Primordial Smith
2 First Day part 1
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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2 First Day part 1

'Ugh, I can't believe this.'

Black said as he wakes up and sits.

'I am in a primordial World. I live in a tribe, there are still people who live in caves because the winter here still be warm and only will be a rain continuously for a few months, and in other times there will be burning temperature, man and women alike don't wear clothes. (okay, if you don't count the men, I like this). People here live off on hunting, even women here stronger than the strongest man on Earth. They are using stone weapons and this kid 8 years old orphan but no one cares him. I guess I need to be happy as no one comes and takes his home?'

Black throwing a tantrum because what he sees in the memories. This is a complete primordial World. People living in a tribe, there is no concept of clothes, living off on hunting, and when a kid's parents die, if kid big enough to look after himself, no one will care. If he is not that big (that is being a baby) chief of the tribe will ask someone of the tribe who gave birth recently to take him. Of course, if no one accepted that kid, unfortunately for this kid.

'Ugh, pity for this kid. Meat, not something he can have. Meat very precious because hunters will die regularly while hunting. So when someone catches a prey, that will be his or if they hunted as a party, it will become whole hunting party's. Hunters exchange their prey for the things they need, like arrowheads, clay pots and something like that. But this kid only 8, what can he do? He is living off on fruits and plants from the forest close by. And because he didn't eat meat while growing up he is much weaker than his age group. Because he didn't manage to find something to eat close by (He can't go in much in the forest because the animals will eat him up) he even starves to death.'

'This kid's mother died while giving birth to his sibling while he is 2 years old, while there is polygamy in this World, his father didn't marry for a while because he wanted to wait a while. (He was pretty young, In Earth, he can't be counted as an adult) His father dyed in hunting while he is 5 years old. Now I come to this World, Let's make a plan to what to do, I can't starve to death right? It will be a shame to every transmigrator in history'

'Sun only coming up. Let's take a look at the cultivation technique before doing anything else. This is a Dangerous World. System get the cultivation technique'

[Host, I recommend to cultivate after eating something. This cultivation technique heavily counted on nutrients. The previous owner of the body died of starvation, while you didn't eat anything to this time. If you cultivate this technique while starving you may harm yourself host]

'You said the right system. Thanks for the advice. I don't want my cultivation road to get cut while I come to this World. Then open the system and look for movement techniques, so we can go and found something to eat. I don't want to become prey to animals while looking for something to eat. It will become quite ironic.'

[Sure host. Because you have only 1000 sp, I will only Show under 1000 sp techniques.

+Elephant steps fundamentals (800sp)

+Monkey movement technique fundamentals (900sp)

+Ghost steps fundamentals (750sp)

+Snow steps fundamentals (700sp)

This four is the only movement techniques under 1000 sp Host]

'I can understand every one of them but what is the elephant technique system? I want to be fast, not slow and loud.'

[Every technique has its own specialty Host. Elephant steps take is core as becoming as steady as possible. Of course, its slower compared to other techniques but only compared to other techniques. Even if you learn this technique for a few minutes, your speed will go up the estimation of 20 to 30%. Monkey steps take agility as its core, ghost steps quietly and good for assassins, snow steps is pure speed ]

'Okay, but why every one of them fundamentals system?'

[Because of yours sp, not enough for the whole technique Host.]

'Damn, you're saying I am that poor? Whatever I don't want to become angry and waste my energy. Buy the snow steps Fundamentals system. And there is 300 sp left. If 300 sp enough for a weapon Show me system. It's good enough even If I have a fruit knife'

[Will you buy Snow steps Fundamentals for 700 system points?]


'Yes buy and Show me the weapons.'

[Snow steps fundamentals bought and deposited to your inventory host. Right now I will Show the weapons you can buy under 300sp. Because you're in a primordial World, weapons limited to stone weapons host.

+Little knife (100sp)

+Arrow stone head (50sp)

+Spear stone head (250sp)

+Long knife (200sp)

+Sword (300 sp)

Because your amount of sp you are seeing worst of the weapons host. They are crafted from normal Stones.]

'It doesn't matter for now. Buy me a little knife and let's go and find something to eat'

[Will you buy Little knife for 100 system points?]


'Yes, and open the missions system. I almost forget about missions because of the hunger'

[Little knife bought and deposited to your inventory host. I am opening missions

Main Mission:

+Get your stat sup!

Get your stats to 25 for each one of them at the very least.

Rewards: Rewards will be given as the time take to complete the mission

Daily Missions:

+Spend system points!

Spend system points to get rewards. For every 50 system point spend you can get a reward.

Rewards: For every 50 system points spend, you can get a small wooden water container. You have x16 rewards left to receive. Receive rewards?


Hunt some games o eat.

Rewards: You will get rewards as to how strong your game and according to your performance. Rewards can be anything from system points to skills. Take care to not die.

+Sell something!

Sell something to tribespeople.

Rewards: You will get rewarded according to your profit. If you make a loss you will only get a 1 system point as a reward.

+Craft something!

Craft anything to get rewards.

Rewards: You can get rewards according to your performance. What you crafted, how useful, how well you crafted and so on.

+Look at the stats!

Look at the stats of 5 different objects.

Rewards: 250 system points.]

'Wow, I already completed a mission? It's good I don't need to receive missions to complete them. They will be auto-completed when I do the missions I guess. Receive the rewards of the mission system.'

[Rewards 'x16 water container' received and deposited in your inventory host.]

'Good take one of them out, let's see how is the stats of items looks like'

After Black said this to the system, a wooden container come ta his hand from nowhere. The water container looks like a canteen that's used at the army. Only it's made from wood and has a cork as a cap. Black looked at the water container little while and a window opened in front of him.

[Wooden water container (White)

A wooden container used to store water. It can store 1 liter of water. Very brittle.]

'What is the (White) system? Is everything have a grade?'

[Like you guessed host it's grade. And yes everything has a grade. It's because there is qi in this world host. There is no standard for things in this World. An iron can be different from another iron from the same mine because of the Qi. When something has more qi, it will be better. So grades come to use. İf there is no qi in something, that will be White grade, one upper grade will be gray, then green, blue, orange, red and black. Upper grades don't be graded in colors and for now, you won't need to know. ]

'Then what difference in there? Is there an only quality difference or is there more?'

[For most of the object's host, there will be an only quality difference. But because of the qi, they can change and become completely different things. As an example; when an iron ore takes in qi some times later it can change to few different things like black iron, fire iron, qi iron… I won't talk about their uses right now host]

'It's enough for now. Give me the little knife to look at its stats now. Oh wait, system can I complete the mission looking at 5 different water container's stats?'

[No host. İf you look at it carefully, you can see there is writing 5 different objects.]

System answered Black while a small stone knife comes to his hand.

[Little knife (White)

Small knife made from stone. Handle 10 cm, while it's knife 15 cm. A little useful for normal jobs. But it's very brittle to us for hunting]

'Now I have looked 2 objects stats. There is 3 more left to receive rewards. Now let's get ready to go out'

Thought Black while going to the water barrel in the corner of the room to fill the water container. After filling up the water container, he put the knife and container to his inventory and go out of the small hut. While we're saying small hut, this just looks like a hut. It only has one room and a roof made from grass.


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