Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
8 Planning and preparation
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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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8 Planning and preparation

As I walked towards the Uzumaki compound, I suddenly remembered something very important, that being, that if I got the forbidden scroll of seals, how would I be able to us them… If something like the Eight Inner Gates technique was in there, even though I know I hasn't been created yet, I would need to have alibi, otherwise I would not be able to use the techniques without getting a trip to the torture and interrogation department, where I would get my mind read by some Yamanaka, which I definitely don't want.

Currently I could only think of a few things, that would allow me to use at least some of the techniques without suspicion, the best being none other than my last name, the Namikaze clan. Since I've previously found out Tobirama and Hashirama were both half Namikaze, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think they may have stored some techniques in the Namikaze jutsu vault. Since it has been sealed, no one knows for sure what is inside, but I should assume there's some sort of alarm mechanism, probably connected to the hokage. I think I can work with this. If I trigger the alarm before getting the forbidden scroll of seals, I might be able to convince Hiruzen that I was just curious about my clan, since the main seal should be a bloodline seal, only allowing those with a certain bloodline or otherwise authorized people through.

I had to leave my planning for later, as I arrived for my lesson with Mito. Even though Mito had allowed us to just walk in, it might be a good idea to knock, since Kana and Kushina might be living here, thus giving them a good impression. No one really interacted with them in class, due to Kana's display, so this would essentially be my first impression. After knocking two times, the door was open by Kushina, who seemed confused as to why I was here, guess Mito didn't tell them about us. This also confirmed they were indeed living here, and that I came before Minato, which was my plan, so that is good.

"Hallo Kushina-san, can I come in? I've got sealing lessons with Mito-sama soon, but I had nothing to do, so I came early" – Me

"Ah, eto, I will have to ask Baa-chan, what was your name again? Why do you know my name?" – Kushina

"I'm Yoshio Namikaze. My brother and I are learning seals from Mito-sama, he should also be arriving soon, as too why I know your name, it's because we are in the same class at the academy" – Me

"Ahh, sorry I don't remember you" – Kushina

"No problem, I try not stand out too much in the academy… even though that fails whenever we do combat training, haha" - Me

I rubbed the back of my neck, just like Minato always did. I don't know how, but since coming to this world I started picking up a lot of Minato's habits, probably because I spent so much time with him. As I followed Kushina through the door, she really is beautiful from behind and I know she will only grow more beautiful, she suddenly turned her head towards me.

"Ano, why are you learning sealing from baa-chan, as far as I know, there shouldn't be many seal users in Konoha, that would be able to impress her enough to make her teach them, not to mention that she can't teach clan seal due to the clan rules, so why would she teach you?" – Kushina

"Ah, that's quite the embarrassing story actually, my brother and I finished learning seals from the hokage, who is a level 2 advanced seal user, so we got curious knowing the Uzumaki clans prowess with seals and tried to sneak in to the compound, only to get caught by Mito-sama, haha ha…" – Me

"That still doesn't explain why she would teach you…" – Kushina
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Seeing Kushina's slightly pouting face, I couldn't help but smile.

"Well, when we explained it to her, it seemed that hokage-sama had already asked her to teach us, so she just told us some basic information and made a schedule for lessons with her" - Me

Continuing with some small talk, we arrived at the library, the place our theoretical lessons would always take place, only to see Kana reading a book titled "Sealing master level 2; Guide to explosive tags", while Mito was just watching her, seemingly ready to answer any questions.

"Uhm, was I interrupting something? I came early, because I had this idea I've been working on, and would like you help Mito-sensei" – Me

"No, I was just answering Kana's questions, you've met her and Kushina-chan right? They should have started in your class today. Now, what is this idea you were working on, I assume it has to do with seals, since you've come to me" – Mito

"I have, and my idea is quite simple… I want to make a stealth seal, that could hide the user's presence form anyone, thus help our ANBU on mission, lowering the death rate" – Me

"Ohh, that is indeed a really good idea, can I see the progress you've made so far, I'd gladly help" – Mito

"Well, uhm I've thought about it earlier today, and have an idea in my head, but I've never actually tested it, nor placed it down" – Me

"Let's see the idea then, this might be interesting" – Kana

I quickly got some sealing paper and placed the neatly named; presence suppression absolute stealth seal mark one, unfinished seal down. The main mechanics of the seal was parts borrowed from a silencing seal and a chakra sealing seal, since it would make all sound around the user unable to escape to the outside, while also hiding the user's chakra. The chakra sealing seal was of course modified so that it wouldn't seal the use of chakra, by allowing the chakra from temporarily break the suppression seal.

The seal was nowhere near perfect, since it would prevent stuff like the body flicker technique, but with a little work it could work. Shortly after the four of us began, we were joined by Minato, who was also very interested in my idea. One of my proposed ideas, was incorporating the byakugan blocking seal, which in turn allowed me to learn how to make those. It quickly got late, and we managed to create a prototype. Kushina seemed quite impressed with Minato and I's sealing abilities, though she, and Kana, were generally objecting most of our ideas.

Surprisingly, it was Kushina who had the chore of making dinner, though I have to say she I quite good at it already. I now fully understand why her homemade cooking was listed as Minato's favorite food in the data books. I decided to help her as a way to get closer to her, but when we came back to say dinner was ready, we found Minato being thrown onto the ground by Kana whilst Mito was grinning at the display. He probably said something stupid to her.

After dinner, I went home with the close to finished seal. I should go to the Hyuga clan tomorrow, to test the seal, from what I've heard the current leader wasn't as strict as Hiashi was in the original, so as long as I can avoid the elders, getting help from him and the twins should be possible. This arrangement would also bring another well sought out benefit for me, that being, if I come during training times, I might get to see some more experienced gentle fist users, and I might see some of the younger members trying to open their byakugan for the first time, although this is quite unlikely.

When I got home, I decided to do some physical training as well as some chakra training. Thinking about the benefits shadow clones would get me, I almost wanted to just rush to get the scroll, but since preparation was not yet done, so I had to wait. I had recently got an idea, to help make my training more efficient, by either doing all my training upside down or on top of the lake 5 min away. This required both chakra control and physical abilities, making it very exhausting.

After each session, I would always sit down and meditate. I had made a makeshift version of the spikes on mount Myoboku, as preparation for possible future sage training. Meditating was also quite relaxing. Probably because of my magnet release, I was able to slightly sense the magnetic field lines of the planet, which had made me question whether it was similar to Hashirama's relationship with nature, and if I could use it to make my own magnetic sage mode.

Anyway, the day ended shortly after, with me taking a shower before heading to bed.
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》