Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
20 The flying thunder god technique
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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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20 The flying thunder god technique

Waking up early was essential if he wanted to formulate a plan to take down Kazu, so he did. Sat upon the bed in a meditating position, like he always did in his morning training sessions, had the benefit of clearing the mind, ridding it of anything negative, which, as he had been told multiple times both by Hiruzen and Sakumo, would help come up with better and more thought through plans.

'As far as I know, Kazu is a jonin, so a direct confrontation will only lead to an earlier defeat. As such, I should use shadow clones to take the blunt off the attack and possibly wear him down, but with his skill and heritage, it would take too long, and I would be worn down before him'

Sighting deeply, he let himself fall backwards onto the bed, straightening his legs into a more comfortable position. He'd been meditating for over an hour, trying to come up with anything that would help him win, but so far, the only thing he knew could end well was countering the chakra chains with his dust, but considering that the Uzumaki clan was known for kenjutsu and sealing, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume Kazu was quite advanced in one, if not both.

Another sigh escaped his lips, when a long growling sound was heard… 'Better grab some food, I've thinking about this for too long, and not making any progress, perhaps I should distract myself a little, there's still the invasion to think about, as well as everything I learned yesterday…'

Walking out of his room, he headed to the living room, after asking one of the maids to prepare some food. It didn't take long before some food was brought, and while he was eating. his mind wandered back to the fight that would be happening later that day, as well as the impending invasion of Uzushiogakure.

'THAT'S IT! This will solve everything for the invasion, but I only have about twelve hours till the match in the afternoon, it is not enough time, even if my affinity for space-time ninjutsu is high, which I honestly don't even know if it is, and using shadow clones, I can only get an accumulative time of ten days, but it would probably take all my energy, so I would lose anyway…'

The idea was simple, so was the answer, but mastering the Flying thunder god technique in under ten days, even if it was only Tobirama's version, would be hard. That was, of course, not mentioning the process of even being able to use it… The thing that made it tricky, was that the design was multidimensional, in Tobirama's mark, the first dimension, also known as the surface dimension, was a link and primer, while the second dimension was the actual technique.

The link was the tricky part, since it was a design unique to the user. In Tobirama's notes about the technique, it was stated that the link should be a design that represented the user, which his did by being a stylized version of the Senju clan logo, where the logo was cut in the middle and opposing ends met, symbolizing his introvert ideology.

Minato's link was instead in the form of four kanji, being; endurance, passion, sword and sage, which symbolized his abilities and personality, from his character traits to his interaction with others.

(AN: I know these aren't the original designs, and I also added some extra depth to the technique, but I changed them to fit my future ideas with the jutsu)

Rushing back into his room, he quickly spread out the notes he brought from Konoha regarding the flying thunder god technique. 'The most important part is the link, since I should be able to just copy Tobirama's design for the actual technique, as well as the primer. The real question is, what represents me best, and how would I display it? Should I use a design like Tobirama, or kanji like Minato… Then again, I was British in my previous life, so maybe kanji won't work…'

Unsealing some equipment used for sealing, from one of the travel scrolls he brought, as well as creating twenty clones, each trying out different designs that might work. Luckily, the right configuration would resonate with his chakra, or at least that was what Tobirama's notes said, as it was the reason a flying thunder god user could feel where their marks were.

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'I can feel it…' "I CAN FEEL IT, I FOUND THE DESIGN! And it only took… five and a half hours…" 'Holy shit, I didn't even notice the time go by, I guess I was really emerged in finding the design, speaking of which…' since all his clones had dispelled when they found that one of them had found a design that resonated, he was once more alone in the room surrounded by scattered scrolls and paper with many different designs on them.

He looked down at the design. 'Is that Union jack? It has reincarnation written in English in the middle, surrounded by the kanji for wind, earth, lightning, and… knowledge? Huh, I would have bet that the magnet release would have been symbolized some way at least'

Examining the linking design once more, he tried to recreate it using his chakra, while integrating the primer and the second dimension of the seal. The outcome being a seal that looked no different from the linking design, and unless one was and experienced seal user, it would be impossible to even tell that there was a difference between the two.

'With the seal created, and I've already triple checked it, that nothing is out of place, I guess the only real thing left is to try it out… I should probably try with a shadow clone first… just to make sure I don't get turned into minced meat during the teleportation.'

Even though he had used twenty clones to create the linking seal, over half of what he used returned upon dispelling, at such he created a single clone with half of his current reserves, just in case it needed a lot of chakra, and had it do the first test run. As soon as the clone disappeared, he was suddenly insanely thankful, that the excitement hadn't blinded his common sense enough to make him try it himself, because boy, that was a nasty way to go…

Other than obliterating the clone, he also noticed that the technique had swallowed about a third of the clone's reserves, which was about equal to one eighth of his full chakra reserves… 'That didn't feel good, but I guess I'll have to try it over and over until I get it down, hopefully I don't use too much chakra, otherwise I won't even be able to walk to the battleground where I have my battle with Kazu.'

And so he did, but in the end, even though he came close, not a single clone made it through, and he had to stop, so that his reserves would replenish to an decent level before his fight, and by the time he had to head out, he had replenished about three fourths of his max reserves.

As he headed out the door, he couldn't help to think about Sakumo. 'Strange, I've been home all day, and I'm almost certain that I Sakumo didn't leave, so where is he now? I know we didn't have any appointments or anything today, so where could he be?'

What he didn't know was that a certain silver haired jonin, was out doing something critical for the original storyline…
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》