Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
7 Kana and Kushina Uzumaki
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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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7 Kana and Kushina Uzumaki

Okay, I take that back, who cares if I delete Naruto, if it meant I could be together with that beautiful thing for the rest of my life, I'd certainly do it. These were my exact thought when Minato and I arrived at the academy and got introduced to our new classmates.

"Quiet class, today we got to new transfer students" – Teacher

He pointed at the two redheaded girls to his left.

"Would you please introduce yourselves?" – Teacher

"I am Kushina Uzumaki dattebane. I will become this village's first female Hokage!!" – Kushina

"And I'm Kana Uzumaki, we recently moved her from Uzushiogakure, and will be studying together with you" -Kana

Kushina was still as hyperactive, as she was shown to be in the original, but contrary to seeing her through a screen, the living, real life version before my eyes, were a lot more beautiful. On the other hand, Kana was a lot calmer, and her beauty was only slightly below that of Kushina. Now that I think about it, Kana's personality seemed to have a lot more in common with Minato than Kushina's. I also saw that his eyes were drawn towards Kana…

"Ne, how did your hair get so red, are you half tomato or something?" – Random guy in the front row who had a death wish

*smack, BOOM*

Just milliseconds after he had asked his question, he was now imbedded into to back wall behind us, with Kana standing at his original position, with a cruel smile on her face.

"I would like if you refrained from asking stupid question" – Kana

You know Kushina's nickname? The red-hot habanero... Yeah, I think Kana is taking that one. Also, I'm no masochist, you're getting this one Minato… Good luck, you're going to need it, I can only hope you survive…

The teacher was still standing behind Kushina, obviously as flabbergasted by Kana's display as the rest of the class. I took him nearly half a minute of stammering before he was able to full accept what had happened. Only after some teachers from other classes came to figure out what caused the commotion, was he finally able to get the passed-out ragdoll like boy, down from the wall and sent to the hospital. It was safe to say, that from then on only suicidal people would pick on those girls, though the display probably also managed to ruin almost any chance they had at making friends. Not really surprising, considering even I was scared, while Minato didn't even dare to look at them.

After Kana's little thrashing session, it was time for taijutsu practice. Minato and I were miles ahead of anyone else, even the Hyuga and Uchiha. Thus, we would always end up sparing against each other. I Had made Minato go a little easy on me while sparing in the academy, since it would then allow me to study the fighting style of our classmates. I was mainly watching Fugaku, Nawaki and the Hyuga twins, since the Uchiha interceptor style and the Senju defensive style, were both solid additions to my everchanging combat technique.

Although they were important, the ones I watched the most had the be the Hyugas, as it would first of allow me to memorize some of the gentle fist style, but most importantly, I would be able to see how they activated their byakugan. Since my rebirth, I knew I was supposed to have the byakugan eyes, but I simply had no idea how to activate them. I tried many times already, but was unable to crack the code, so I hoped watching them would give me some insight.

After class was out, I went directly to the library, since there were still a few hours left before we were scheduled to got to Mito for teachings. I was looking through the genin section, for some new techniques, but only things like tree climbing and water walking technique was recorded. I contemplated sneaking into the chunin and jonin sections, but decided against it, as I could probably just ask Hiruzen for permission, and then get in the legal way.

As such I walked to the hokage tower. I would also need to talk to Hiruzen about early graduation for Minato and me, since we were clearly outclassing everyone at the academy, even being better than most genin. After I checked with the secretary, that Hiruzen was indeed in his office, even though I could sense that he was, I proceeded to walk in. Hiruzen was sitting behind his desk full of paperwork. I kind on expected there to be less, since we were at war, but I guess there's still stuff that needs the hokages approval.

"Hallo ojisan" – Me

"Ohh Yoshio-kun, what brings you to my office" – Hiruzen

"Well, you see, I was just at the library looking through the genin section, but there was nothing useful, so I want to ask for permission to enter the chunin section and maybe the jonin one as well" – Me

"Yoshio-kun, you know you have to reach that rank before you can enter, also I've already made an exception allowing an academy student into the genin section" – Hiruzen

"Well, uhm, I was thinking that maybe you could allow us to take the genin exams, we should be strong enough already" – Me

*sigh* "I suppose if you were to be genin, I would be able to allow you into the chunin section, and you are almost as skilled as some chunin, but we have recently got attacked by Kumogakure, so I have no available jonin to be your sensei. You will have to wait until next year when the next batch graduate from the academy" – Hiruzen

"Can I at least get access to the chunin section while I wait?" – Me

"I suppose I can figure something out, but it will have to wait, we are currently lacking jonin on the Iwa front, since a lot of them have been moved to counter Kumo, thus I will head there to support for at least a week" – Hiruzen

Although I left the hokage office without gaining immediate access to the chunin section at the library, I gained something even more valuable… The information that Hiruzen was going to leave the village, and that most jonin also were out of the village. This was a prime opportunity I couldn't miss, as it would allow me to sneak, not only into the chunin and jonin sections of the library without much risk of getting caught, but it was a prime opportunity to get a little sneak-peak at the forbitten scroll, and maaaybe accidentally copy the whole thing…

Although I had decided what to do, I still need to get some preparation done. Also, it wouldn't be smart to inform Minato, as he was a sucker for rules, and would definitely object. The three most present problems were, one; Mito, who can sense everything in the whole village and a bit more, and two; Making a seal able to copy the entire scroll, as the ones currently on the market that could copy scrolls, were nowhere near able to copy such large quantities of information. And three, getting some byakugan blocking seals.

The third one should be the easiest, since they already exist, and are used on pretty much every clan compound, clans do like to keep their secrets. The second would probably also be easy, but the first one might be harder. I could probably make up an excuse to make Mito help me, and then finish it at home, thus making my disappearance less suspicious to her. Also, it would probably help me sneak by any ninja I might meet on my way, so there's also that.

Anyway, my lesson with Mito was starting soon, so I just had to bring it up there. Now that I think about it, Kana and Kushina might be joining us from today, so it would also allow me to get closer to Kushina…

Yeah, let's do that, what could go wrong!
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》