Primordial Smith
3 First Day part 2
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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3 First Day part 2

'Oh, wait. I forgot to learn the movement technique. Whatever when I come close to the forest I can learn it.' Thought Black while walking.

While he's walking through from his hut to forest, he looked through to environment. Although he gets the memories of the boy, looking with your own eyes completely different. Tribe at the foot of the mountain and there are both huts made from wood and stone, and close to a mountain, there are caves. Because of his hut a little outside of the tribe, he didn't see much people. Because the sun only now coming up, there are not many people in their surroundings. And the people he sees all man, and he didn't want to look at them because, well, all of them nude.

'Damn it. I thought I will see one or two pretty girls.' Murmured under his breath Black while walking to the forest.

After walking 5 minutes or so, Black looked at his surroundings and seeing there is no one, he go and sit under a tree.

'Okay system. How I am going to learn the technique?'

[You can open the stats and see, host. Do you want to open stats?]

'open it'

[ Black Smith (New body have no name)

8 Years Old

Strength (STR): 6

Stamina (STA): 7

Dexterity (DEX): 6

Qi: None yet


+108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique (unlearned for now) (learn it?) (Yes) (No)

+Snow steps Fundamentals (unlearned for now) (learn it?) (Yes) (No) ]

'Okay. System what will happen when I learned the technique? And how much time will it take?'

[Technique will directly come to your mind host. And at most will take seconds. Because you are not mastering the technique but just learning. You will be a complete beginner in the technique.]

'Then start learning it'

After Black gave the command, a lot of knowledge started to appear in his mind. How to walk, how to run, how to speed up, how to breath… after digesting the new knowledge appeared in his mind for a few minutes, he said to the system in his mind.

'Okay system. Open the stats, let's see what changes there will be.'

[ Black Smith (New body have no name)

8 Years Old

Strength (STR): 6

Stamina (STA): 7

Dexterity (DEX): 6

Qi: None yet


+108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique (unlearned for now) (learn it?) (Yes) (No)

+Snow Steps Fundamentals (Beginner):

-Fundamental movement technique, it has 5 stages;

Beginner: Let your speed increase 20% and agility 5%

Low: Let your speed increase 30% and agility 15%

Medium: Let your speed increase 50% and agility 25%

High: Let your speed increase 75% and agility 35%

Master: Let your speed increase 100% and agility 50%]

'It's good enough I guess. Let's try while going to the forest' said while Black trying to regulate his breathing.

After trying a few minutes, he managed to regulate his breathing and started jogging.

After jogging close to 15 minutes, he can see the forest. After seeing the forest, he started to slow down and stopped when he came under a tree.

[Ding! Congratulations host. 15 minutes jogging give your 'snow steps fundamentals' skill 10 exp.]

'How much exp I need to level up the skills system. I didn't see in the stats window.'

[You need to use the skill first to see the exp bar host. For the 'snow steps fundamentals' you need 100 exp first before you can level up the skill. But this is just a coincidence. For every skill there is a different amount of exp need.]

'Okay. That's good. Maybe today I can level up the skill.' Said Black to the system while taking out the little knife and water container from the system and drinking little.

'let's try to complete a mission while looking for fruits or something like that.' Said in his mind Black while taking a stone in his hands and thinking 'status'.

[Stone (Gray)

Normal stone only contains little amount of Qi. It can be made into arrowhead]

'That's cool. Stones that can be made into weapons have value. Let's look at the trees and maybe we can found a tree to make weapons' thought Black while looking at the tree he's under and thinking 'status'

[Apple tree (green)

It's wood not good enough to make something but it will give good fruits infused with qi.]

'Oh, İt's green grade. But I guess it took its grade from fruits that grow. Pity there is no fruit now otherwise the kid won't be starved right?'

'Let's go and look for something to eat' said Black in his mind and continued to walk. He's not jogging because he doesn't want to make noise. İf he comes across an animal it can be his last day with his strength.

After walking for a little while, he sees a shrub.

'Let's look at this shrub's stats and complete the mission'

[Strawberry Bush (gray)

It will give sweet strawberrys]

Before Black finishing looking at the stats of the shrub, something White comes out of the shrub and jumped on him. When his eyes caught the White shadow, unconsciously he makes a jump backward.

