatant and inappropriate, making him uncomfortable.

She scratched her neck embarrassedly. "I'm sorry.. I just had something to tell you."

Ellen was amused by her shyness, "Go on. Tell me."

She coughed before leaning close to him and whispering anxiously.

"Ellen, for that day, I'm truly sorry. You see, I wasn't rational that time, so I spewed nonsense.. I didn't really mean to say that to you.. Ah, I really regret that.."

He rubbed her head and chuckled, "Don't worry. I didn't take it to heart."

His expression turned slightly pitiful, "But don't say that again. It hurts me."

Song Xia felt her conscience prick when she saw his hurt face.

She frantically nodded her head and extended her three fingers as she vowed seriously, "I won't, I promise!"

"Pft!" Ellen burst out laughing at her adorable reaction.

Seeing him laugh, she blinked and blinked before awkwardly putting her fingers down.

After laughing, he broke out into a dazzling smile, "Xiao Xia, you're really too cute!"

Song Xia felt her face burning at his sudden remark.

This shameless man! He's teasing her again!

She suddenly felt large hands covering her cheeks. She looked over to meet Ellen's eyes.

Ellen cupped her face and made her face him. He leaned closer to her and bumped his forehead with hers. "Xiao Xia.."

She unblinkingly stared at him with wide eyes, resembling a vigilant cat. His heart fluttered and he felt slightly overwhelmed.

"..Don't stare at me like that."

"?" Song Xia was puzzled.

Ellen continued, his ears turning red.

He let go of her cheeks as he looked away, "..You're really too beautiful. I want to kidnap you or else someone will covet you from me!"

#What to do when your wife is too cute that you just want to lock her up at home and watch her all day.. Waiting for answer online#

Song Xia blushed as she straightened her back and shuffled away from him. "You.."

Knock knock.

Secretary Han's voice came from outside. "Boss, I'm coming in."

Ellen regained his calmness. "Come in."

Secretary Han entered and felt something was amiss about the ambiguous atmosphere.

"What is it?" Ellen asked him with raised brows.

He was contemplating whether he should assign some tasks to keep him busy, so that he won't interrupt his precious time with Song Xia.

Secretary Han looked at the door and reported obediently, "Little Young Master arrived just now from school.."

Song Xia, who was having a mental breakdown inside, paused. 'Little Young Master?'

Her ears perked up in interest.

Ellen knew who this "little young master" was and was about to dismiss him, when a series of small footsteps sounded as a little figure entered the office.

Song Xia looked over and saw the cute little kid, who was carrying his backpack. "..Yucheng?"

Song Yucheng looked up at her and smiled sweetly, "Big Sister!"

When Secretary Han heard "Big sister", his face turned stiff.

Why was Little Master calling his mom 'sister'??

Was that a new form of address for mother??

Or was his ears playing pranks on him??

Ellen looked at the two small and big figure with complicated feelings as he waved Secretary Han away.

The latter returned back with confusion written all over his face.

Song Xia pursed her lips at the little boy, "What are you doing here with Ellen?"

Song Yucheng put on a distressed expression, "I'm being held captive by Uncle for Father's sins."

"..." Ellen was furious.

He had provided him with a place to sleep, food and everything else, yet he was so ungrateful as to say that he was abducted?!

Which kidnapper would be so nice like him?! Wait, we're heading off-topic.

He knitted his brows at the harmonious scene in front of him. He had thought Song Xia would be hostile towards the kid but he was wrong.

He watched as the aunt and nephew conversed with each other, like they were close pals and was astounded.

'..Was this the divine power of blood?'

Finally, he couldn't suppress his curiosity as he asked, "Didn't he betray you? I mean.."

Song Xia understood his meaning and smiled airily, "Nah, it's okay."

Song Yucheng was expressionless but his voice was sincere, "I'm sorry for that day. I didn't mean to hurt you."

He then put his backpack down. He sat beside Song Xia as he clarified the thing they probably wanted to ask him.

"As for why I saved you guys, I don't want him to commit more crimes."

'Him' was obviously referred to his father..

Song Xia felt her heart ache for him. As a kid, he must've suffered a lot under that psychopath's care..

And she knew clearly how strict her brother was exactly. He was a person who was only interested in profits.

The marriage with his wife was also for his business. All in all, he wouldn't stop at nothing to gain profits.

He must've severely mistreated his son as well..

If Song Yucheng wasn't a smart and clever child, he might've even abandoned him..

With that thought, her voice became gentler.

"Yucheng, this is all your father's fault. One has to pay for his actions. You understand that, right?"

Song Yucheng looked at her, "..I'm not doing this for him."

"So he must.. wait, what did you say?" Song Xia abruptly paused.

Song Yucheng was speechless when he thought of what she was thinking. He took a deep breath and said, "Nothing."

Forget it. Since he had already fulfilled his promise, he won't trouble her.

He turned to Ellen and lazily complained, "I'm hungry, Uncle."

"..Who's your uncle?!" Ellen, who had been silent, snapped.

"..Oh, should I call you Grandpa then? But you look a little unsuitable to be my grandpa."

Song Yucheng exclaimed with a hint of playfulness in his monotonous voice.

Song Xia burst out into laughter. Ellen looked at her helplessly. This pair of aunt-nephew were teaming up against him!

He calmed himself down as he ordered food for the three of them.

Song Xia and Song Yucheng both started conversing and ignored him after getting the free meal, which agitated him greatly.

After filling her empty stomach, Song Xia was content. She didn't know why but she felt her eyelids drooping.

Maybe it was the side effects of taking sleeping pills often, she felt groggy and fell asleep at any place lately.

She closed her eyes and instantly fell asleep.

Song Yucheng saw her head nodding off as he poked Ellen and spoke slowly, "Big Sister is asleep.."

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》