Primordial Smith
7 Bartering and The Tribe part 1
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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7 Bartering and The Tribe part 1

Black wakes up before down, cleaned up and gets his first thing to do fort he day and for every day in the future probably.

'System Get the missions.'

[Main mission;

+Get your stats up!

Get your stats to 25 for each one of them at the very least.

Rewards: Rewards will be given as the time take to complete the mission

Daily Missions:

+Level up!

Level up one of your skill.

Reward: İt will be given according to your performance

+Where are you living?

Take a stroll on the tribe to understand your tribe.

Reward: 500sp


Makes a deal with someone from the tribe

Reward: According to your performance. İf you make a loss, you will only get 1sp.


Makes conservations with at least 5 different people and introduce yourself. You don't even have a name.

Reward: 2500sp and whenever you introduce yourself to someone you will get extra 500sp. You can get a surprise reward if you introduce yourself to enough persons.


Go and hunt! İf you can't even hunt, what use you have as a man?]

'What's the deal with this introductions?' murmured Black while getting ready to cultivate. So as ton o one sees, Black gets the cauldron out to eat inside the hut. This time he managed to dring 3 sips of stews soup but still didn't feel that much filled up. At most normal satiated feeling. So he started to look at the horizon. So when the sun' coming up, he can take a bite of meat and start cultivating immediately.

When Black sees the first rays of the dawn, he took a huge piece of meat and gulped without chewing. And right off the bat, his faces color changed. He immediately runs out of the hut and started cultivating. The meat's nutrients much more than the soup.

'Sigh, that was close, if I didn't sit to cultivate immediately, because of over nutrients my body may explode. Let's stop for now and get cleaned. We can go to a tour of the tribe and watch something good :)' After going to the creek and getting cleaned, Black started to walk to the square in the tribe. Tribespeople uses here to barter and Exchange goods. Because Black came early, there are not many people. Usually, at this time, only the hunters who go hunting will be awake.

Black comes to a corner in the square and talked with the system. 'Hey system, take out the 87 water containers and line them in front of me.' Saying this, Black sits in the ground. İmmeditly after, water containers, come to his front. Black thinking completing the barter missions while at the same time, he can talk to people and determine his name. With one stone, two birds, so why not?

After looking around a little, the sun completely comes out, and people started to be seen. There are people with spears, swords, knives, axes and more. But only two things not different, stone weapons and Nudity!

When an uncle was walking past him, he sees his goods and stopped.

''Hey kid, what do you have? What are these?'' asked the uncle with curiosity. He is 190-2meters. Long hair and beard like the pirate captains. He looks like a bodybuilder with his muscles.

Black not to look at the uncle's lower half, looked at his face and looked up to his stats. This is becoming a habit.

[Small Bear

19 Years Old

Strength (STR): 120

Stamina (STA): 100

Dexterity (DEX): 105

Qi: 5

Cultivation: Beginner Foundation laying]

'What? He is just 19? With that beard of his, He is looking at least 30. What do you eat when you are growing to become like this? The infamous 'harmful additives' found here?' To not make the uncle wait, Black answered him.

''They're water containers, big bro. I make them myself. Although they're better than hiding water containers because there won't be a problem of smell and leakage, if you're not careful, they can easily break. Here, look yourself.'' Said Black and give him a water container. He was going to exaggerate its positives and don't say the negatives but, he remembered in the memories, this tribe full of honest people. And they solve problems with their fists. İf some problem come and this 'Small Bear' come to find him, he can't even survive one of his punches.

''Haha, they're looking good. What're you wanting for these, kid, I will get a few for myself and my hunting party.'' Small Bear laughed loud. Because of his beard, everyone mocking him with saying uncle to him. Hearing the little kid saying him big bro sounded good.

''I need salt, pelt sack and good Stones, big bro. What do you have? We can make a deal.'' Said, Black. He really need salt, pelt sack for other people to see, he has inventory so he doesn't need much to sack, and good Stones like Money in this tribe. Because almost everything makes from Stones and they can go bad after a while of use. Stones is a consumable in high need in the tribe. Even kids will know how to choose a good stone when they found some.

''Oh, I will give you a big sack of salt and this two Stones, and take ten of these, how about?'' Said Small Bear while taking the small sack on his shoulders and taking two Stones from inside.

