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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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2 New family

As I regained consciousness, I couldn't see a thing, ironic when you think about it, but never the less, I couldn't feel much either. I could sometimes feel what felt like feet hitting me mainly in the stomach. Outside of that I could hear some womanly grunt and something squeezing against me. Logic tells me I'm getting born, but I guess everyone starts their life that way. It also explains my lack of sight and the numbness of my body.

"Come on push! PUSH MISS! The second one is almost out" -???


"I can see the head, just a little more" -???


At that moment I felt the liberating feeling of being born. It was weird, like really weird, and slimy. The sticky fluid slowly dripping for your body was not pleasant in the least. No, it was fucking awful. no one, and I mean NO ONE, should ever go through that and remember it. On the positive side though, l learnt a few things. One; I have a twin, two; being a baby sucks, and three it FUCKING HURTS being born, might as well squeeze my intestines out mother... I left that train of thought as the nurse handed me to my mother along with my twin.

"Miss, it's two healthy boys, what shall their name be?" - nurse

"The oldest has such beautifully calm blue eyes, like the still water of a harbor, and shining golden blond hair, like his father. I shall name him Minato. The youngest one looks like his brother, but his eyes are look fierce and intelligent, he has my eyes, but his father's hair. I hope he will become an admirable shinobi one day, so I shall name him Yoshio" - Mother

"Indeed miss, he has your eyes, I will congratulate you clan. Today you gained two healthy young masters" - Nurse

I'm not really sure the, assumed to be nurse, meant with that, but at that moment I could hear the door open. It was a little hard due to my brothers crying, and with what little my eyes could see, I saw a blurry image of a tall man with blond hair, some kind of green garment over his upper body, and black pants. I could also see the nurse inspecting me and realized I hadn't cried at all. As such I began crying as well, just as the figure reached us.

"How are my little babies?" - ???

"They are fine and healthy, Arashi-sama, but you wife has fainted, so I will have to ask you to take the babies, and get out of here so we can examine her - Nurse

"Nothing is wrong with her right? You've got this under control, right?" - Arashi

You could hear the worry in the voice of Arashi, who I guess he is my father. Well I was kind of worried too, losing you mother right after birth isn't really the start I wanted, yet as I was getting carried out of the room by another nurse, with my father holding Minato, I could faintly hear screams of "we are losing her" in the background, while my father wore a painful expression.

As we were sitting on the bench in the waiting room, my father now holding both of us, my brother in his right arm and me in his left, and the nurse looking over his shoulder with eyes of wonder as she looked at us, my father finally chose to ask a critical question.

"Nurse, I had agreed to let my wife name the children. Since she carried them, I felt it was only fair, but I have yet to be told what my boys are called?" - Arashi

"The older one on your right arm was named Minato, since your wife felt his eyes was still like the water in a harbor, and the younger one on your left are was named Yoshio, because of his fierce looking eyes, and your wife's hope that he will become a skilled shinobi" - Nurse 2

"I see, Minato and Yoshio, fine names worthy of the clan heir and his brother" - Arashi

It wasn't after that another man came running towards my father with a serious look on his face, interrupting the small talk mt father was having with the nurse, after which my father reluctantly was forced to hand us over to the nurse as the man addressed him.

"Arashi-sama, we need you help right now, I have been told the second hokage and his team was ambushed on their way home from the mission, by the gold and silver brothers of Kumogakure. We are gathering all jonin as well as clan heads to head out to support him, and as the head of the Namikaze family you are required to go. I'm sorry you have to leave you newborns, but this mission is of utmost importance" - Random ninja

"Alright, I'll go. It seems Tobirama needs my help" - Arashi

That was all he said before turning towards the nurse who was now holding us with a serious face

"Please take care of my children while I'm gone, and please please save my wife. That way, if I happen to die out there, my sons will still have a mother" -Arashi

"We will try our best, just go Arashi-sama, the village needs you" - Nurse 2

I began to feel some kind of energy enter me, it was making it hard to stay awake. It was probably some kind of medical jutsu designed to make infants fall asleep, quite a useful jutsu I must say, unfortunately it just happened to be used on me and I fell asleep soon afterwards.

When I woke up again, I was in a crib. I could hear babies crying all around me, it was really hard to concentrate with all the stuff going on around me. I could see nurses trying to calm down the other babies, some breastfeeding and others just cradling them in their arms. The most surprising thing was that a nurse was leading a man about eighteen to twenty years of age towards my crib. As they got closer, I was able to pick up their conversation.

"These are his children, lord third" - Nurse 3

"I see, they look just like him. To think they would be orphaned so early in life, I really pity them" - Hiruzen

"Indeed. The complications after their birth left their mother with severe blood loss. We... were unable to save her" - Nurse 3

"That is really unfortunate. Their father died taking a kunai for me, so I will take responsibility for these two children. Arashi was a dear friend of mine, and this is his legacy as well as the last living members of the Namikaze family. Due to them being so young, you shall place them in the orphanage, while I take care of their clan's properties until they are at either jonin or at the age of 18" - Hiruzen

"As you wish hokage-sama, they will be placed within the orphanage starting tomorrow and a suitable wet nurse will be assigned to them" - Nurse 3

And that was how I ended up with my older brother in the orphanage. It took me at least a week to realize just who I was, or more precisely who my brother was. The man, the myth, the legend, fourth hokage of Konoha and the father of the series main character; Minato Nami-fucking-kaze, also known as Konoha's yellow flash. A bad-ass with a flee on sight order in the bingo book.

As for me, I didn't exist in the original series, as Minato was mentioned to be a lone child, an anomaly. At least I now knew when exactly I was. Right after the first great ninja war, which is supposed to end shortly after Tobirama's death, and right in time to participate in the second great ninja war as soon as I become a genin... I do not look forward to that.

The next day I was in the orphanage with Minato. The hokage had made sure we were personally taken care of by the owner Midori-san. Although Midori-san herself was too old to produce milk for us, in every other aspect she might as well have been our mother. She showered us with love and care, but it seemed, to me at least, like my brother was her favorite. It might have been because of his gentler face. I personally think the largest cause, is that he behaves like a normal baby... that I do not. I try to act like a normal baby, by copying my brother, but a could tell from Midori-san's expressions, that I was far from getting an Oscar.

Life as a baby, was honestly not very fun. You'd just lay in your crib, waiting to either get fed or have you diaper changed. The only other alternative was sleeping. Though that was only for ordinary babies. Now that I know the time period, I can finally think about a training plan.

And so that's what I did for the next 6 months. Although nothing really happened, my first problem had to be my intelligence. I was a grown man in a baby brother, and I must think about how to hide it. Minato is supposed to be a genius, so I guess if I just follow his example, the worst that could happen, was me getting some advantages from the status as genius. Ok, that's my plan, stick close to Minato and follow his lead.

I have to say though, babies really need a lot of sleep, and I'm don't really have any reason to fight. Anyway, having found my place, my adventure would finally begin. And with that I fell asleep.
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》