Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
11 Actions and consequences
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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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11 Actions and consequences

Sitting opposite the hokage was kind of scary, considering I had now idea why exactly he came, nor how much he knew. I was praying my preparations had paid off, but the uncertainty made the whole situation more tense. Luckily for me Gecko soon joined by Minato, which helped ease the atmosphere a little. As soon as Minato had taken his seat besides me, Gecko immediately joined Eagle behind Hiruzen.

"Boys, do you have any idea why I'm here?" – Hiruzen

Hiruzen was glancing at us with a serious look on his face, making me sweet profusely, as I had a suspicion, he might have caught on to me, but I forced my nerves to calm down, by trying to predict what he might say next. The only thing I had in my favor, was that Minato was here, which brought down the chance that it was because of the forbidden scroll, as he wouldn't need to be present if that was the case. Other than that, it could be because of my fake break-in on the Namikaze compound, in which case I was safe. I could tell, that if I started talking right now, I would give away that I had done something, so I decided to stay silent and let Minato reply until I understood Hiruzen's reason for visiting.

"Uhm, I don't know, did we do something wrong?" – Minato

"Minato, Yoshio, it has come to my attention, that you are informed about Konoha's jinchuriki, and have probably already guessed the reason we had two Uzumaki join the village…" – Hiruzen

*Huff* I breath out my previously held breath… it seems he has come to talk about Kana and Kushina, but I don't know why he would come to us concerning that. It could be because of our discussions, inspiring Mito to split the nine-tails, but otherwise I have no clue.

"My ANBU has reported, that you two has become the two chosen's only friends, thus I will give you an S-ranked mission to protect and pass on the will of fire to them. As you know there has been a change of plans, by which it has been decided that the transfer will happen about a year from now, as otherwise Mito will be too weak to hold the nine-tails down, while performing the seal. Thus, the girls will be taken out of the academy for special training in about six months, as I would like if they get accustomed to the village first… This means you mission will last six months as well, which works out perfectly, since the war has calmed down and I expect there to be jonin available at that time for you to be apprenticed under. I already have two in mind, but depending on how long it will take to finish up on the Suna front, and so long as nothing major changes in the land of rain, they will be available, but this plan could change any minute" – Hiruzen

"Uhh, that is a lot to take in… so basically, we have to become best friends with Kana and Kushina, who will leave the academy in six months, where we also might get a sensei…" – Minato

"Correct" – Hiruzen

"So, if I understand this right, that means we get to be with our friends, get paid for it, and since we graduate at seven and a half years old, which is a record if I remember correct, we will likely not get any weak jonin as senseis. Since you mentioned Suna and the land of rain, I only know three suitable candidates, two of which are your students; Orochimaru and Jiraiya, while the last would be Sakumo Hatake, Konoha's white fang, who has recently gained fame for killing Chiyo the puppet master's son and daughter in law, right?" – Me

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"It seems you are quite informed Yoshio-kun, you are right… *sigh* Anyway, with that out of the way, I have something else I would like to address…" – Hiruzen

Hiruzen began staring at me, which gave me shivers down my spine, as my muscles became tense and my whole body stiffened…

"Since you are both almost chunin level, and that a certain someone, has been sniffing around the place recently, I have decided to open up your clan compound, and you can move in if you like. This, of course, comes with some responsibilities as well… I will still control your clan account, and make sure to hire maintenance workers until you become genin, but at that moment you are on your own… Since this will indicate that the clan has been revived, as it now contains ninja which legally makes you adults, one of you will have to assume the position of clan head, which also means you will have to attend meetings. You two can decide between yourselves, but one of you have to do it, or I will have to seal the compound again" – Hiruzen

I glance at Minato, who also glances at me… I kind of hoped Minato would take up the role, as he was not only the rightful heir, being the oldest of us, but also because I really didn't want to deal with politics, as it would delay my training plans.

"I have nothing more to tell you right now, so I will take my leave. You should come to my office tomorrow after the academy, then I will personally accompany you to your clan compound… Also, Yoshio-kun, whatever you learned in there, make sure you keep it a secret, as that stuff aren't supposed to be available for anyone below chunin rank at least, much less an academy student…" – Hiruzen

After Hiruzen had left, I woke up Minato from his trance and quickly sent him home. All that responsibility shit, I don't want any of that, but I should have six months to convince Minato that he was absolutely no doubt the best, most perfect candidate to become clan head.

As I thought over what Hiruzen had said, assuming Minato still got Jiraiya as his sensei, it would leave either Orochimaru or Sakumo for me. As of now, both of them would be great choices, as Orochimaru would be able to help me with research on the Devouring technique, since he is still loyal to Konoha and would no doubt be interest, while Sakumo would be able to help me with lightning jutsu, which is great, as it would allow me to use it with my magnet release, of course only if I was able to use it at all… Still, lightning would be great, as electricity plus magnetic fields/metal, surely would create a mean combination with endless possibilities… nothing more had to be said about that…

Anyway, I continued with my training, quickly falling into a trance where I was training mindlessly. It was actually easier that way, since, if the clones I create in the future also did that, it would cause less strain on my mind when they dispelled. I really looked forward to the next half a year, where I would be able to get much stronger, also soon graduating from the academy with Minato, two and a half years earlier than Minato did in the original. I also really wanted to know who my sensei would be, as it was one of the most important people in the life of a ninja, shaping their future fighting style and potentially changing their fate, as Guy did with Rock Lee…

Yeah, I really couldn't wait
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》