Primordial Smith
5 First Day part 4
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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5 First Day part 4

'Let's look at the stats. Open the stats system.'

[Black Smith (New body have no name)

8 Years Old

System points: 0

Strength (STR): 7 (+1)

Stamina (STA): 8 (+1)

Dexterity (DEX): 7 (+1)

Qi: None yet


+108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique (Beginner) exp; 20/250

+Snow Steps Fundamentals (Beginner) 10/100

+Fundamentals of Archery (Not Learned Yet) (Learn?) (Yes)(No)

+Stone crafting technique Fundamentals (Not Learned Yet) (Learn?) (Yes)(No)

+Alchemy Fundamentals (Not Learned Yet) (Learn?) (Yes)(No) ]

'I have to learn the skills before I go out again. Learn the skill 'Fundamentals of Archery' system' after Black said that, knowledge about the skill fillup his brain. How to hold a bow, how much strength you need to use while drawing, how to hold the bow and arrow… After getting the knowledge and going over again, without stop, Black learned the other two skills.

'Learn the 'Stone crafting technique Fundamentals' system.' How to choose a stone, what tool to use when what doing, how to sharpen a stone, how much strength to use, how to not make the stone brittle…

'Learn 'Alchemy Fundamentals' system.' What is alchemy, the balance of plants, how to choose, what to use, alchemy applications, water alchemy, fire alchemy, freezing…

'After learning 3 skills my head started to ache. After I rest a while let's go and hunt something good' While Black rests, he started to make more poisoned arrows. He squashed another blue grade Edar fruit in the pot (there are 5-7 fruits in every plant), then unlike before, he heated up the pot under a fire a little, as well as the arrowhead, then with the leaf he smeared the juice evenly on the arrowhead.

[Ding! Congratulations on your successful craft host. You used 'Arrow stone head (Gray)' x2 and 'Edar fruit (Blue)' x2 and created 'poisoned arrow stone head (Green)' x2 and used 'Arrow stone head (White) x2 and 'Edar fruit (Green) x2 to create 'poisoned arrow stone head (Gray)' x2. As a reward, you gained 700 system points. (200) x2 for green grades and (100) x2 for gray grades.]

'Oh, why is only sp?'

[Most of the low-level rewards sp host. The previous one was your first and final product was blue. That was a rare reward for the low-level craft.]

'Okay then, there is nothing I can do. At least the reward is decent.' Said Black while taking out a pear from his inventory and placing the bow and arrows on his inventory. After doing that and looking around to see if he forgets something, Black go out of his hut and started jogging to the forest while eating his pear.

Jogging a little after, Black finally see the thing he wants to. A beautiful young woman around early 20s walking to the tribe from the creek. She has White and smooth skin, black hair, shapely face, apple boobs, and curved ass. She has an hourglass body. And she's completely nude.

'Damn look at that, I was expected this. Pity I am still too young otherwise… Hey, system. This place completely a hell. There is so much hot and sunny, you may be cooked in here. So why her skin so White and smooth?

[Becouse of cultivation host. When you started to have qi, your body will be protected from natural harm like sun, hot, cold to a limited degree. If you look at her stats, you may understand host]

Black listened to system's advice and looked at the stats of the pretty chick


20 Years Old

Strength (STR): 85

Stamina (STA): 90

Dexterity (DEX): 100

Qi: 10

Cultivation: Beginner Foundation laying]

'Damn, is she a monster? What's with her stats?'

[That's not something, host. Because she is women and gets to Foundation laying stage only recently, her stats still low. A Normal adult male, even without getting to the foundation-laying stage, can easily get his stats to 100 and much more.]

'Yes, there is cultivation in this World, right? I forgot that and scare myself out.' Said Black while checking our the girl until she's completely out of his range. İf he is not this young, something under there will be already ready waiting for his orders.

After getting rid of the distracting toughs, Black realized his speed, eyesight and everything in his body improved. Because he is in indoors and doing nothing much, he didn't realize but, he's in much better shape. Even his skin color gets a little paler from before's brown.

'This is the benefit of the cultivation huh? I can grow naturally but the thing under there will grow I hope.' While thinking unrelated stuff, Black without realizing come to the forest. Looking around to see if there is someone to see him, he took out the bow and a green grade arrow. İf he came under danger, he can save himself while not wasting a blue grade arrow. At the same time, if he found a weak game, there is still time to take the gray grade arrow out.

After taking his bow and arrow, Black started to slowly move inside to the forest. He gained the courage to go inside the forest but, without preparation that's not courage, its suicide.

Black slowly and quietly advanced. There are not many things in here. After walking inside of forest for 100 meters or so, he started to hear water sound to his right. After carefully watching his surroundings and making sure there is nothing, he started to go to the water sound. There is a little mountain stream. Although there is no animal in sight, Black sure there will be after a while.

'In Earth, I see on TV that animals will go to the water every once in a while. If I sit and wait here, I am sure an animal will come here' thought Black and looked at his surroundings to find a place to lie and wait. To his left front, there is a tree with a lot of leaves and the branches started only 3 meters up from the ground. A perfect place. Black rushed to the tree and started to climb. After a while, he finally climbed 4-5 meters up from the ground and sit on a branch and take his bow and arrow back from inventory.

'Damn, because I am nüde, the braches give me pain while sitting. At least this is a good place, I can see the stream, wind come to my face so my odor will not go to the stream and there are only 6 meters to the stream and at most 10 meters to the other side of the stream. Let's wait for our prey now'

'İs there no animals thirsty? I am waiting for the past half an hour but there is not even a bird to come and drink wate- wait what was that?' after a Shu-Shu sound, a pair of boars come out of bushes. But these boars a little too big, bigger one, male I guess, around a cow and the smaller one, bigger than a calf.

