Primordial Smith
4 First Day part 3
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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4 First Day part 3

After eating his meal, Black put out the fire and cleaned the place. After that, he lied down in front of the hut and looked at his surroundings. Not seeing a pretty lady, he disappointed a little.

'Damn I want to see. System let's learn the cultivation technique' After not seeing a thing a little while, Black becomes serious.

[Do you want to learn '108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique'?]


'yes learn it' after that, there is a lot of information come to his mind. How to suck and store the solar energy, how to control nutrients in your body, how to control the qi, how to strengthen the body, how to cleanse the body, techniques of hummer, how to quickly digest the thing in your stomach to pure nutrients…

After almost 2 or 3 times of before, Black completely assimilated with the new knowledge in his mind.

Trying to regulate his breathing according to the technique, he sits cross-legged and tried to get solar energy in his body. After failing a few times, he managed to get a strand of solar energy to his body. Quickly he circulated the strand of energy in his blood vessels and get in his stomach. After the energy come to his stomach, things he ate started to quickly digest and turned to nutrients in his blood vessel.

'I guess I ate low-quality food, with only a strand of solar energy, everything digested.' Thought while Black started to take more solar energy to his body. In this technique, solar energy not only helps with digestion, but it will also help with strengthening the body.

After taking 3 strands of solar energy to his body after 10 minutes, he collected the nutrients together with the solar energy and try to make hem take the shape of hummers. Because this is his first time, it took a while, but in the end, he succeeds to make them take the shapes of hammers.

After this step, Black started to make the hummers circulate his blood vessels and hummer everywhere. His muscles, bones, blood vessels, organs, tissues…

Whenever a little hammer hit somewhere, Black will feel pain. But because this is important and the pain little, he clenched his teeth and continued. Every time a little hummer hit him, a part of the hummer, solar energy, and nutrient, will break off from the hummer and gets absorbed by his body. While at the same time, a few impurities will come out of his hit body part and go to his various body places to throw out of his body.

After an hour of painful cultivation, Black completed the technique. After only an hour, Black gasped for breath.

'Huh-huh, that was fucking painful' without Black completely regulate his breath, System's voice comes.

[Ding! Congratulations host. Your this cultivation gives you +1 for your every stats. And 20 exp.}

'only 1 for every stats? That's little right? And what is the limit exp of the '108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique' system?'

[This is doesn't little host. Because this is your first time, and you ate blue grade fruits that can help strengthen the body, this is still a lot. If you just ate the rabbit, even if this your first time, it won't even give 0.5 to your every stats. It won't even give an equal amount to you, this is because of your luck to find blue grade fruits host. And for the exp limit, when you get 250 exp, you can level up the skill. This skill too has 5 stages. Almost every fundamental skills do.]

'Then I won't even get 1 for my stats from now on huh? I didn't even get 10% exp for this skill.' Said Black while scratching his face.

'what is this in my body system? It's black and reeking'

[That is the expelled impurities in your body host. Before your body starts to absorb them back, I advise you to cleaned]

After system said that, Black got up and run to the creek. 'Are you kidding, I tried so much to cultivate, I don't want my efforts to go waste' thought Black while running.

After he comes to the creek, he jumped inside and washed up. After the first rush, he started to look around. Under his foot, there is a plant with fruits growing on them, because of the curiosity, he looked at the plant's stats while cleaning up.

[Edar plant (Green)

A fruit plant, fruits have an anesthetic effect.]

'Wow, this will be useful if ı smear on my weapon' thought Black. After finding this plant, he collected it's fruits to his inventory, then looked around to found if there is more.

After 15 minutes, Black returned to his hut. There is a big smile on his face.

'I didn't expect there is so much of this plant. I found 6 gray, 4 green, and even a blue grade plant. I didn't even look that carefully, I guess there is still more of this plant in the creek. I can found more when I need it'

'System is there an archery skill I can afford?'

[There is host

+Fundamentals of archery (350 sp) ]

'It's cheap compared to other skills. Why is that system?'

[Because this is a weapon skill host. For every weapon skills, you need to learn the Fundamentals of that skill before you can learn any fancy weapon skill.]

'That's good then. Before I bought anything system, I forgot the Hunt! mission. Open the missions.'

[Okay host.

Main Mission:

+Get your stat sup!

Get your stats to 25 for each one of them at the very least.

Rewards: Rewards will be given as the time take to complete the mission

Daily Missions:

+Spend system points!