Black took the Stones and looked at their quality.

[Stone (Blue)

Small stone. Good for making a small dagger or arrowheads.]

[Stone (Green)

Small stone. Good for making arrowheads.]

''They can only be made to arrowheads, big bro. Only this one can be made to a small dagger. But, because you are my first customer I will accept the deal.'' Said, Black. And of course, they are just bullshit. Even Stones have a grade in the tribe. Not like grades in the system. They are Bad, good and excellent. Bad for White and gray, good for green and blue and excellent for orange and red graded Stones. There is no saying for the black grade, They are only saying top-grade stone to the black graded ones. And the other grading system is, small, acceptable, medium and big. Small Stones can be made to arrowheads and small knives and like. Acceptable for short knives,, and swords. Medium for swords, spearheads and machete and the like. Big Stones for axes, clubs, and the like. İf a stone is bigger, it can be worth more. These water containers not that much be worth, The big sack worth of salt be worth 5 small Stones and with these two Stones, total 7 small Stones. Because salt can be found in the back mountains, it is not that valuable. Black makes a calculation in his mind while sitting before Small Bear come. Two water containers have one small stone value. Now he is making a profit, why will he not accept?

''Haha, I liked you kid, what's your name? I am Small Bear, looks like you know how to value Stones. İf you interested in becoming a stone crafter's apprentice, come find me. I can introduce you to my old man.'' Said Small Bear. Looks like he comes from a wealthy family. Stone Crafters, if they're good with their hands, can make a fortune. Or with this place's fortune understanding, he can make an artificial stone mountain.

''I am Black. And you don't need to big bro. And I am asking because of curiosity, I can understand the bear, you look very powerful, but why small?'' Said Black to make small talk.

''Black, heh. Good name. When you go hunting in the future, you can understand, Black. Bears is huge. Even their cub bigger than me about two heads. Think about their mother. Now, I need to go and meet with my party, wait here. I will take your salt and came.'' Said Small Bear and started walking. He didn't take back the Stones, so Black thought if he's not worried about stealing but, he remembered in his memory, there is no stealing in here. People won't take other's things without a reason. Even if you're very powerful, you will be looked down by everybody if you steal something. They can even throw this person out of the tribe to take care of himself. And that person's only fate will be dying, the only question from which animal or monsters' teeth and claws?

After a few minutes, Small Bear comes back with a big sack in his shoulder and another two people.

''Here is the salt you want, Black. These my party members, Dog Nose, and Stone head, We're taking our containers and go then.'' Said Small Bear while leaving the sack on the ground.

''I see You have already had a lot of things in your hand, big bro. Need help to carry your containers?'' told Black after seeing every one of them have something in their hand or shoulders.

''That will be good. We're making preparation for hunting. This time we will be gone for about a week to two. So we prepared a lot of things. This is the last stop for the preparations, so our hands full of the thing we prepared.'' Said Small Bear while taking 5 containers in his hands, while at the same time, there is a sack bound to his shoulders.

Black too took 5 containers in his hand started walking with them. After a while, he gets bored and asked the trio.

''Hey big bro, why are you staying out in hunting?''

This time Dog Nose answered. He is unlike Small Bear who has hair every part of his body, looks like cleanly shaved. Although he has muscles too, unlike Small Bear who looks like a body Builder, he looks like a swimmer. ''Because we're hunting monsters. Close to the tribe, there are only animals. İf we want to get stronger, we need to eat monster meat.''

While Dog Nose answering, Black looked at the stats of him and the Stone Head's

[Dog Nose

18 Years Old

Strength (STR): 100

Stamina (STA): 115

Dexterity (DEX): 120

Qi: 8

Cultivation: Beginner Foundation laying]

[Stone Head

19 Years Old

Strength (STR): 130

Stamina (STA): 105

Dexterity (DEX): 95

Qi: 3

Cultivation: Beginner Foundation laying]

''So, is monsters that strong? I hunted 3 wolfs, while one of them is an alpha, at the same time. What's the difference?'' asked Black because he is really curious. İs they called monsters just because they are stronger animals, or there something else.

This time quiet Stone Head answered. Also, he is not called a stone head because he is stupid, the stone is valuable in here. He is called Stone head because he is smart. (At least smarter than others, don't expect much, they are in a primitive tribe). Stone Head has a bald head, shaved and looks like bodybuilder too.

