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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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13 The spar

{AN: So, I found out writing battles with the writing style I've used until now. Thus, I will try this new style for this chapter, and after I post is, I will comment two comments, one saying; "new style" and one saying; "old style", so please upvote the comment with the style you like better. Anyway, I have seen this style used in other fanfics, and I think it makes the story more fluid.

Anyway, here's how it works:

"Normal talk"


*Tailed-beasts and the like talk*

~Tailed-beasts and the like thought~

Also, updates might be slow for a while, since I'm entering exam season (◡︵◡)


After colliding weapons with Minato, I quickly created some distance between us. I smirked, as I saw Minato take out some kunai, not even realizing what I did… 'Whenever I throw some kunai, that I have attached my chakra to, they will immediately turn towards Minato, good try but I win this exchange!'

I had taken some inspiration from the recently deceased Toroi, in that, as soon as our weapons touched, I magnetized Minato's entire body, which would make any metal with my chakra signature attached become homing, whenever they were close to him.

Minato threw his kunai, quickly starting the hand signs for his jutsu. "Shadow kunai jutsu!". The kunai he had thrown, split into two, which then once again split, creating a solid wall of kunai, that would be impossible to dodge…

Thinking fast, my mind came upon the picture of Pain's deva path using the universal push in three hundred and sixty degrees, making any throwing weapon be repelled from him. I had been playing with this idea before, but I was never able to make it work…

As if given a revelation from God, I remembered the technique I just used on Minato… making a mental facepalm towards my stupidity 'It's just like in my old world, where you would have to align the micro-magnets in the iron before it becomes magnetic. Here my chakra is the equivalent to the micro magnets, so if I pulse a magnetic field with my chakra, it will attach to the weapon, allowing me to repel them towards Minato, and use his own weapons against him'

"Magnet style: dual wave pulse magnetic repulsion mark one" I sent out two quick pulses, the first to magnetize the iron, and the other to repel them. Just as planned, some of the kunai got repulsed, homing in on Minato, who was quickly replaced by a log, revealing that had used the replacement technique to get out of range.

Unfortunately for me, most of the kunai, about three fourths, continued their path towards me… 'Shit, why didn't it work, ohh wait, those must be the shadow kunai, which is made up of Minato's chakra, that probably overwhelmed my chakra, making my jutsu fail… now I just have to block these kunai first'

Releasing some dust from my large seal, I created a wall by doing the one-handed version of the ram hand sign, successfully blocking the kunai, though I also ended up blocking my line of sight to Minato. I dispersed the wall, keeping the dust around me, but saw that Minato was gone from where he previously stood. 'Where is he now?' I looked around me, not daring to relax, since I knew that Minato could launch a surprise attack any time, keeping up the hand sign, so I would be able to react in time.

I slowly shifted my position towards an opening in the trees in the training ground, hoping it would give me more time to reach to the oncoming attack. 'If I get to the middle, it should be far enough away, so he won't be able to use the substitution technique' I smirked slightly at my thought, momentarily shifting my attention, which Minato captivated on.

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"Wind style: great breakthrough" Hearing the shout coming from about seven o'clock, I used the dust around me to create a wall, while also changing my weapon to the weapon I was most familiar with, the staff. When the wall lowered, Minato once again was nowhere to be seen. 'He is relying on guerrilla tactics, now I just have to find a way to lure him out and get close… creating some shadow clones would help'

I once again waited for Minato to attack, this time, it was a wall of fire coming in from my right, once again blocking it with a wall, though this time I created a shadow clone, thinking of using the strategy Naruto used against Neji in the chunin exams. Luckily, I had one of my trusty presence suppression absolute stealth seal mark one's around, which I combined with the earth release: hiding like a mole technique, making it impossible for Minato to tell that I went underground, since his line of sight also was blocked by the wall.

Underground, I focused on following Minato's movements, while he continued to try to sneak attack my clone, only for it to result in more walls. 'Now I just need to wait for the perfect moment, where I can hopefully surprise him, and force him into a melee battle, where I should be superior'

The moment Minato stopped for a quick breather, I attacked from below, successfully catching him of guard, and managing to knock him into the air. Following up with a kick to his midsection, I knocked him in the direction of my clone, which had taken out some chakra suppression seals, placing them on metal plates crafted from the dust, getting ready to catch him in the formation.

'This should be check mate. he should have no way to alter his direction or escaping the technique' Seeing my clone almost done with the formation, was about to lower my guard, but was brought back to reality by a kunai coming my way. I managed to dodge to the side, focusing my eyes back on Minato.

He had rotated in the air, so that he was facing me, but the think that made me really alert, was that I saw him smile at me. 'Why is he smili… What the!' Minato suddenly disappeared, with a kunai appearing in his place… I instantly knew what he had done, but it was hard to believe he already had this kind of teleportation, even before he learned the flying thunder god technique.

'He switched place with a kunai, how did he do it?' This time it wasn't only me that thought this, but also the three spectators having these thoughts. 'I need to end this soon, otherwise I will just get exhausted, as I'm using chakra faster than him' I made a quick one-eighty turn and ducked just in time to avoid a punch to the face.

'At least this is a melee battle now, I should be able to win this' Having ducked, I did a leg sweep with my staff, but he was able to avoid it with a back handspring, but I soon followed with combo consisting of a jab towards his stomach, which he avoid by sidestepping, spun around to make a blow towards his head, once again being dodged by ducking, following through and using the momentum to do a roundhouse kick at his lowered head, missing, as he took a step back, which threw him off balance.

I ended the combo with another jab, extending the length of my staff, hitting him in the chest and pinning him onto the nearest tree. 'Hiruzen should intervene any second now' I though, while simultaneously preparing to seal Minato's chakra.

"That's enough boys, no need for more fighting, you have both proved your worth, and will be promoted to genin" Sure enough Hiruzen intervened. I quickly stopped my seal, and sent him a smile.
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》