'There is two of them. What will I make?. I found, lets shot the little one, after that, the bigger one will get angry and run up to me, so I can take them out in order. I hope nothing will go wrong, otherwise, look at their teeth' tough Black while knocking his arrow on his bow.

Holding his breath and taking aim, Black started to wait for the right time. When the little boar Show its belly from the side while getting comfortable drinking water, Black left his hand from the arrow.


Arrow only leave behind a scar and didn't go in. Boar looked up to him when heard the sound and feeling the pain. But after looking up, smaller boar take 2 steps out and go to sleep. When the bigger boar see its mate fall on the ground, its eyes go completely red in a second and started to run to Black.

Black didn't even look up, when he shot the arrow, he immediately take another green grade arrow out from his inventory and then looked up. And what he saw shocked him. The bigger boar only 3 meters left to reach the tree he was on and getting closer and closer. Without even taking aim, he knocks the arrow on the bow and shoots at the general direction of the boar.


And beginner luck. Arrow go in from the boar's left eye to its roots.

[Ding! Congratulations Host! You killed a boar fort he first time. Your rewards will be doubled. Rewards (without doubling):

+750 system points]

'Wow, one shot kill. This time I was pretty reckless, if this shot goes haywire, This boar can definitely let me fall from this tree, and my end will come then' thought Black while breathing roughly.

'Let's check our reward' Black said after a while and climbed down the tree. He first looked at the dead boar.

[ Fresh male boar carcass

960kg. From a normal boar, have three times more nutrients value. Its tusks can be made to good weapons or accessory.]

After that, he goes up to the other one's side.

[Female boar (unconscious, will stay like that another 6 hours 37 minutes)

2 Years Old

Strength (STR): 17

Stamina (STA): 21

Dexterity (DEX): 12

Qi: None

780kg. From a normal boar's have 2 times more nutrients value.]

'Sigh, I was expected to be pregnant, then I can wait for giving birth than have a few more boars to eat a year after. Although I don't know boars what ate or when will they be adult' after thinking a while, Black gets his knife out and slaughtered this sow. This one give 750 sp too and in total, he has 2950 sp right know. And the rewards of the mission out. After started cleaning the boars, he remembered there is not much space remained in his inventory.

'Right, system. How much inventory space?'

[! Square meter 250 system points host.]

'Then buy 3 square meters of inventory, with that I will have 2200 sp left'

[Do you want to buy '1 square meter of inventory space' x3 for 750 system points?]


'Yes buy it.' Said Black while cleaning the boars. After finishing his business and look at the arrows to can they be used again, Black goes back to wait in his place again. Although there is blood smell, even if there won't be a herbivorous animal, there will be a carnivorous animal came.

After waiting to close to 15 minutes, like Black expected another voice come. After looking at the origin of the sound, 3 wolves came out of the woods. One of the wolfs bigger than the other two and have a scar in his chin. It's obvious he's the alpha. This time before firing, Black look at their stats.

[Alpha wolf

4 Years Old

Strength (STR): 17

Stamina (STA): 21

Dexterity (DEX): 24

Qi: None

A good hunter. Because it's a carnivorous animal, there is a lot of blood and qi in his body. 1kg of his meat, as nutritious as a normal cow's 15 kg of meat. 480lg]

[Female wolf (1)

3 Years Old

Strength (STR): 13

Stamina (STA): 17

Dexterity (DEX): 20

Qi: None

A good hunter. Because it's a carnivorous animal, there is a lot of blood and qi in her body. 1kg of her meat, as nutritious as a normal cow's 12 kg of meat. 410lg]

[Female wolf (2)

2 Years Old

Strength (STR): 14

Stamina (STA): 16

Dexterity (DEX): 22

Qi: None

A good hunter. Because it's a carnivorous animal, there is a lot of blood and qi in her body. 1kg of her meat, as nutritious as a normal cow's 13 kg of meat. 435lg]

'Jackpot! İf I can get this three wolf, I don't have to worry about my cultivation!' Thought while Black placing the green grade arrow on his knee and taking out the blue grade one. After knocking his arrow and holding his breath, he waited for the right time and shoot.


This time arrow hit the alpha wolf as expected but didn't go in much Only its tip. But without checking out and giving no time to the wolfs, he tsked the arrow from his knee and shot at the bigger female wolf. Wolfs expected an attack so she jumped up but a pity arrow still takes blood from her.

The remaining wolf found Black and started to run up to him, but before she can get past the 2-meter space remaining with her and Black, Black shoot the other green grade arrow and-


Arrow go in her back leg. With that, every one of the wolfs goes to sleep.

'Let's kill the alpha first, when I get double rewards for the first kill, it will give better rewards I guess.' Thought while Black walking to the alpha wolf and slaughtering him.

[Ding! Congratulations host. You killed a wolf (alpha) because this is your first kill, you will get a double reward. Reward (without double):

+1500 system points (because he is alpha there are more rewards than a normal wolf)]

'Haha, as I expected, with that I have 5200 for now and there is still 2 wolf to slaughter and I don't even count mission rewards.' Thought with glee Black while cleaning the alpha wolf. After finishing he slaughtered the other two wolfs and cleaned them. A normal wolf gives 1000 sp each so, in total, he has 7200 sp right now.

''Let's finish for today and go back, this is enough I guess.'' Said Black after finishing everything. Then started to jog back fast, he can't wait to cultivate, your stats' going up is addictive. Even though there will be a pain, compared to the rewards you gain, pain is nothing.


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