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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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128 The Banquet 3

On the other side of the banquet; two figures were standing there. Everyone was naturally attracted to them but didn't dare approach the two because of their oppressive auras.

Yu Jin indifferently peered at the red-haired man beside him, "Why did you come here?"

The man smiled devilishly. "Captain Yu, I'm wondering that about you too. Why did you come here?"

Yu Jin elegantly swirled the glass as he spoke in a nonchalant tone.

"I just wanted to take break from my work. But I'm really curious as to how Second Young Master Fang has free time to attend a birthday-banquet?"

Fang Long's expression didn't even falter as he glanced at the entrance. "I'm sure Young Master Yu is fully aware as to why we're both here."

Yu Jin's face hardened as he gripped the glass. He then loosened his grip suddenly, his eyes cold as ever.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about."

Fang Long laughed lightly as he looked at him and his gaze turned sharp.

"You came here because of the rumors, right? Yu Jin, don't pretend to be cool-headed in front of me. I'm clearly aware of how much of a bastard you are."

The crowd abruptly turned quiet, making the two men stop bickering and look over in anticipation and anxiousness.

A pair of royal blue high heels clacked on the floor as a slender figure came into everyone's view.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath and gasped at the beauty. She took their breath away instantly.

"Oh my god, who's that woman.."

"Such an ethereal beauty! I didn't know such a beautiful lady was in our circle.."

"Why do I feel like I've seen her somewhere before.."

Xu Zhen raised her chin, skimming her gaze around the hall in utter disinterest.

Dressed in a royal blue gown, she looked exceptionally gorgeous.

Her shoulder-length hair was set down, and her youthful face appeared more vibrant. The moment the crowd looked at her, they couldn't take off their eyes.

Fang Long was also enthralled as he stared at the figure in amazement. Yu Jin raised his brows and smirked slightly, "Like her?"

Fang Long didn't deny as he suavely swept his red hair, "Yeah, she's gorgeous, totally my type."

Yu Jin was speechless. He drank the red wine listlessly, "You fall in love so easily? First Yinyin.. and now her?"

Fang Long rolled his eyes, "You know better than me that Xiao Yin was like my younger sister!"

Yu Jin snorted. "Right.. A sister you were once engaged with?"

Fang Long gave him a helpless expression, "That was something which happened long ago. It was inevitable."

He then looked away, his face turning grim. "Now I'm engaged to that girl.."

He paused, not afraid to show his displeasure. "Speaking of which, I really don't like her."

Yu Jin downed the glass and reprimanded, "Don't say that about her sister."

Fang Long outrightly ignored his words and continued while stroking his chin.

"They're both twins but why is it that I only feel bad vibes from her? Xiao Yin was genuinely kind but the other one just gives me a bad feeling."

Yu Jin tacitly agreed with him but he didn't say anything, just changed the topic.

"Whatever. I heard a bigshot is going to make a public appearance soon?"

Fang Long lazily said, "Yeah, it's Master Jiang, they say."

His eyes blazed with interest, "The Jiang Family, weren't they almost in ruins? How did they end up at the top hierarchy this year?"

Yu Jin was not really interested in this matter. He just mindlessly replied, "It's Sixth Master's long-lost daughter who was found few years back. I heard she helped them."

"Oh, a long-lost daughter? I thought he was single, huh.." Fang Long stroked his chin as he stared at the blue figure not too far away.

Yu Jin stopped his movements. He looked at the man and knitted his brows, "..Is that so?"

Fang Long cunningly smiled at his reaction. "I know what you're thinking. But the daughter is only 6 years old."

His words made Yu Jin relax slightly. Maybe because too many things were happening, along with the recent rumors..

He was just being too anxious. There was no way the hearsays would be true..

But he couldn't help but ask, "So how did she help him when she's just 6?"

Fang Long shrugged. "Who knows."

He then flipped his hair and said, "You, have fun drinking alone. I'm going to meet that lady."

Yu Jin rolled his eyes as he reminded. "You better not play with other's heart. She wouldn't like it."

"But she needs a Sister-In-Law too." Fang Long shot him a meaningful glance before sauntering towards the blue figure.


Xu Zhen was toasting with her business partners when a charming red-haired guy came up to her. "Hello, Miss Xu."

She paused before sizing up the guy.

He didn't look familiar to her, but given the aura he was exuding and a face that could make anyone scream, he didn't look like your typical nouveau rich young master either.

She frankly asked, "Do I know you?" The man's eyes shone brightly, "You don't know me but I've heard about you."

He continued, "I've always admired you for your straightforwardness and intelligence. So I'm here to give you a toast for your successful career."

He extended his arm holding the glass. Xu Zhen glanced at the glass before nonchalantly saying, "Thanks for your compliment but I don't drink with strangers."

Fang Long chuckled as he smiled apologetically, "Please forgive me for being rude and not introducing myself. I was just too excited earlier."

He then firmly spoke, "I'm Fang Long. It was nice to meet you, Miss Xu..?"

Xu Zhen clinked her glass with him and frankly said, "I'm Xu Zhen, CEO of Corporation."

Fang Long raised his brows in surprise. 'She's just as the rumors say.'

"If you're done with this, please excuse me, I have something on." Xu Zhen nodded at him before turning to leave.

Fang Long didn't say anything as he drank the wine, his gaze fixated at the blue figure.

The business partners, who were talking to Xu Zhen earlier, looked at each other before approaching him together.

"Mr. Fang, I.."

Fang Long swept a glance at them before smiling gently, "I'll get going too since Miss Xu left. Please enjoy the banquet."

He then vanished from the place, just like how he came out of nowhere.

The business partners: "..."

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》