Primordial Smith
9 Taming part 1
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Primordial Smith
Author :Tunahan
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9 Taming part 1

After waking up and cleaned, Blac took out a few pears to eat. While eating, he talked with the system in his mind.

'Let's see today's missions. Open the missions system.'

[Main mission (2);


Tame at least 5 different animals to do your things.

Rewards: Reward be given according to your performance.

Daily Missions:


Craft a bed. Although you're in a primordial tribe, you don't need to sleep on a wooden floor, Right?

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance.

+ Overcoming Difficulties!

Beat someone stronger than you or hunt an animal stronger than you.

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance.


Steal an animal's egg or cub to raise. You can choose own way of doing.

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance.


Find some herbs. They can come handy in the future, who knows?

Rewards: Reward will be given according to your performance.

+How're you?

Look at your stats to see how much stronger you get.

Rewards: 500sp]

'Okay, let's finish that's mission and go hunting. We can find some wood to craft the bed while at it. Open the stats system.' Black didn't even comment on the missions' definitions. To tell the truth, he was expecting the definitions after seeing yesterday's missions.

[Black Smith (Black)

8 Years Old

System points: 14100

Strength (STR): 27

Stamina (STA): 28

Dexterity (DEX): 30

Qi: None yet


+108 hammer foundation laying body cultivation technique (Beginner) exp; 220/250

+Snow Steps Fundamentals (Low) 25/500

+Fundamentals of Archery (Low) 5/750

+Stone crafting technique Fundamentals (Beginner)

+Alchemy Fundamentals (Beginner) 10/250

+ Animal pelt treating and crafting skill (Beginner)

+Tracing and chasing fundamental skill (Beginner)

+Cooking Fundamentals (Beginner) 110/150 ]

'Before going, I need to make preparations. I have only 4 arrows and 2 of them even White. Let's buy a bow and arrows first. Show me the bow and arrows system.'

[Showing the bow and arrows under 14100 system points host;

+Bow (250sp) (White)

+Bow (500sp) (Gray)

+Bow (1000sp) (Green)

+Bow (2000sp) (Blue)

+Bow (4000sp) (Orange)

+Bow (8000sp) (Red)

+Arrow stone head (50 sp) (White)

+Arrow stone head (100 sp) (Gray)

+Arrow stone head (200 sp) (Green)

+Arrow stone head (400 sp) (Blue)

+Arrow stone head (800 sp) (Orange)

+Arrow stone head (1600 sp) (Red)

+Arrow stone head (5000 sp) (Black)]

'Why is the Black grade more expensive, system?'

[Because of black graded objects a little different, host. When you came across one, you will understand]

'İf you say so. Then buy me a Red grade bow, ten green, five Blue and a red graded arrow system.' Said Black while gritting his teeth. While out hunting, there is a lot of danger, owning a piece of better equipment can save his life.

[Do you wish to buy 'Bow (Red)' x1, 'Arrow stone head (green)' x10, 'Arrow stone head (Blue) x5, and 'Arrow stone head (Red)' x1 for a total amount of 13600 system points? You have 14100 system points right now.]


'Yes buy them' After buying bow and arrows, Black looked at his Edar fruit stash. There is 4 (Orange) fruit, 17 (Blue), 39 (Green) fruit. After looking at them, Black got an idea and took out a clay pot. He poured a little water in it and put a few Edar plant leaf inside and leave it to boil. After the water started boiling, he put every Edar fruit he has inside and crushes them while they are cooking. When water decreased, Black poured a little water and continued his crushing/stirring work. After a while, the thing inside the pot became juicy, in a little more fluid state than yogurt. Black takes the pot out of the water and took the fruit waste out.

[Ding! Congratulations host. You used 'Edar fruit (Orange)' x4, 'Edar fruit (Blue)' x17, 'Edar fruit (Green)' x39 and '600 ml water' to make 'anesthetic liquid cream 750 ml (Red)' You gained +500 Alchemy Fundamentals exp making this.]

'Oh, it became red grade, let's look at its stats.'

