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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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127 The Banquet 2

Zhang Qian Mi carefully looked around and sighed in relief when she saw that Li Ming was looking away from her.

She then peered down as she looked at her mobile's screen, her gaze complicated. She typed: [What do you want?]

If this person revealed this information to others, her life would be doomed! Forget about the marriage, even the Zhang Family might abandon her!

She waited and waited but there was no reply. She tried sending messages but her actions were akin to a sinking stone.

She didn't get any responses from the other party. Zhang Qian Mi couldn't help but fret anxiously.

Just who was this person? She didn't remember offending anyone.. Wait..

Her eyes darted off to the slender figure who was standing in the corner, elegant and sophisticated.

She gritted her teeth. 'Could it be this woman?! But why didn't she reveal it to the public then?!'

While she was losing her mind, on the other hand, a father and son duo stood not too far way.

Liu Pei Cao coughed as he turned to his son, "This is your only chance, Yuheng."

The man nodded, his eyes sparkling. "Yes, finally! Wang Yuju will be mine!"

He was none other than Liu Yuheng who was introduced in the earlier chapters.

Liu Yuheng excitedly approached the corner with two glasses in his hand. "Miss Wang, Miss Xia!"

Xia Meng and Wang Yuju turned to him, puzzled.

The man bashfully introduced himself, "I'm Liu Yuheng, the Second Young Master of Liu Family!"

He then passed one glass to Wang Yuju, "Miss Wang, let me congratulate you on entering the company! Cheers-"

Wang Yuju pursed her lips and was about to take the glass when Xia Meng snatched it. Both her and the man looked at her in surprise.

Then Xia Meng smiled as she insincerely said, "Sorry, but she doesn't drink alcohol."

Liu Yuheng laughed awkwardly, "Well, then I will just drink myself!" He then downed the glass.

He looked at Xia Meng for a while meaningfully. The latter just smiled as if she didn't understand his meaning.

"Mr. Liu, now you've finished congratulating her, shouldn't you be leaving?"

Liu Yuheng awkwardly laughed again.

At this time, Xia Meng's phone suddenly rang and she picked it up, "Hello.."

Her face turned cold, "Why should I?.. Wait, you.." She then stomped her foot as she cursed. "That scumbag dared to hang up on me!"

She took a deep breath before turning to Wang Yuju, "Yuju, I'll go find that Ren something guy. Stay right here, alright?"

Wang Yuju nodded her head and gently smiled, "Go ahead, don't worry about me." Then Xia Meng walked away.

After she was gone, Liu Yuheng approached Wang Yuju again. He smiled creepily, "Miss Wang, you're very beautiful."

Wang Yuju felt slightly uneasy but still maintained her smile, "You flatter me, Mr. Liu."

Liu Yuheng waved his hands, "No need for formalities; just call me Yuheng!" Wang Yuju awkwardly nodded.

He slowly moved closer towards her, "Miss Wang, don't you want revenge?"

She lifted her brows in confusion as she moved back. "..What do you mean by that, Mr. Liu?"

He continued, "Young Master Li played with your heart and suddenly announced that he's marrying an illegitimate daughter of an unknown family. Don't you want to avenge yourself?"

Wang Yuju's eyes dimmed as she calmly said, "The engagement between me and Li Ming was just a joke. I hope you won't dig in too much of our personal matters."

Liu Yuheng was taken aback before he said understandingly, "Miss Wang, you're very kind! If it were me, I'd have found a new guy.. Speaking of which, do you have a boyfriend?"

Wang Yuju kept silent. She had already drawn a line yet this guy had yet to understand her meaning.

She was just about to say something when an arm rested on her shoulder. She looked over and was surprised.

Ning Hao glanced at her with a warm smile before turning to the roach who was sticking towards her and his face darkened.

He slowly opened his mouth and spoke, "I'm her boyfriend."

Wang Yuju's eyes widened while Liu Yuheng was stunned. "W-what did you say?"

Ning Hao pulled Wang Yuju behind him and repeated coldly, "I'm her boyfriend."

Liu Yuheng was greatly astounded as he embarrassedly said, "Oh, I see.. Then I'll get going.."

While walking away, he grumbled inside. 'Wasn't Wang Yuju supposed to be single?! How did she find another boyfriend so fast?!'

Ming Hao's words not only stunned him but also the whole crowd.

"Goodness, Miss Wang has such a handsome boyfriend!"

"Tsk, he's very lucky though as he drew the heiress of one of the most powerful families' attention!"

"I knew it! A noble lady like her can get any man she wants!"

"I feel like Miss Wang is really a winner in life! She's from a rich family, is talented and has such a charming boyfriend!"

"Why do I feel like I've seen him before?"

"Wait... Isn't he the assistant of the famous Doctor Tang, Ning Hao?!" Someone recognized him.

"Is that true??"

"Yeah, I've seen him once.. I can't believe he's Miss Wang's boyfriend!"

"..I feel like I'm dreaming! Miss Wang is really a winner in life! I heard that he's from a noble family as well!"

"I even heard that he's from that circle! I don't know who's lucky now!"

"Tsk tsk, forget about being lucky, why am I thinking of a certain someone? A certain vixen who stole other's fiance, thinking that she has got the whole world but Miss Wang found an even better guy at last!"

"It's hilarious!"

Li Ming froze when he heard the chatters. He clenched his fists before gradually loosening them.

He didn't have the right to be angry.. He was the one who messed up their relationship.. So why did it hurt so much?

Behind him, Zhang Qian Mi who had her mind preoccupied by the message earlier, had no idea what was happening.

She slowly found out after hearing others. She couldn't help but be jealous. 'She's really shamelessly latching onto every man she sees!'

Wang Yuju complicatedly looked up at Ning Hao, who gave her a heart-warming smile. She hastily lowered her eyes as she whispered, "What are you doing here?!"

Ning Hao whispered back, "Can't I be here? Xiao Meng told me that you were alone with that man. So I hurried over."

"The main point is.. why did you say that you're my boyfriend?" Wang Yuju knitted her brows tightly.

Ning Hao pursed his lips as he looked at Li Ming and then at her. He chuckled softly, "You're worried that he'll misunderstand?"

Wang Yuju wasn't shy at being exposed, "Yeah. Since you know that I love him so much that I don't want to be misunderstood.."

She looked up at him and cruelly said, "Can't you just stop it?"

Ning Hao stared back at her with a sad smile on his face and muttered.

"I wish I could stop it."

But he couldn't.

Just like how feelings couldn't be forced, they couldn't be stopped too.

He didn't really know why he was still hoping. Hoping to wait for one day when she'll give him a chance too.

But he'll probably die without ever getting to see that day..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》