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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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124 She“s In Trouble

Ellen glanced and saw the girl uncomfortably napping on the armchair. He frowned and walked to her.

There was a resting room inside his office, though he rarely used it.

So he simply picked her up and put her on the sofabed. He didn't forget to wrap her in a blanket.

He then returned to his seat. Looking at the brat, he warned coldly, "Don't make noise."

Song Yucheng, who was silently eating a bag of chips, "..."



Xia Meng took a sip of the coffee and glanced at the tall figure running here and there in distaste.

She frowned. 'Aren't there other workers beside him?'

Taking out her phone, she pondered before texting someone: [Bring some guys over to this cafe at XX Road.]

Jian Ke was playing games when he received her message. (His name has been changed from Ji Keke-\u003eJian Ke)

He turned to the black shadow nearby and squinted, "It seems Missy is in trouble. Dispatch some guards, Yin."

Back to the cafe;

Xia Meng impatiently waited for her men to arrive. She was about to send another message when someone patted her shoulder.

She turned her head and saw a bright smile on Xue Yushen's face, "Xiao Meng, you came today too!"

She smiled back, "Yeah." She then continued as if she was afraid he'll misunderstand, "I think the coffee here is quite nice."

The lad sat in front of her and exclaimed happily, "I'm glad that you like it!"

Xia Meng looked around before asking seriously, "Is it hard working here?"

He instantly shook his head, "No, not at all. The Boss is very nice. And I earn a lot too.."

"Oh, I see.." Her slender fingers tapped on the table.

Maybe she should tell them not to come.. She was going to order them to 'withdraw' when a loud bang rang out.

Everyone was startled. They simultaneously turned to look at the door and saw a group of muscular people being led by a young man.

The young man, Jian Ke flipped his hair as he smiled arrogantly.

He then said word by word with a chilly tone, "Who is the bastard who dares mess around with us, Lion Gang, huh?"

The boss was frightened by the group of thugs. He trembled as he approached the man, "Sir, I think you've misunderstood-"

A black figure blocked him coldly, "Stay still."

Jian Ke smirked, his eyes glinting dangerously, "Hand over our Missy otherwise.."

"Keke." A familiar, clear voice rang out.

Jian Ke immediately smiled as he looked over, "Big Missy-"

His gaze fell on the young man before her and he froze.

"..Xue Yushen? What are you doing here?!" His voice pitched in disbelief.

"?" Xue Yushen blinked.

"What is going on?" Xia Meng raised her brows.

- Few minutes later.

"Oh, that was a misunderstanding on our part." Jian Ke waved his hand at the black figure and sternly said, "Yin, do as Missy asked."

Yin was puzzled but he still took the bunch of thugs to the staff room..

To get dressed and start working..

Hence, the shocking scene of burly men politely serving the customers astounded the boss greatly.

Jian Ke looked at the girl then at the man. He was vexed slightly, "Missy, this Xue Yushen's a big liar, don't trust him for anything!"

"Keke." Xia Meng peered at him expressionlessly, "Go back."

Jian Keke wanted to warn her but he still held back when he saw her annoyed face and reluctantly left..

Xue Yushen panicked. He anxiously tried to explain, "Xiao Meng, earlier what he said.."

"Don't take it to heart." Xia Meng stopped him with a wave of her hand. "He's just like that. Rude and arrogant.."

It looked like she recalled something funny and her eyes curved in slight amusement.

Xue Yushen pursed his lips tightly.

He couldn't help but fiddle with his hands, feeling jittery. 'She won't believe him right..'

Few days earlier, he had tried to get into the gang but was kicked out when Jian Keke found out that he lied about him being poor..

It wasn't that he wanted to lie to her or Keke purposely, but his situation was just too complicated.

Past few days, he had been chased by those guards relentlessly wherever he went..

And he was also scared that they'll do something to him!

More importantly, he didn't want to go back home! At least not until the situation at home became stable..

He had impulsively ran away to break away from the place where he couldn't gain freedom or any trust.

Even his own parents didn't believe him so he had chosen to flee and start a new life..

Xia Meng eyed the young lad and could feel his mood changes. She recalled Keke's words and an uneasy feeling rose in her heart.

'Perhaps.. Is he lying to me about something?'

She quickly erased that thought. 'Why am I even trusting that brat for.'

At this moment, her phone rang. It was a familiar number. She quietly rejected the call. This continued until a message came.

[Yuju: Meng'meng, don't tell me you forgot about the banquet tonight?]

Xia Meng had a sudden realization. No wonder that scum of a father was calling her!

She typed: [Oh, I just remembered. I'll come at your place later. Let's go there together.]

Wang Yuju replied shortly after: [Okay.]


Song Xia groggily opened her eyes.

She took a few seconds to be fully sober and then she realized that she was inside a car; what was even more startling was that she was in someone's arms!

She tried to move but Ellen noticed her small movement and saw that she was awake.

He frowned as he gently rubbed her head, "You're awake? Sleep for little while, we're reaching home soon."

Secretary Han, who was driving, had enough of their affection. He focused on driving without looking at the shameless couple, who were displaying their affection in public.

Even Song Yucheng, who was in co-pilot seat, was facing to the window with a fed-up look. He almost wanted to remind these two people that there was a kid here!!

Song Xia slowly pulled herself away from Ellen, "No, I'm not sleepy anymore.."

The latter smiled and said nothing. But Secretary Han, who happened to glance at the rearview mirror, felt that his smile was a little twisted and crooked.

The hair in his body stood up and he shivered in fright.

Song Xia lazily yawned before looking outside. She suddenly asked, "Yucheng, where do you live?"

Song Yucheng indifferently answered, "I live in Uncle Han's house."

Secretary Han subconsciously straightened his back when he heard his name.

Song Xia smiled brightly, "How about you come over someday? Ellen's house is pretty good and huge."

Song Yucheng meaningfully glanced a certain someone, "I don't think Uncle will agree.."

Ellen's face turned visibly stiff.

He didn't want this troublemaker to even take a single step inside his house!

But this punk just had to point it out.. Now he had no choice but to agree!

"I don't care." He mumbled, feeling slightly upset.

Song Xia's face brightened, "Then you can come over!" Song Yucheng smiled sweetly, "Okay!"

Secretary Han was still quite confused and he felt their conversation was a little odd. But he paid it no attention as he drove the car.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》