[Anesthetic liquid cream (Red)

You can place your weapon inside for 5 minutes to apply to your weapons. It's even useful against monsters with weak poison resistance. Even the strongest animal can't take its effect.]

'Let's look at the bow too' Said Black while placing the arrows inside the pot in a shape arrowheads go in the liquid.

[Bow (Red)

Primordial bow made from wood and Monster nerves. It's strong enough to wound monsters, but that's it. It can only superficially wound some monsters with a weaker defense. Against animals is deadly.]

'This is good. With the bow and red grade arrow, plus the anesthetic mixture, even if I came across a monster, I have a chance to live. The place I go won't have monsters, even if there are weaker ones if I come across a powerful monster, I can only leave my fate to god.' After looking at the stats of bow, Black goes to check on the pelts to waste time. When 5 minutes up, Black placed the arrows on his inventory and go out of the hut.

Black started to jog when he came out of the hut. Time is still early. The sun didn't break the horizon yet. After coming close to the forest, Black looked at his surroundings to make sure there is no one and take out his bow and a green grade arrow. İn forest's edges, there is not much animal, leave alone a monster. So a green grade enough for preparation.

After Black come to the forest's edge, He remembered the skill and said in his mind 'Learn the Animal taming and nursing' skill system. İmmeditly after, a lot of knowledge comes to his mind, how to come closer to an animal, difficulties of xx animal's taming, the difference between adult and cub, hot to take caution without making obvious…

After learning the skill, Black started to move slowly towards the creek he founded the last time he came. After getting to the creek, there is no animal in sight. Black decided to walk along the creek to the depths of the forest. He doesn't want to get too much inside of the forest but, he wants to hunt some carnivorous animal. Maybe found a wolf cub or two. He can make them a hunting hound. At least, this is what Black thinking.

After walking 100-200 meters along the creek, Black see a group of deers came out of the trees in front of him, so he immediately hide on the back of a tree. He put the green grade arrow on his hand to his inventory and took out a blue grade one, just to make sure. When his job finished, he looked up, but before he can make his move, something came out of the trees and pin to the ground one of the deers. When this happened, other deers started to run.

After chaos in there cleared and when he can see, Black took a cold breath. There is a tiger pinning a deer in there. The tiger is bigger than a pick-up car and from its head to tail at least 4 meters.

'Damn, if the one pinned was me, this was my final day.' After calming, Black looked and see tiger already killed the deer and tried to hold from somewhere from the deer.

'What it is doing? Whatever, let's see its stats, if it's a monster, I can die here.' Thinking that Black looked at the stats of the tiger.

[Tiger 'Monster' (Weak)

4 Years Old

Strength (STR): 75 (110)

Stamina (STA): 80 (125)

Dexterity (DEX): 80 (140)

Qi: 11

Ability: Wind control (Not useful at the moment)

Because she gave birth recently, she is in a weakened state. Careful, even though she is in a weakened state, she is still a monster.]

After Black sees the stats of the tiger, he feels like there are little devils in his mind, screaming to him 'Take action!' 'You can take care of her in an arrow!' 'Are you a pussy! Take action!' and the like. But Black stayed put until the tiger is göne. Because he knew from himself, strength can't be measured with just stats. With every cultivation, not only his strength and the like go up, his reaction time, five senses and others go up too. This is a collective thing. Let alone shooting, İf he even showed killing intent or looked long enough, he may be a dessert after she ate her 'meal' of deer.

After this little episode, Black continued his way far more carefully. 'Normally there won't be monsters this out of the forest according to the tribe's people. I guess she came here to give birth. Wait, if I can make use of this information…?' After thinking this, Black immediately thought of the Small Bear.

'No, they are already gone yesterday, but Pearl? She is a cultivator too. Yes, let's go to her' after thinking here, Black started to trace tiger'. Because he doesn't want to attract the tiger on him, He only used his 'Tracing and chasing fundamental skill' to trace and chase. After chasing the tiger' trace to a cave and see the tiger' silhouette from afar when she's going in, Black started to return back to the tribe.

