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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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25 Relaying information

When evening came, and all chakra had been restored, Sakumo came to fetch Yoshio.

"The time has come Yoshio, everything is ready, so just follow me"

"Hai, Sakumo-sensei, but who will be helping us keep my chakra levels up?"

"Daiki-san has arranged for some Kusushi clan members to help us, since they are better at giving chakra to others given their kekkei genkai. They also give the additional benefit of their specialization in medical ninjutsu, thus being able to ensure your body's stability while you use the technique"

(AN: The Kusushi clan is explained in chapter 17)

"I see, have you prepared what I need to say to Duy-san, sensei?"

"Say? I was thinking we could use a scroll, since, although you can't take it with you, by using a seal I got from Daiki-san, you should be able to summon it when you arrive…"

"… Sensei, you know I need a solid body to summon right, which reminds me, how do I identify myself and make sure only Duy-san gets the scroll?"

"It is quite simple actually. As it stands, every powerful ninja, who plays a major role in the war has an identification sentence, which changes for every mission, and only the closest battlefield commander gets informed of this sentence, so as long as you state your registration number and say my identification sentence, they'll know you are acting on your superiors orders"

"First of, that doesn't answer my first question, and secondly, don't you need to tell me said sentence for me to use it…"

"hmm, the summoning of the scroll should be no problem, can't you just posses someone and summon it using their body? I've seen Dan do something similar, and I know he taught you the possession technique, so it should be no problem right?"

"Urg, I guess you are right"

'Great, now I need to find someone to possess when I arrive… I can guess they are using the scroll because it is sensitive information, so I guess I just have to tell Duy about the invasion mouth to mouth'

Sakumo took the opportunity to place a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"Yoshio, I trust you can do this, and don't worry, Duy is a nice guy, though he might be a little… eccentric"

Continuing the conversation all the way into the main family's private infirmary, which had been plastered with security seals, they entered the room, from which Yoshio would depart on his spiritual journey… The inside of the room was no different than a normal infirmary unit, but two people were seen checking and preparing the health monitoring systems, with the supervision of Daiki.

"Sakumo-san, Yoshio-kun, you are finally here, everything is prepared as you requested"

'Requested? I know it is my first time using this technique for long distances and with chakra assistance, but I think Sakumo is being a little overprotective with all this equipment…'

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"That is good. Based on their hair colour, I assume these two are the Kusushi clan members who will help us"

"Hai, Sakumo-sama, I am Takumi Kusushi, and this here is my wife Saku Kusushi"

"Hallo, Sakumo-sama, Yoshio-sama, I will be in charge of making sure Yoshio-sama's vitals are stable during the technique"

After the formal greeting, everyone got to work. Yoshio was placed on the bed and was slowly hocked up to the various equipment, some of which were so unrecognizable that he couldn't help but ask what they were for. Most of it turned out to have something to do with monitoring the soul and spirit, something Yoshio didn't even think was possible.

'I guess that the citizens of Uzu are more accustomed to techniques which influence the soul, the Uzumaki clan do, after all, have techniques like the reaper death seal and I know for sure that some of their masks in the Uzumaki temple in Konoha, also deal with the spiritual realm…'

After using around thirty-five minutes getting everything ready, Sakumo finally gave the go ahead to Yoshio.

"Everything is ready Yoshio, from now on it's all you"

"Hai, Sakumo-sensei, I'm ready"

With everything prepared, Yoshio quickly made the right hand signs for the technique…

"Spirit technique: Spirit transformation technique!!"

Not a moment later did Yoshio's body go limp, as his glowing spirit left his body, only to quickly shoot out of the roof.

"Sakumo, I must say, that is quite the technique, I wonder who came up with it"

"It is a technique that was created by a jonin called Dan Kato, and from what I've heard its nature is quite similar to the mind body switch technique of the Yamanaka clan, though, this is much more flexible in its use, since the user can control their movements and even switch from one body to another without the spirit returning to the original body in between. This flexibility is also why Dan is one of our most respected jonin, and the technique has even been classified as an S-rank technique, so imagine my surprise when I heard that Yoshio-kun learned it in less than a week…"

"Ha ha, young Yoshio is quite talented, I might be okay if I leave my daughter to him"

"Hmm, what is this about your daughter and my apprentice?"

"Ohh, you didn't know. Yoshio came to ask me for permission to woo my daughter Kushina"

"Hoo, that is quite interesting, I hope you can inform me of the rest of the story, he he…"

While his sensei and possible future father-in-law were gossiping about his love life, Yoshio's spirit were flying over the ocean towards the mainland. It turned out that looking down at the ocean in the evening while flying hundreds of meters in the air, was quite relaxing. It should also be said, that Uzushiogakure looked almost perfect when looking back at it… Too bad that perfect sight would be ruined by a shadow leaving the village in the direction of the land of water…

'That's the Root agent I saw earlier… judging by the way he is going, I can assume that Danzo is cooperating with Kiri, Kumo and Iwa, for the destruction of Uzu, I should add this in my message…'

It was around midnight that Yoshio made it to the shore, from which he quickly found Konoha's campsite, and although the situation was serious, imagine the shock on the faces of the unfortunate chunin, who were tasked to keep watch for the night, when they saw a ghost looking figure dropping from the sky a few meters in front of them and walking towards them…

"Hallo, this is Yoshio Namikaze, registration number; zero zero six five one one, I bring an important, time sensitive message from jonin Sakumo Hatake, so please go wake up your commander to confirm my identity and orders, so we can get the message on its way to Konoha as soon as possible"

Needless to say, it was quite the amusing sight, one of the guards even fainted, while the one of the others left for the commander's tent.
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》