''Oh, you're good. Hunting wolfs in your age can be difficult. I will give you an example to understand the difference. The difference between even the weakest monster and the alpha wolf you hunted, same with the difference about a rabbit and wolf. Also, monsters have abilities, spewing fire from their mouth, controlling air to make knives and the like. İf you don't understand a monster or come upon an unfamiliar monster, you need to be careful. İf they have a strange ability, you can ear a loss, and even die right there.''

''Okay, we came. We will meet in here. I guess, we finished first. Now we need to wait for these slow bastards.'' Said in this time Small Bear while placing the water containers and the sack in his shoulders under a tree.

After Black placed the water containers in the ground too, he turned to the trio and say, ''Okay, big bros. Then I am returning .''

''Okay.'' ''Thanks, kid''

After saying goodbye to the trio, Black started to walk back to his goods. When he returned to his stand, there is a beautiful lady waiting there. She has White skin, perky ass, two standing tall apple in size, with pink nipples, hair reaching to her ass, she is the Pearl. Black seed him before.

''Hello, are you looking for something?'' asked Black while getting closer to her. ' sniff, she's smelling good too'

''Yeah, is this wooden containers yours, kid? I want to buy with Stones, how much do you want for one?'' asked Pearl when Black goes back to stand in his good's back.

''Two containers for a good small stone. İf you buy a lot, How much will you buy? I can give you a good offer'' Said Black while eating her with his eyes. Because people here walking nude, there won't be a problem.

''I am making wine, I want all of them to fill with wine to sell. How many are there? And How much will end up?'' asked Pearl.

''There are 77 containers left. You can give 38 small Stones. The one left let be my gift to you.'' Said, Black.

''Hehe, you can talk kid, I will pay with acceptable Stones. 8 of them enough fort he goods and with your helping to carry them?'' Asked Pearl while giving 8 stones to Black.

Black quickly looked at their stats. There is 5 green and 3 Blue grade Stones. Black took the Stones and said to Pearl: ''Sure. You just say where are you living, I can get them to your house.''

''Okay, then. I am living around the stone crafter Big Hammer's house. You can ask around my house there.''

''Sure, I am Black by the way. Nice to meet you, Pearl. You have a beautiful name.'' Said, Black.

''Stop talking sweet, kid. Then I will be going.''

After Pearl göne for a while, Black looked around. There are more people compared to first he comes. He took the containers and the salt to a place to not seen by people and, placed them in his inventory. It is good that he bought a space for inventory. Otherwise, after taking these many water container from the system, he can't place them back.

After Black asked an uncle who is selling arrow where stone crafter Big Hammer's house is, he started to walk. 'Hmm, view in this tribe really good, look at that ass, if I was not a kid' thought while wiping his saliva Black.

After taking the views as much as he could, Black arrived in front of a House made from stone. This house has a big hammer over its door. Seeing this, Black walked to a sexy woman who is carrying a clay jug.

''Hello, beautiful lady. Do you know Pearl? And where is she living?'' asked Black while looking at her beautiful melon sized boobs.

''Yes, I know. Do you the tree over there? She is living in the house behind the tree.'' After looking where she is showing with difficulty to changes his viewing place, he seen a house made from wood.

''Thanks, my lady.'' After thanks to the melon lady, Black goes the house she showed. Then he looked around to make sure no one looking to him, he took out the containers and go and knock the door.

''Who is it?'' There is a man voice coming from inside. Then a man around 30-35 looked at the door.

''Hey, who are you kid?'' asked the man.

''Hello sire, is Pearl living here? She bought something from me and, I brought them.'' Said Black while showing the containers.

''Yes, she is my daughter. Let me get them inside.'' Said the man while walking out.

''Let me help sire. By the way, My name is Black. What is your name sir?'' Said Black to finish his mission. He doesn't have the interest to talk to a man.

''You don't need to. İt's enough for you to get them here. I can take care of the rest. My name is Clay. You must be tired, do you want something to drink?'' Said, Clay.

''No, thanks, uncle Clay. I still have work to do, so let's talk later.'' After saying that, Black started to walk. Are you kidding, there is so much to look and see, why will I want to waste my time with a middle-aged nude uncle?


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