After returning back, Black directly go to Pearl's house and knocked on the door.

''Who is it?'' Same man voice from yesterday came. After a while, Clay opened the door.

''Oh kid, is it you? What are you doing here?'' asked Clay seeing Black waiting outside.

''I came to see big sis Pearl, uncle Clay. Is she home?'' Black answered back to Clay.

''Yes, let me call her.'' After that, Clay go back in. Black hear him talk to Pearl and after a second, Pearl comes out.

''Oh, is it you, kid? What are you doing here?'' Pearl asked directly when she see him.

''I have business needs a cultivator and come to you, big sis. You're a cultivator right?'' Black directly answered. He didn't worry she will be suspicious of him because he knew she is a cultivator, Almost every adult is a cultivator in the tribe.

''Yes, what business you have? Maybe I can help?''-Pearl

''Can we talk inside, big sis. This is important.''-Black

''Sure, come inside then.'' After walking in, there is a room directly inside. There are four-seat around a table made of wood and pelts. Clay sitting there and checking his weapons. Pearl go and sit in one of the seats and Black sit across her. Clay stayed left of him and right side of Pearl.

''So, what business you have to be so mysterious? Can you say here, or you want my father to go out too? Hehe,'' Pearl joked with him when she sees a kid so serious.

''Don't make fun with me, big sis. I have a really proper business. I am going to hunt a monster.''

''What. Are you serious? Didn't you go to the depths of the forest, right? That is a dangerous kid.'' Without making him finish, Clay interrupted him.

''Yes, Black. Even I don't dare to go deep inside the forest. Monsters really dangerous. You're lucky to survive this time if you really go to the depths of the forest. You can even boast with that.'' Pearl said too.

''Don't be in hurry to interrupt me, uncle and big sis. I didn't go to the depths of the forest. I was going to hunt around the edge, I found a group of deers and readied my arrow, but thanks god I don't have the time to shoot. Before I made a move, a tiger pinned a deer and the others run away. When I see the tiger carrying the deer, I got curious and chased. İt goes to a cave and I can see a newborn cub inside from afar. I am sure its a monster because I know that cave. Not long ago there was a bear there. And she is much bigger than normal. I guess she came here to give birth because there isn't much strong animals/monsters living around there. She may be gotten weaker after giving birth. So I come to invite you, I didn't want to act myself.'' Said Black in a breath to not get interrupted again. And he added something from himself to hide his system.

''İf what you said is true, this is a golden chance. I will come and see.'' Pearl said after listening to Black's story. This will be her first hunting a monster or even seeing one up close.

''Let me came with you guys too. İf the tiger is stronger or there is more than one, I can help.'' Said Clay, seeing his daughter getting excited.

''İt's decided then. You guys make preparation. I will go and take my bow and arrows. I left them on my hut.'' Black was going to refuse Clay to leave alone with Pearl, but listening to him, he decided otherwise. And he forgot he put the bow and arrows on his inventory so he decided to make a lie. He doesn't want to Show anybody he has a system.

''Okay, go and quickly take. We're waiting for you here.'' Said Pearl with exciting.

Black got up and jogged to his hut. After getting inside, he talked to the system.

''Right, I don't have something to put my arrows. System, Show me the quivers I can afford.''

[You have 500 system points. Showing the quivers under 100 system points:

+Quiver (White) 75sp

+Quiver (Gray) 150sp

+Quiver (Green) 300sp]

'Buy one green grade quiver'

[Do you wish to buy 'Quiver (Green)' for 300 system points? You have 500 system points.]


'Yes, buy it' After that, Black takes out the quiver and looked. It's made of wood and hides. There is a place to wear on his shoulder made from hide. Place arrow goes in made from wood over hide.

After looking to the quiver a moment, Black took his arrows and placed inside. THen he took his bow and strapped the quiver on his shoulder to go to Pearl's house.

''Did you came kid? Let's go. Show the way.'' Pearl said immediately after seeing him.


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