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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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3 Twin geniuses

After six months, not much changed. Well aside from the fact that Minato apparently learnt to talk. Like, seriously what the fuck, you're only half a fucking year old, you're not supposed to be able to do that. Anyway, he still didn't speak fluently, but it's impressive enough already. At the time Minato said his first word, I waited about a week before I said mine. Ok, that's a lie, I was able to speak even before Minato, and I can already speak somewhat fluently, I just don't do it. I choose the time where the other children, and if possible, Midori-san, was asleep to practice my speech. Luckily, I didn't have to impersonate baby speech too much, as pronunciation already got absolutely destroyed by my underdeveloped vocal tract, but I still have to be careful about formulating my sentences, as to not get found out.

Soon after speech came walking. Due to excessive care from Midori-san, and visits from the hokage, both Minato and I learnt to walk after just nine months. To put that in to perspective, that is about the earliest a normal child takes their first steps in my previous world. But it wasn't just the first steps, but full out walking, even bordering being able to run, though Minato always fell over when he tried. It was pretty amusing, when you think about the future fourth hokage burying their face in the dirt every few steps.

Once again, I copied my brother, and started walking shortly after him, I even began to run before Minato, just to give him some competition. Of course, I also began running to set a foundation for my future training. It was also this that lead me to discover, that humans developed not only faster, but also differently than what I am used to… I blame chakra…

Whenever the hokage visited, he would always praise us, calling us the genius twins. Nothing really interesting happened while in the orphanage. None of the other kids, was someone I recognized from the anime or mange, but I was at least able to convince Minato to start training when we were like two years old. At that age, we weren't really supposed to know anything about shinobi life, but I was able to sneak out together with Minato to watch the hokage train his team of future sannin.

Of course, as hokage, Hiruzen noticed us as soon as we entered the training, even though we tried to conceal ourselves. That part was Minato's idea. I would expect nothing short of getting noticed instantly, when trying to spy on the hokage. Also, Minato didn't know about the ANBU stationed around the area, and I'll be honest, I had no clue where they were either. I knew they were there, but they didn't take action, so I guess they got orders from Hiruzen to stay hidden.

This in turn allowed us to see a bit of the training they were doing. I got to watch Hiruzen with Enma in hand, fighting of the combine assault of Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade. I think this was the moment I fell in love. Not with Tsunade, as you may think, nor with the rather feminine Orochimaru… I don't swing that way. No what I really fell in love with, was the beautiful movements demonstrated by a master of the bo-staff. It confuses me a little to see Hiruzen wield a normal size staff, instead of the oversized adamantine staff, he was seen using in the Oto-Suna invasion, but he still soundly beat his three students, and summoned the ANBU to carry them to the hospital. See I told you they were here. As soon as those ANBU left, Hiruzen walked towards us. Minato panicked a little at the fact that we were noticed, but soon regained posture and politely greeted the hokage.

"Hallo sandaime-sama" – Minato

"Please, call me ojisan, I was quite close to your parents you know. Anyway, what are you doing here, not that it is not nice to see you Minato-kun, and you too Yoshio-kun, but this place is for authorized shinobi only. You have to be at least genin before you're allowed to be here" – Hiruzen (AN: single i in ojisan means uncle, while two i's mean grandpa)

"Sorry ojisan, we were just trying to see your awesome shinobi skills, and when we saw you fighting those guys, who are they anyway" – Me

Even though I already knew who they were, we were no supposed to know, as such, I played the role of an ignorant child. Although we were already told about shinobi, the team cells and overall structure, was something you learned in the academy.

"That was my genin team. When you start in the academy you will learn all about how shinobi operate here in Konoha" -Hiruzen

"Ne, ne, when can we start at the academy?" – Minato

"You will both start when you are six years old, so you have to wait a little, Minato-kun. Now let me escort you two back, you wouldn't want Midori-san to worry now would you" – Hiruzen

As we made it back to the orphanage, where the hokage soon left us, I still felt inspired by the display from earlier, so I immediately ran out the back door of the orphanage to try some of the moves myself. Hiruzen's moves honestly reminded me of Aang from Avatar: The last airbender. This gave me a couple of ideas for jutsu, especially of the wind element, but as of yet, I still have no idea how to use chakra, let alone the elemental version. I was quite sure I had wind affinity, not only because it, along with earth, is supposed to make up the magnet release, but also because it is one of the 5 affinities Minato was shown to have in the data book, with those being; wind, fire, lightning, yin and yang. As his brother I should have similar affinities, so wind was almost guaranteed.

The jutsu idea though, I'm not able to train fully. Thus, as I couldn't learn the chakra part, I decided to start training with a semi-straight stick I snapped of a tree nearby. Much to my frustration though, I had no knowledge of how to train, so I ended up half mindedly swinging the stick around every day for the next week. On the eighth day though, I was approached by the hokage. He was probably informed by the ANBU guarding me, I never saw him but I'm sure he is there, or by spying on me with his crystal ball. I don't know if the crystal ball is even invented yet, but if it does, I'm sure it's Tobirama who made it. That guy is too way smart for his own good, and considering he came up with both the original Hirashin and Kage Bunshin, I'm sure it wouldn't be impossible for him.

"I see you have taken a liking to the art of the bo-staff, Yoshio-kun, but you have no training method and you are only slightly over two years old, you are supposed to do too much physical training, as it might hurt you body in the long run" – Hiruzen

"Sorry ojisan, I just got really exited upon seeing you spar with your team, and couldn't help want to learn it" – Me

"I see, *sigh*, I guess I could get you a training method suitable for your age, as well as basic instructions on chakra usage. I didn't get you and Minato any presents for your last two years, so this would be a suitable substitute. – Hiruzen

"Do you mean that, ojisan, you are really going to help me train" – Me

On the prospect of getting training by one of the strongest shinobi ever, I couldn't help but be exited, though my dreams were soon crushed by the hokage himself…

"Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do that, but I can get you some scrolls about it. Anyway, I need to get back to work. Come to the hokage tower tomorrow at 10:00 am, and bring your brother, this is going to be his gift as well. I'm warning you though, I'm not helping you when you have to explain this to Midori-san, good luck" – Hiruzen

With that he disappeared in a whirl of leaves. He probably used the body flicker technique. Anyway, I need to tell Minato about this… and explain it to Midori-san…

I'm not looking forward to that.
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》