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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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6 Uzumaki and seals

"I see you've woken up, mind explaining why you were trying to sneak into my house" – Mito

As I regained consciousness, I was met with a death stare from Mito. I looked to the side, only to see that Minato was still cozily in dreamland, which meant Mito was able to focus solely on me. I figured, she had already seen through our intention, at least somewhat, so I decided to tell the truth… at least some of it.

"Uhm, you see Uzumaki-sama, we happen to be fans of seals, thus, knowing the Uzumaki are renowned for their skills in seal work, we decided to go and see if this compound had anything cool… also we didn't know there were anyone living here" – Me

Mito continued to glare at me with a raised eyebrow. Seeing the look on her face, it was obvious that she didn't believe me, knowing I wasn't telling the whole truth.

"And the real reason?" – Mito

I sighed

"Well we were learning sealing from hokage-sama, but just last week, we finished everything he could teach us, so I told Minato I knew someone who is really skilled at using seals, who would be able to teach us if we could convince her" – Me

Mito didn't glare at me anymore, but instead looked at us with interest, and a slight expression of surprise on her face.

"You're saying you and him, seven-year-old boys, knows sealing at the same level as Hiruzen?" - Mito

"Yes?" – Me

"Then do you know how seal masters are graded?" – Mito

They didn't really elaborate on that in the original story, so the only rank I know is seal master, though I don't have anything to compare it to. Hiruzen didn't tell us his rank, so I literally have no idea how good I really am, especially compared to the Uzumaki.

"No, the hokage didn't tell us his rank, so the only rank I know is seal master" – Me

*sigh* "Then I guess I'll have to explain it, but first let's wait until you companion there wakes up. Anyway, I don't have anything against teaching you if you are really as good as you said, but know that I can't teach some of the more powerful seals to someone who isn't Uzumaki. Also, I didn't catch your names, mind telling me the names of my soon to be students?" - Mito

I was quite surprised at how easily she agreed. Sealing was a delicate art-form, in which the slightest mistakes could cost you your life if you were not careful, but yet, she was willing to teach high level seals to two seven-year-olds… I guess it's because of her ability making her know we don't have any bad intentions, also, being the highest ranked seal user in the village, Hiruzen might have already told her about our prodigious talent.

"My name is Yoshio Namikaze and that is my older brother Minato Namikaze" - Me

"What's that you got on your hip, I don't recognize a seal like that, is it something you made?" – Mito

While I was contemplating if Hiruzen might have sold us out, Mito was able to spot my newest homemade seal. As for what it did, I was quite proud of my ingenious creation. Basically, it was a super compact storage seal, allowing toggleable seamless partial release, AND was able to have access points integrate, making at a multi entrance and exit storage dimension, which of course also had everything else standard for storage seals. Currently, I have three such seals on my clothes, one on each hip, and one on my stomach. The one on the right side of my hip contain my shuriken and kunai, while the one on the left had bandages and healing salve, you never know when you'd need it, especially during wartime.

Now, both those seals, had access points positioned on both my forearms for easy access, both having partial release turned off. The real reason I included that feature, was the seal on my stomach. It was connected to my weapon through access points… well weapon might be an overstatement, as it in its current form, was just a handle with an access point in the middle, as well as on each end. Of course, a separate handle wasn't something just any weapon store had in stock, as most of the times swords broke, it was the blade, but I still managed to get on custom made. It was made from chakra metal, and the quality was really high, most likely because it was handcrafted by Masamune Higurashi, whom I assumed must be Tenten's grandfather, since he and his son were running the Higurashi weapon shop. (AN: Masamune is recognized as the best smith of Japan ever)

The reason I carried a handle as my weapon, was because I came up with an idea for melee fighting, which used fine chakra metal dust, which could be released from the seal in both ends, enabling me to shape any weapon of choice with my magnet release, which I had become way more efficient with. This arrangement created what I like to call the everchanging combat form. For now, I only know staff fighting, but that was getting to a pretty high level, which would allow me to allocate some time to swordplay or some other weapon. The reason I used chakra metal dust, was simply because of two properties, namely being able to semi-fuse together when magnet release chakra was inserted, and still allow some of the outer metal to channel another element of chakra.

Back with Mito, I explained this to her, not bothering to keep my magnet release a secret, first of because I had already told Minato and Hiruzen, since I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret for long, and I was now sufficiently experienced to use it in combat. The second reason was that she was going to be my teacher, and I might require her help making a large enough storage seal, so I could use my magnet release like Rasa or the third kazekage. I tried using a guard like Gaara, but I soon realized that even if I decked it out in storage seals, I wouldn't have enough dust. My best guess was that Gaara's guard was some kind of artifact, making it able to store large amounts of sand.

As our conversation finished, Minato had woken up, so after explaining the situation to him, Mito was finally able to tell us about the ranks of seal users…

"Seal users are separated into six categories, each containing three levels. The categories are; Apprentice, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Grandmaster and finally God tier. If you are as good as Hiruzen, you should be about level two advanced seal users, level three at max" – Mito

"Then what level are you at?" – Minato

"Good question, I'm currently at level 3 grandmaster. Before you ask, yes there is a single God tier seal user in the elemental nations, that being the current Uzukage. Now before I send you home for the day, I need you to make space in your schedules between 16:00 and 19:00" – Mito

After giving a quick affirmation, Minato and I went home. For the next few weeks, we spend our days being busy with the academy, Mito's training as well as our personal training. After one and a half month, Mito informed us we were getting new companions under her teaching, as two of her relatives were transferring over to live in Konoha. I was not really surprised when she confirmed that she indeed meant it in plural, as even though the original series only had Kushina move over, I had been striking quite a few conversation regarding Kurama, as it was pretty much common knowledge between ninja, that Mito was his jinchuriki. The conversations mostly revolved around her seal, and how Kurama was able to influence her.

One of the points that came up was her pregnancy, and how her seal had weakened while giving birth, since Kurama's power was too great. I brought up the idea of creating two jinchuriki, and splitting Kurama in half. At first, she questioned the idea, but soon she seemed to gain an epiphany, most likely remembering the reaper death seal or something similar. She was going to die from the extraction anyway, so by the way things went, she likely accepted the idea, and was going to go through with it.

I really look forward, to meeting Kushina and the other Uzumaki. I always liked Kushina's goofy and violent attitude, so it would be fun to see how similar her clansman was, since Mito didn't seem to have that violent attitude. Also, since I had decided to leave Kushina for Minato, we can't delete the main character from existence now can we, I might potentially have a love interest in her clansman… provided they were also female…
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》