Spend system points to get rewards. For every 50 system point spend you can get a reward.

Rewards: For every 50 system points spend, you can get a small wooden water container.


Hunt some games o eat.

Rewards: You will get rewards as to how strong your game and according to your performance. Rewards can be anything from system points to skills. Take care to not die. (There is 1 reward packet waiting to collect).

+Sell something!

Sell something to tribespeople.

Rewards: You will get rewarded according to your profit. If you make a loss you will only get a 1 system point as a reward.

+Craft something!

Craft anything to get rewards.

Rewards: You can get rewards according to your performance. What you crafted, how useful, how well you crafted and so on.

+Look at the stats! (Completed)

Look at the stats of 5 different objects.

Rewards: 250 system points. (Waiting to receive)]

'Didn't you collected the rewards of mission 'Look at the stats!' System? Whatever, collect both rewards, and why is there only on one of the missions says completed system?'

[Rewards collected host. You can find the reward packet in your inventory. Without you opening missions window, rewards won't be collected, host. Only one of them says completed because the other mission can be completed continuously, host.]

'That's good, I can go and look for more game today then. Get the reward packet and open it system.'

[Do you want to open the 'Reward packet x1']


'Yes, open it'

[Congrulations host. You get;

+100 system points

+Bow (gray)]

'Haha, while I was going to buy a White bow, this is good. It's made better. Let's look at its stats.' Said Black and take the bow from inventory.

[Bow (Gray)

Primordial bow from wood and cow nerves. It is more durable and a little stronger than a White grade bow.]

'Okay, system buy 'Fundamentals of archery' and Show me arrows I can afford.'

[Would you like to buy 'Fundamentals of archery' for 350 system points. You have 750 system points right now.]


'Yes, one time to not ask system and Show me the arrows.'

[It is for your own good host. When you buy something, you can't undo in the system.

I am showing the arrows under 400 system points;

+Arrow stone head (50 sp) (White)

+Arrow stone head (100 sp) (Gray)

+Arrow stone head (200 sp) (Green)

+Arrow stone head (400 sp) (Blue)]

'What is this stone head system? Do you only sell arrowheads?'

[No host, that just for showing from what material made up. Although there is grades, a White grade iron arrowhead, equal or maybe better than green grade arrowhead made from stone.]

'Oh, that's good then. Okay, buy me a green, one gray and 2 white grade arrows system.'

[Do you wish to buy 'Arrow stone head (50 sp) (White)' x2, 'Arrow stone head (100 sp) (Gray)' x1 and 'Arrow stone head (200 sp) (Green)' x1 in Exchange of total 400 system points?]


'Yes buy them'

[Your items deposited to your inventory host]

Okay, let's smear the arrow with the Edar fruit and it can be ready' said Black and take the arrows out from the inventory. After that, he took out a Blue grade fruit and squashed in a clay pot toughly. Then taking a fruit leaf and with that, smeared the whole squashed Edar fruit to only green grade arrow's head. After he completed, a system message comes.

[Ding! Congratulations host for his first craft. You used 'Arrow stone head (Green)' x1 and 'Edar fruit (blue)' x1 to create 'Poisoned Arrow stone head (Blue)' Because this is your first craft, your rewards will be doubled. Reward (without doubling);

+Stone crafting technique Fundamentals

Because of your reward a skill, as a doubling reward, you can choose a crafting skill under 500 system points for a free host. Do you want to see it?]

'Haha, is there a reward for this too? Let me see the stats for this arrow, then we can see the skills'

[Poisened Arrow stone head (Blue)

A good arrow with anesthetic effect. Any animal that gets a wound from this arrow will go to sleep.]

'Oh isn't that mean I can be invisible as long as I got a shot, and we're 1v1?'

[No host. Please read carefully. It says animals. Animals cultivate too. When they reach a certain realm, they will become monsters]

'There won't be a good thing like that, I was half expected you to say this system. Open the skills so I can get my free skill system.'

[Crafting skills under 500 system points;

+Cooking Fundamentals (350 sp)

+Alchemy Fundamentals (500 sp)

+Woodworking Fundamentals (450 sp)

+Bow and Arrow Making Fundamentals (400sp)


'Why is there cooking? Whatever, get me the Alchemy system, I am expecting to see what is like alchemy and because this free, of course, I will get the most expensive thing.'

[Would you like to get your reward as an 'Alchemy Fundamentals (500 sp)']




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