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Phenex that traveled the Multi-verse
Author :Dark0_0King
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36 Orgy part 1

I kiss Albedo passionately as I aimed my dick at shalltear that is now bend down, I thrust inside her while I massage Lakyus breast. The others pleasure themselves as they lick each other.

"Ahh~ I miss this." I said to myself as I thrust deeper and harder at Shalltear.

Albedo kissed my neck as Yuri hug me from behind and kissed my broad back. I moved faster as I grab shalltears neck as I choke her making her blush and her wall tightens, Her eyes are starting to roll back.

"Ahh~ Nghh!! Ren~sama~💕💕💕"

Using my Incubus skills I increase the sensitivity of the room where shalltear is now a drooling mess as she cum, I keep on moving until I cum inside of her, some of my cums leak out making Beta and Entoma lick it, I removed my still rock hard cock, making some of my sperm gush out as shalltear landed on the floor with a smile as the others lick the cum.

I grab Lakyus next as I raise her up with my small/shota body. Placing her legs at my shoulder as I grab her hand and inserted my dick, I raised her body as my hand is holding her hand under her legs as I start moving, it immediately hit deep inside her.

As I moved inside her, I see Clementine licking my balls as she finger herself. I made another cock appeared, hitting Clementine in the face where she just suck it with glee, grabbing my hips that is still moving as Lakyus is moaning like a bitch in hit as I created bumps that increased the sensitivity of her walls. Clementine pushed her body towards my second dick giving me a deep throat.

Feeling two sensation I cum at the same time making Clementine stomach grow with cum and Lakyus smiling like an idiot as I see her becomes unconscious, some of my cums drip to Clementine head.

Taking both of my cock out I let Lakyus sleep as I take on Clementine and spread her legs, Renner place her crotch at Clementine head where she licked it immediately, I inserted my two dick at her two holes that made her moan but was blocked by Renners pussy.

I grab both of her legs as I moved in a fast pace, I moved my head forward and Renner grab my head as we kissed, I inserted my tongue and explored her mouth, I see tia and tina both grab Clementine breast that is moving as I thrust inside her, they both start sucking it. Putting some of my Incubus Magic, I made her breast bigger and some milk coming out making the twins suck more.

Sensing that I am about to cum I let go of Renner as she pout, I grab Clementine waist and pushed deeply making her torso raised up as I cum inside of her. I keep cumming until her belly raise up from the amount of my cum, I pulled both of my cock and grab the nearest girl which is Renner and the twins.

I made them point and raise there ass at me, Renner at the middle with the twins at the side.

I aimed my two dick at Renner and thrust inside her as I see that she moaned along with showing her true smile, I start fingering the twins to prepare them, as no end I feel two pairs of hand hug me, looking back i see Solution and Yuri as they lick my neck. I also felt a hand touched my face and made me look at evileye as she is sitting at Renner ass, we kissed as I created another dick and aimed it at her pussy that she squealed in delight as I moved.

"Ahh~💕💕 Harder!! More DICK!!" evileye said as I moved inside her, I complied as I created a clone behind evileye and raised her petite body as he aimed his three dick at evileye ass where she screamed from pain as her asshole spread wider with three dick, she held me tighter along with me moving as she try to get used to it, minutes later she was moaning like a bitch in heat.

I cum inside her along with my clone, Renners belly grew as I keep on cumming inside her. Evileye petite body looks like a five months pregnant from my cum with her ass dripping as my clone cum inside her, pulling my dick renner fell along with evileye on top of her as my cum leaks out.

My clone fade as he was done, I lifted Tia and Tina and smash them together, making them sandwich each other, placing my two cock's at their ass and the middle between their pussy. I place them at the ground as I kiss Yuri while solution licked my back.

I pushed and moved in a fast pace at the twins as they kissed and moan from Tue pleasure, they start hugging each other as there breast are being pushed and keeps on moving, they lock their legs as they tighten. I start moving faster and increase the pleasure as I cum inside their ass and their belly as they relax and drift to sleep while hugging each other, they look like a bread with tons of mayonnaise in the middle.


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