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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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12 Sensei

Six months passed by quickly, and it was finally the day Hiruzen had picked, for Minato and I to become genin. During these six months, we both made sure to stay close to Kana and Kushina, which led us to become their only friends. Although the two were less violent than Kushina were in the original, probably because they had, not only each other, but also me and Minato as friends, they were still bullied a lot in the academy.

It was never stated in the original, when it happened, but Kana and Kushina were tricked by our classmate, nonetheless. Since I already knew why, I called out to Minato, and we followed them, only to see our classmates chunin brother and his friend, who I assume was brought since there were two Uzumaki, getting absolutely destroyed by Kana and Kushina. Despite having chased after them and also having been friends with them, they still got mad at us, and stayed away from us for a whole week.

Outside the academy, I also had major improvements, mainly because I learn the multiple shadow clone jutsu, but also because of my hard training. Currently I am able to create twenty clones, which were then split into five groups. I had created an extra group, not long after I learnt the technique, mainly because of the discoveries Minato and I made in the Namikaze clan compound.

Surprisingly enough, our clan's relationship with Tobirama was closer than I thought, as it turned out he actually lived there instead of the Senju compound, as one might have thought. This though left us a giant gift… Tobirama, despite his attitude and intellect, was a total sloth when it comes to organizing his personal space. Scrolls and notes were littered all over the place and going through them we managed to find some of his notes on the flying thunder god technique.

Unfortunately, the finished technique formula wasn't there, which is why I had my fifth group of clones work on it. I was also quite lucky, as the clan's jutsu vault contained both the regular shadow clone technique, as well as the multiple version, which allowed me to use it without hiding. Of course, as soon as Hiruzen found out, he gave both of us a giant scolding, ranting about how dangerous the technique was and told us to be careful when using it. Still, because of the complexity of the flying thunder god technique, despite functioning on a few simple principles, we had made little progress as of yet, but the research speed was only increasing, due to us being able to create more and more clones.

Back in my apartment, I had woken up late. I think I finally understand why Naruto always slept so much, it was the multiple shadow clone technique's fault, since it made the user infinitely more tired with the number of clones created. When I had finally managed to get out of bed and eat breakfast, I looked at the clock, only to see that I had little time left before meeting with Hiruzen and our potential senseis. I hurriedly put on my ninja gear and stormed towards the hokages office.

During our time with Mito, I had perfected my original seals after reaching level 2 master seal user, so I could now carry copious amounts of chakra metal dust for my techniques… though I will admit the clan's treasury could have looked better, ha ha… Anyway, I had become way better at using my magnet release, discovering that I could control the dust with a single, one-handed hand sign or by having physical contact with the dust, which included my seal filled weapon handle… The third method was an attempt to allow me to do both taijutsu while also controlling the dust, which ended up creating a waterbending like dance, as I found out those moves made it easier to control the dust in a fashion similar to Gaara's sand, though it was difficult combining it with actual taijutsu, so it was still unfinished, waiting for my sensei to, hopefully be able to help me…

As I reached the hokage building, I ran right through the lobby and into Hiruzen's office, only to see four familiar people in there… Two of them were part of the three jonin I had correctly assumed to be our potential senseis. They were standing besides Hiruzen, and I noted that Minato was already in the room. Although I already knew their identities, I decided to keep quiet until Hiruzen officially introduced us.

"I see that all parties have arrived… Now, these two jonin besides me will be your new senseis, that is if you can complete their tests. Now, the one on my left is one of my own students, Jiraiya the toad sage, who will be training you, Minato-kun" – Hiruzen

"So, this is my student… They must be quite talented for you to allow them to graduate so young, ehh sensei, why couldn't you have given me a cute girl instead…" – Jiraiya

*Sigh* "They are indeed talented, bordering close to high chunin in skill, but please don't teach Minato-kun your perverted habits" - Hiruzen

"I promise nothing, hehehe" - Jiraiya
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"Back on topic, the one on my right, Konoha's white fang, Sakumo Hatake, will be training Yoshio-kun. I have decided to arrange it this way, since you are training in the art of kenjutsu, of which Sakumo is the best in Konoha, and because he specializes in lightning release, which will sync greatly with your magnet release" - Hiruzen

"Hallo Yoshio-kun, I'm happy to have you as my student and comrade" – Sakumo

"Likewise, Sakumo-sensei" – Me

"Since you have been introduced, let us head to training ground one, where we will conduct your genin test. Since I already know you are capable, the test has been changed into a spar between you two, so that you senseis can see your skills, and decide if you are worth teaching" – Hiruzen

Training ground one was the hokage's personal training ground, so it was the closest one to the hokage tower, thus not making us travel very far. On the way, Minato and I glance at each other, instantly knowing the other's thoughts, which were to give it our all, and show how good we were, without holding back.

Arriving on the training ground, we stood opposite each other. Hiruzen had stepped in between us, and it was apparent he was going to be the judge. Jiraiya and Sakumo was standing to the side a good distance away, but still close enough to clearly see what we'd do, while Hiruzen explained the rules.

"Boys, this is a friendly spar, so try not to hurt each other too much. I expect you to give it you all, and know at I, as well as Jiraiya and Sakumo, stand ready to intervene if things get out of hand… Do you understand?" - Hiruzen

"Hai!" – Me and Minato

"Good then, let the spar begin, HAJIME!" – Hiruzen

Making the confrontation hand sign to Minato, with him returning it, as soon as the word has been said, I instantly run towards Minato, with him doing the same, quickly closing the distance between us. The first thing I noted, was that even though my main body had focused on physical training these last six months, Minato were still faster than me. I don't know how he did it, but it made me slightly annoyed, that despite my efforts, he still managed to out-speed me.

Within ten seconds, we clashed in the middle, kunai against chakra metal sword, marking the beginning of our spar…
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》