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Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release
Author :Kamikaze22601
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26 Enemies approach

It didn't take long for the commander to show up. His name was Yuuto Nara, and as many others from his clan, he was recognized for his intelligence and strategic abilities.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here? If you are who you say, then how and why did you come here? I know for a fact that Sakumo-san was assigned a diplomatic mission in Uzushiogakure…"

Although Sakumo had indeed informed Yoshio of the name and character of the commander, it would be obvious to even the genin, that the man in front of him was a Nara, and as such, was pretty pissed about his sleep being interrupted.

"I am Yoshio Namikaze, registration number; zero zero six five one one, apprentices to Sakumo Hatake, and I bring an urgent message on Sakumo-sensei's orders, that needs to be brought back to Konoha as soon as possible"

After looking at a scroll for a few seconds, Yuuto found what he needed.

"Your registration number checks out, but how do I know you are acting on Sakumo-san's orders?"
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Yuuto raised an eyebrow as he questioned, putting his hands in his pocket in a typical Nara style.

"You know how the leaves dance with the crop in the farmland?"

"I do, then what are Sakumo's orders regarding your urgent message?"

"I was told to find genin Might Duy, who will run the scroll with the message to Konoha once I summon it, so if you could fetch him for me, it would be great"

As a shinobi from the same generation as Sakumo, Yuuto knew about the connection and friendship between Sakumo and Duy, as such, he didn't question Sakumo's motives, and instead just got someone to fetch Duy as quickly as possible. While that was happening, he was told about the intended use of the spirit transformation technique, and even volunteered to be possessed by Yoshio.

"Can someone bring be an empty scroll and a pen, I need to write something down. Ready Yuuto-taisho?"

"Yeah, just go ahead"

"Ok, spirit transformation technique: possession!"

With that, Yoshio's spirit flew into Yuuto's body, after which he first did the hand signs to summon the scroll from Sakumo, and the sat down at a table nearby, so he could write about the situation in Uzu. When he first arrived at the camp, he thought about telling them about the attack, but upon seeing the size of the camp, he knew they were probably not more than a hundred people, which wouldn't be able to help much, if they even believed him in the first place.

With that in mind he decided to just write the letter to Hiruzen, and then hope he could mobilize some more troops to help their ally, while also informing him about the Root agent that signified Danzo's treachery. Fortunately for Yoshio, it didn't take long for Duy to arrive, so he separated from Yuuto, in order to greet him.

(AN: I know that the Spirit transformation technique is supposed to rot the target of possession from within, but I think would be reasonable to make it so that the rotting is optional)

"From the description Sakumo-sensei gave me, I will assume you are Might Duy-san, right? I am Yoshio Namikaze, Sakumo's apprentice, nice to meet you"

"Ohh, Sakumo-san has such a youthful apprentice! I see that his flames of youth have not gone out yet… So, what can I do for you Yoshio-kun? I was told I need to run an urgent message to Konoha"

"That is correct, some circumstances have happened in Uzu and Hokage-sama needs to know as soon as possible"

Pointing to the two scrolls that was still left on the table, Yoshio decided to leave quickly. This was not only because his job was done, but also because knew the pair of Kusushi clansmen couldn't feed his body chakra forever. As such he figured the formal introduction to Duy could wait till after the war.

"It was nice to meet you Duy, but this technique is quite taxing, so I need to return to my body quickly"

With that quick comment, he took off towards Uzu. The journey was totally uneventful, so he soon had Uzushiogakure in sight… and a giant tsunami moving at fast speed towards the shores of Uzu…

'That… does not look good, I guess I was right about Isobu being involved, but I got to alarm Sakumo and Daiki, even though they probably already know, since it is already so close to the village'

Quickly flying back to the infirmary room which housed his body, he quickly reentered his body, noticing that both Sakumo and Daiki was gone, confirming that the tsunami was already well known within the walls of Uzu.

"Sorry, Takumi-san, Saku-san, I got to go find Sakumo-sensei now, but thanks for helping with the chakra"

'Now, where would they be now? Probably the wall, right? they'd have to take a look at what's happening…'

Running towards the west side of the city, which was the one facing the land of water, Yoshio noticed that no one in the streets seamed to either know or mind that their village was being attacked…

'Well, they are supposed to be the village with the most advanced defense… Now that I think about it, the biggest threat to the village is the Root agent bringing enemies within the walls… I'll make some clones to look out, but I still need to get to Sakumo…'

Creating five clones, which was all he could spare considering he was running on the chakra he got from the Kusushi couple, he made his way to the wall, but was greeted less than favorably, since he wasn't a Uzu shinobi… luckily though, Kazu was nearby to let him through.

"Thank you for the help Kazu-san. Can you tell me what's going on, I saw the tsunami when I was in spirit form, but I've got some important information for Sakumo-sensei and your father, so I need to go quickly, so can you point me in their direction?"

Very professionally and calm, Kazu pointed out the direction, but before Yoshio could run of, he, as second in command, had to ask about the information.

"They are over there, but can you tell me the short version?"

Not really caring who knew, Yoshio quickly answered his question…

"The three-tailed beast is involved"


Unfortunately, Yoshio was already too far away to hear Kazu's mumbling question. Thinking he had answered Kazu's question, he ran up the stairs onto the top of the wall, and he came just in time to see what could be called the most terrifying thing, he had ever seen or heard of before… A giant five hundred meters high wave moving quickly towards them, and as a sprinkle on top, a massive black and purple orb emerged from the wave… (The highest ever recorded tsunami reached five hundred and twenty-four meters, so considering that Naruto is a "magical" world, I think it is a reasonable size… relatively :D)
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    《Naruto | Yoshio Namikaze of the magnet release》