Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
15 Unnatural affinity and mission
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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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15 Unnatural affinity and mission

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"Normal talk"


*Tailed-beasts and the like talk*

~Tailed-beasts and the like thought~


In front of us, the chakra paper finally dropped to the ground, signifying that it lost the last trace of the chakra I put in. "So… are we calling the hokage again?" "Yeah, that is probably the right thing to do, I will go there now, I'll be back in a minute" With that Sakumo flashed away with a body flicker, and I was left alone to try and comprehend as much as I could about the phenomenon created by the chakra paper.

'Starting from the easiest. The chakra paper split the paper one third of the way in form the side. The split was quite thick, so I should have a strong wind affinity' That much was not very surprising, considering it was Minato's main affinity.

'In the data books stated that Minato's affinities were; wind, lightning, fire, yin and yang. The split is wind, and the large piece wrinkled, while the small piece crumbled into dust, signifying the lightning and earth elements' Lightning was quite the lucky second affinity, as it would allow for combination techniques.

With those three, the similarities with normal behavior ended. The easiest to explain of those that were left, would be the markings like those on Shukaku's body. 'Those markings look like those on Naruto's magnet release rasengan, so they are probably from my magnet release, though, it seems they have some sort of connection with seals… I should probably research that when I got time. Now, the next thing to explain, was how it did that…'

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He wasn't able to get much further than that, as Sakumo returned with two people in tow. "I'm back Yoshio-kun and I brought the requested company" One was obviously Hiruzen, as the whole reason he left was to bring him… 'I wonder if how Hiruzen has time for being dragged around… with the amount of paperwork the other kage's had to deal with in peacetime, I can only imagine it would be worse in wartime…'

"Hallo again Yoshio-kun, I heard you've done something quite amazing once again, sigh, you and your brother never seem to stop surprising everyone with your ideas and actions… I wonder what's next, at this point I would almost believe it to be natural if you randomly unlocked a dojutsu…"

I almost choked on my saliva from the comment, why did it have to be that example… "Anyway, Yoshio-kun, I have a suspicion of what is going on, so I brought a specialist to tell. I would like you to show us in person…" After that, Sakumo gave me another chakra paper, which I then channeled my chakra into.

'I see, once again it did that. I think I might know the specialist Hiruzen brought with him, but I can't quite remember from where. He has long light blue hair, green-ish eyes, and a slightly square face…' "Hokage-sama, is that, but how, I should be the only one, are we related, who is this?" This time it was the specialist who spoke.

"It is as you see Dan, this is also the reason I brought you with me… As far as I know, he isn't related to you at all, so this result is quite surprising…" Hearing the name, I finally connected who the shocked specialist was. 'I should have seen that coming, it totally makes sense…'

The chakra paper floated in the air, but that was not the part that shocked Dan, no, what really shocked him was the ghostly image floating above the chakra paper, which was very reminiscent of his late to be discovered talent in spirit and soul related techniques. That's right, he was none other than Dan Kato, the first and last user of the spirit transformation technique.

Although there was still unexplained thing about his chakra paper, Dan seemed to be thoroughly drawn towards the ghostly image, even going up to touch it, though his hand passed right through the image, only slightly distorting it. "Hokage-sama, I will ask for permission to use my technique to see if this really is in the spirit realm" "Permission granted"

From there, Dan's body went limp, and was caught by Sakumo, while a ghostly version of Dan exited his body, quickly going to the chakra paper, grabbing the ghostly image above it successfully. "It's true, it really is the spirit realm… I thought it might have been a kekkei genkai, but it seems I was just an affinity… I never did use chakra paper after discovering it"

"Well, Sakumo, that confirms that. Most of the other stuff we have records of, so it isn't really as surprising. The floating is a trait from the space-time affinity of the Namikaze clan, while the main interaction signifies wind, lightning and earth affinity. We have just confirmed the spirit thing, which leaves only those strange markings"

'So, the floating was from space-time affinity… I wonder, did Minato's paper also float? I better tell them about the markings, but how should I do it?' "Hokage-sama, I might have an idea. Those marking should be because of my magnet release. I can sense the changes in the magnetic field around them, but they seem to have a connection with sealing techniques"

"So that's the case, huh. Well that works out perfectly. Mito recently requested aid from Uzushiogakure. As it is of great importance, I marked it as an A-rank mission… If your markings do have something to do with sealing, there is no better place to find out than Uzu, so I will have you go along with this mission, Yoshio-kun"

'I'm going to Uzu before it is destroyed… THIS IS AWESOME! Just think about all the lost knowledge and techniques, if I could gain some of them, I would become much stronger… I might also be able to warn them about the invasion. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't happened yet…' "I WILL GO!!" I jumped in Hiruzen's face, to give him a hug, this might be the best graduation gift ever.

Hiruzen looked towards Sakumo before talking. "I guess this mission will go to you. I know you were supposed to have a month more in the village, before joining the war again, but at least this shouldn't be a combat mission, so I hope you will still take it" This time Sakumo looked towards me, as I hyperactively nodded my head over and over again.

"sigh, I guess I have no choice, since my apprentice seems so excited" "That is good then…" This time Hiruzen turned towards Dan. "Dan, due to this unexpected development, I will pull you from your mission tomorrow. Instead I want you to join Sakumo in training young Yoshio-kun, I hope you don't mind" He did a few gestures with his hand, upon which I noticed one of the ANBU leave… 'I really have to learn the ANBU communication sign language'

"I don't mind Hokage-sama, I'm excited, that I finally will have someone to teach my techniques to" "Good, then from tomorrow you will start training him for the next week. Sakumo, the mission I scheduled for next week, so make sure Yoshio-kun is prepared to make the journey" After a confirming nod from Sakumo, he left, leaving just me and the two jonin.

"So, Dan-sensei, Sakumo-sensei, when do we start?"
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》