Primordial Smith
1 Prologue
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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1 Prologue

In a simple hut, a small boy around 7-8 years old looking at the sky. He has black eyes and black hair, shapely face and with his baby fat, he is looking very cute. But while looking at the sky, in his eyes there are so many emotions you can't even see so many emotions in the eyes of a dying old man.

''I am sure right now. This is real. How the hell happened this?'' said the boy while sighing.

'My name was Black Smith. Yeah, you heard right. I was a 20 something years old university graduate in 21st century Earth. Why am I saying the date in century form, and even saying the world I am in? Well, because I don't even know if I'm in the Earth or another world right now as you can see I say it I am 20 something years old but here I am, in the body of a little boy.'

[Host. Who are you speaking within your mind?]

'Who am I speaking with? Of course with the readers of this novel. Look at me, I died in my original life because of a accident in my hobby, transmigrated to this boy's body, I have a system and from what I remember of the web novels I read, I am going to become a weak chicken in the 80% of the novel and in the last 20% of the novel quickly became a badass op character and dominate the World right? From the looks like I became a blessed MC so let me give my readers some World info.'

[Host I guess today became quite harsh on you. There is no readers or something like that. As a system, I am part of the universe, given to the fated person to help. Of course, this is not something free but do not worry because there will be no debts. As long as you lived your life in this World, even if you do not use the system it will help the universe, because of that as compensation not only you have a second chance in life, you have a beginner gift too. This will pay off your unintentional help to the universe.]

'So I have a beginner pact? Like I said this is becoming more and more like the novels I read. Whatever last 1 hour or so I didn't get a piece of useful knowledge. Let's be serious and start from the beginning system. Am I in a different World?'

[Yes Host. You're no longer in the Earth]

'So why I am transmigrated? Why me? And is there anyone else like me in this World?'

[Because of fate. Your name is Black Smith. Your hobby or one of the few things that give you joy in your life is ancient smithing, you died while smithing. Universe chose its system hosts if they have an obsession or in another Word determination in something. So as to reward them of their resolution in their life. There is no one else like you in this World. And before you die no one like you will come to this World Host. And before you ask no one come before you to this World.]

'Then as a system what abilities do you have?'

[Host I have status, you can check your own stats. There is a shop, you can buy things with system points, inventory, and status check. With this, you can check not only your own stats, but you can also check others stats and objects stats. And lastly missions.]

'That was expected. So give me an explanation of your abilities then.'

[Status like you can guess host, it will Show your physical status in number form, Show your skills and Show your health. But unlike games you played host, health will not Show up in number form, it will only say you're healthy, sick, poisoned or so. In the shop, there is a search bar to use. You can search for what you want from there. In the shop, you can buy anything, physical objects, skills to use, and more. Shop use system points, shortly sp. You can get sp from missions reward, when you kill a living person or animal and when you accomplish something noteworthy. Like when you started to make your own weapon, you can get sp. Inventory has 2 mod. System things like beginner gift, something you bought from the shop and things like that can store limitless. But when you take things out from inventory, it won't go back to limitless inventory, you have a beginner 1 square meters inventory, things from this World and the things you take out from the system when you place in inventory, it will go to this space. You can buy space for inventory in the shop. With the status check, you can check the status of people and animals to see their power. Lifeless objects have their grade in this World. Because this World has qi, this is not something system related. When you check something's status I will explain more thoroughly. In mission, you can find 1 main mission and 5 daily missions. The main mission will stay like that until you complete, Daily missions will change every day. Missions don't have a penalty.]

'In this World is there qi? Like I said this is going the way like I expected system. Well, Show me my stats then we can slowly explore what are your abilities do.'

[Yes Host]

[ Black Smith (New body have no name)

8 Years Old

Strength (STR): 6

Stamina (STA): 7

Dexterity (DEX): 6

Qi: None yet

Skills: None yet ]

'How is this boy has no name? And hows the values calculated?'

[ When you take the memories of the body you can understand host. Values' calculation very complex host. But so you can understand, I will give you an example, a normal adult male in your previous World have 10 in his' stats host.]

'Then how can I absorb or take the memories of the body? And how are the skills work? Can I create my own skills like crafting something? I remember something like that exists in one of the novels I read.'

[ When you open the beginner gift you can take the memories host. And you can't create skills host. You can still craft something without skills, but if you have skills, whenever you use that skill you will get exp and level up the skill. Skills in the system have a bonus, so when you make something with skills, you can both get exp and get a bonus from the skills. This bonus will change in every skill. It can be passive or active, changes according to the skill.]

'Oh, that sucks, with this I need to buy skills from the system for everything I guess. Whatever, let's open the beginner gift, I hope there is something good inside.'

[Open the beginner gift?]


'Yes, open it.'

[ Beginner gift opened;

+ Memories of the previous owner of the body

+ 108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique

+ 1000 sp]

'Oh, there is cultivation technique and sp. I hope things in the shop not that much expensive, otherwise my happiness right now will go to waste. Okay system how will I take the memories?'

[Taking memories can go on for a few hours host. I recommend you to take the memories when you will sleep.]

'Okay then, Show me the cultivation technique for now.'

[108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique:

Humans and animals can't take pure qi to their body. Qi will be taken as eating other animal and plants, because of that, in living beings body will be full of impurities. In this technique, when you eat something, you can use this technique to digest the nutrients quickly, use the solar energy (the sun) as the flame, body as the furnace and the nutrients as the hammer, you may strengthen the body and refine the body from impurities. When this technique completed, the body of the user will be as pure as a newborn baby.

(The users of this technique will see their talent in smithing rise)]

'That looks cool. But first and foremost let's get the memories, I want to know why this kid completely nude, and why is there nothing in this hut. System gets the memories.'

Black said to the system as he lies down on the spot.

[Will you absorb the memories of the previous owner of the body?]


'Yes, let's get over with this'


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