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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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19 Test of knowledge

AN: (Sorry for the late release, I've been functionally brain dead for the last five days due to a headache, but I'm fine now so here's the chap)

I was a little surprised when I noticed one of my clones dispel, so I looked at the clock to see that it had dispelled ten minutes into the session, so I quickly went over the memories from the clone to find the cause, and a cause I did find…

'This is… a book discussing the markings on the one-tailed beast, Shukaku, and its connection to sealing… this book its referencing, where have I seen it before?' Suddenly it dawned upon me that the book it was referencing was the very book, where I had found the last symbol from Tobirama's flying thunder god technique… which I, of course, had forgotten all about after arriving in Uzushiogakure.

As such, I promptly pulled out the book. 'I guess it is fitting that a book from the land of demons talks about one of the nine major demons, but it still doesn't make sense, this book shows a half complete sealing script from Shukaku symbols, but the rest is substituted with markings like the one used by Tobirama

Unknown to me, while I was reading the book and thinking hardly about it, I became so emerged in it that I forgot all about the test… "And time's up" 'huh' "Dispel your clone so I can quiz you" "Urg, ok, I guess I got a little to emerged in this book, its just that it is exactly the book I was looking for to complete one of my recent projects, he he"

Rubbing the back of my head in true Minato style, I gave Daiki a little smile. "Well, whatever it is you can study it later, now come here so I can start the test" Moving closer to him, I dispelled my clones, halting a step from the near overload of information.

'Huh, a book about space-time sealing. It's got some interesting theories, I've got to test them later, it might help improving the flying thunder god faster, maybe even making a mark, would it be mark three? I guess so, Tobirama's can be considered mark one, and Minato's improvement would be mark two, so I guess it would be mark three or something to improve upon that. Can even be called improvement when it branches out so much from the original idea if I use what is explained in the book, or…'

"You are spacing out again!" "Arg, sorry Daiki-sama, I'm ready now" "good, lets begin then. Question one; Who invented sealing and for what purpose?" "Hmm, the inventor was Sumato Uzumaki, and he did it without a purpose, since it was an accident while he was writing a poem for his lover, and while trying to put his feelings into it, he put chakra into it instead, which caused the paper to explode, since it was a faulty seal"

"Good, question two, what is sealing?" This question I decided to take some time to think about. "Hmm, this is a deep question, on the surface, sealing is just calligraphy with chakra in it, which causes it to gain a specific effect, but deep down, it is more like programming, in the sense that the seal maker creates commands and guidelines to direct the flow of chakra in specific way, which is like hand sign, but with a broader alphabet"

"…" "…" Daiki stared at me "An interesting answer, but I guess you are right, however, this leads onto another question; Since you say sealing is a substitute for hand signs, with the ability to be written down and used instantaneously, what is the equivalent to dropping the number of required hand signs for a specific jutsu, and how does it relate to you answer in question one?"

"Hmm, since hand signs are more of a guide to direct the chakra inside the body for a specific jutsu, dropping hand signs would be cause by the user being able to direct the chakra without the need for a guide. The closest connection to sealing would be the principle written down by the thirteenth leader of the Uzumaki clan, which states, that a sealing user should strive to simplify the seal as much as possible, since it creates a stronger effect, makes the formula easier to apply, and creates a better basis for teaching others its function"

"And, anything else?" "Well, it also makes it harder to decipher, since simplifying often uses custom symbols or the like, so without an explanation, it would make it virtually impossible for enemies to use it against oneself, if they get their hands on it"

"excellent, now, question four…" The test continued for another twenty-one questions, involving anything from theory behind certain symbols and their use, to more hands-on questions like, what happens when you mix some seven different matrices and how one would simplify them without opposites canceling each other out...

"I guess you answers are acceptable, you certainly have the knowledge of someone worthy of my daughter, but don't think I will let you go this easily, you also have to spar with Kazu-kun tomorrow, so you better get some rest if you don't want to go back to Konoha in a million pieces"

"uhm I will remember that, but before we go back, would you allow me to read some more in the library? I found some interesting books earlier, which might help me in my projects" Daiki seemed to be thinking it over a bit. "I guess it can't hurt, we should still have some time before Otou-sama will be done with your sensei, just don't go into the Uzumaki only section, remember I'll be watching you, and if you break the rules, you're dead"

"Hai, Daiki-sama" With that another study section began, this time mostly focusing on anything related to Shukaku and space-time. After another two hours, a servant came to fetch them, signifying that Sakumo and Sukiru was done talking. Due to the time they docked, it was getting close to dinner time.

They were presented to a small feast, which probably would be able to feed at least a few families, but with two Uzumaki present, they were almost able to eat it all… After dinner, Sakumo and I were led to our rooms. "So, how was the library, my cute student?" "It was alright, if not a little tiring, so I think I will head straight to bed, I have a battle tomorrow after all"

With that, he went into the bedroom, in order to go straight to bed, not even doing his usual evening practice…

"Battle? I wonder what that's about… what has my cute student got himself into this time…"
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Meanwhile in Konoha:

"Dan, is this information reliable?" "Hai, hokage-sama, they knew I was coming, but was surprised since I left a week later… also, I managed to capture one of them, and due to the circumstances, I was forced to interrogate him on the stop."

"I see, is there anything else you want to add?" "Yes, said prisoner spilled some beans before he was killed by a silencing seal. He mentioned an employer targeting the Senju and everyone related to them, but I was cut off before I could get a name… but, his last words were; from Konoha"

"This is very concerning, it seems we have a traitor in our midst, and if the price you told me is anything to go by, it is someone in a high position who hates the Senju… Dan, this is an S-class secret until we know what's going on, so tell no one, not even Tsunade"

"But, hokage-sama, she has the right to know, it's her family that's getting targeted!" "I said no one, for all we know it might be someone within the family trying to gain power, is that understood?" "Hai, hokage-sama" "Good, dismissed, I have a war to win and a mystery to solve, I will temporarily give the Senju less dangerous missions, sigh, what a mess"
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》