''What was that?'' said black and looked at the White shadow. It's a rabbit. But unlike rabbits from Earth, this one 2 times bigger and looking at him with anger.

'What with that rabbit? Whatever, let's look at his stats and if I can defeat we can eat rabbit today.'


Strength (STR): 4

Stamina (STA): 6

Dexterity (DEX): 7

+An adult rabbit. Normally very timid animal. When you closed while he's eating, he becomes angry, and seeing you're not much strong, İt's trying to bully you]

'Damn, am I weak enough to bullied by a rabbit? Give me my knife system, we're going to eat rabbit today.' Said Black to the system and concentrated on the rabbit. While it's true it is just a rabbit, its almost as strong as Black.

After taking the knife in his hand, he held the knife in reverse while waiting for the rabbit to make his move. After looking at Black a few more seconds, the rabbit started to get impatient and make a jump once more.

When the rabbit jumped, Black already waiting and slashed with the knife, but because he's not strong enough, knife only made a cut at the rabbit and send the rabbit at the side.

'Damn I am not strong enough. İf I don't make a move now rabbit will run' through Black in a flash and jumped at the rabbit while stabbing at the rabbit.

Rabbit really doesn't expect to get wounded, so when he comes to ground it's started to make a jump to run. But thanks god, Black moved before the rabbit. But he didn't manage to kill the rabbit because rabbit started to make his jump. So he only stabbed the rabbit in his tail and nailed the rabbit in the ground with his knife.

''Hahaha that's good, even though this is my first hunt, I managed to hunt something. Now let's found a stone to faint the rabbit when found water, we can clean' Although Black didn't hunt before in his life, he learned to clean the game in scout camp.

After founding a stone and put to sleep the rabbit, Black continued to look through the forest. Of course, he didn't go in, at most 10 meters or so to run away if he comes across danger.

After walking for approximately 10 minutes, Black comes across a tree with fruits. They look like a pear but a little bigger. Black got closer on the tree and said 'stats' in his mind.

[Pear tree (Blue)

Spiritual. Its fruit can strengthen the consumer a little. Ripe to consume]

''Wow, it can even strengthen the person. That's a good thing I guess'' after said that, Black looked at his surroundings. İf there are strong animals nearby looking after the fruits, it will end for him.

I guess Black's luck is good, there is no animal nearby. After seeing that, Black goes up and started to pick fruits, and before he completely fillup his inventory, he didn't stop.

'I guess this is enough for today, let's go back and start the meal' because there is sound coming from his stomach, Black didn't want to stay any longer in the forest. And because of the hunger, there is not much strength left in his body after hunting a rabbit and collecting fruits.

Black took out fruit too from the tree and started eating while returning to his hut. And while walking back, he collected a little bit of wood to make fire. Because he is slowly walking back, he got back after half an hour or so. While almost in the tribe, he stopped at the edge of a stream that goes by the tribe. After taking his knife and stabbing the neck of the rabbit, a system voice comes.

[Ding! Congratulations host. Killing a rabbit gives you a 100 system point. And because this is your first killing of a rabbit, rewards doubled. Whenever you kill a living being, if it is your first killing of the species, your rewards will be doubled.]

'Oh, I forgot you system. That's a cool 200 sp. And there is the mission reward and the left up sp, I have 650 sp huh. Take the reward fort he mission system.' After saying that, Blac continued to clean his game.

After cleaning the rabbit, Black comes back to his hut.

''let's eat'' said Black while getting the wood he collected to fireplace outside of the hut.

'Now how I am going to make a fire? Ah right, they're making fire with the flintstone' after going inside and taking the flintstone, Black make a fire after almost 10 tries.

'Oh, I thought I can't manage to make a fire.' After a fire completely started to burn, Black placed the rabbit with a wood going inside of it over the fire. Then he got up and get salt stone from the hut. After taking the rock salt and crumble a little in his hand, he sprinkled over the rabbit.

After a while rabbit completely cooked, Black takes the rabbit and get a clay plate with fruits from inside the hut. So as ton o one see him taking out fruits from the air, he takes them out inside of the hut.

''Let's eat'' said Black while his saliva flows out. Although he is still little, he ate up the whole rabbit and 6 fruits with the one he ate coming from the forest.


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